Minutes of the Regular Meeting Hay Springs Public School District #3, June 8, 2015

The Board of Education of Hay Springs Public Schools District #3 held its regular meeting on May 11, 2015 at the school cafeteria.  Notice of the said meeting was published in the June 3, 2015 edition of the Sheridan County Journal Star. Called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Vice President Johnson. Matt Anderson, Mike Hunzeker, Miriam Kearns, Everette Langford, and Marilyn Reed were present. Superintendent Pummel was also present. All motions received unanimous approval unless otherwise noted. A motion was made by Reed and seconded by Anderson to excuse Johnson’s absence. Several projects on the summer maintenance plan have been completed and several more started. The projected enrollment was reviewed. Again this year, our enrollment looks to be increasing by 5+ students. Summer school is underway and going well. Summer camp enrollment is down. Linda Kudrna presented the 1st draft of the alcohol citation agreement between players and coaches. The agreement will be brought back to the board in July. Janet Raymer will be holding a basketball camp in July. CSC will be hosting a volleyball camp in July. A motion was made by Kearns and seconded by Anderson to approve the minutes of the May 11, 2015 regular board meeting as presented. A motion was made by Reed and seconded by Langford to approve the agenda of the June 8, 2015 meeting. The school board retreat was set for July 27, 2015. Anderson is coordinating with Gene Peters to test the retro-fit ballasts for the football field lights. The school will spread the gravel back around the Lister parking lot. Lister-Sage is planning a big fundraiser for October. There is a light out above the basketball court. A motion was made by Kearns and seconded by Langford to approve the 1.0 FTE teaching contract for Kodi Young. A motion was made by Reed and seconded by Anderson to approve the carpet bid for squares in the amount of $22,610. A motion was made by Langford and seconded by Kearns to approve the bills as presented and payroll in the amount of $90,056.55. The meeting adjourned at 7:42 p.m. on a motion by Anderson and second by Reed. 

The following bills and payroll were approved: 

CinDesign $427.30; Culligan $11.50; Educational Service Unit 13 $4,963.73; Engravers $24.00; Fuller Construction $22,671.25; Harris $661.60; Hay Springs Lumber Company $1,624.46; Hay Springs Water Department $684.83; Houghton Mifflin Company $847.15; HSPS - Cash Desktop $5,000.00; JW Pepper & Son, Inc $52.00; LEGO Education $715.39; Lister-Sage Community Center Operation Accoun $420.00; Marx, Kim $255.48; Morford’s Decorating Cent. $22,610.00; NE DOL/Boiler Inspection Program $18.00; Nebraska Public Power Dist. $2,666.77; Occupational Therapy Services $4,009.24; Office of Elevator Safety Standards $140.00; Peter’s Electric $125.00; Quill Corporation $615.37; Reed, Austin $1,721.25; Sacker’s $488.19; Sandhills News Inc $365.22; SchoolMate $266.25; Security First Bank $1,939.68; SourceGas LLC $841.86; United States Welding, Inc $13.40; Westco $829.73.

Published: June 17, 2015