Rushville City Council Minutes November 26, 2012

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Chris Heiser at 7:00 p.m. as per the Municipal Code of the City of Rushville, Sheridan County, NE. Notice of the meeting was given by publication in the Sheridan County Journal Star on November 21, 2012 as required by law and delivered to the Council in person. Lovell, Willnerd, Janssen. 

The following motions were duly made, seconded and passed.

1. To approve, accept and ratify the following items listed under the consent agenda: Council minutes of the October meeting and the October Treasurers Report. Requested every City Board present a written report to the Council on how they are addressing their budget for this year.

2. Approved budget document as an audit waiver for the Rushville Airport Authority.

3. Approved the following bills against the City of Rushville and that warrants be drawn for same:

Employee Wages $21,233.76; Great Plains Communications 688.08; Great Plains One Call 5.20; Small Business Systems 2,500.00; Northwest Community Action 229.00; Frontier 14.02; Colonial Life & Accident Insurance 37.00; Northwest Rural Public Power Dist 88.59; Nebraska Public Power District 6,062.26; Hinns Rushville Auto 145.07; Sones, Peg 40.00 ; Ne Dept of Revenue 673.19; Rushville Service Center 45.00; Team Lab 885.00; SourceGas 720.09; Hinns Ace Hardware 531.44; Police Sinking Fund 500.00; Service Master 146.00; Colwell Electric 379.02; NE Library Commission 20.00; Nebraska Municipal Power Pool 1,809.00; Alliance Times Herald 97.50; Hinn Gordon Auto 129.63; American Water Works 170.00; Ideal Market 6.79; Van Diest Supply 546.00; Bluffs Sanitary Supply 99.28; Demco 40.31; Amazon. Com 825.97; Westco 2,202.66; Sewer Loan DEQ 6,500.00; Sewer Maintenance DEQ 1,000.00; Jean Parker 25.00; Health 14.37; NE Public Health 512.00; Sheridan County 7,048.25; Stockmans Service 17.50; Windfall 259.19; The Copy Shoppe 220.92; California Contractors 198.75; Cemetery Equipment Sinking Fund 200.00; Blue Cross Blue Shield 3,406.14; Companion Life 157.76; USDA Water Loan 4,400.00; Rowena Gibbons 20.00; Smith & King P.C. 200.00; Verizon Wireless 99.19; First Wireless 310.85; Sandhills News 66.44; Margaret Compton 225.27; Dela DeSersa 63.55; USDA Water Loan Reserve 580.00; RLW Solutions 100.00; ADT Security 39.99; Sinclair 76.14; Hoffman Electric 253.27; Postmaster 181.01; NE Department Enviromental Quality 150.00. Ayes: Lovell, Willnerd, Janssen. Nays: None. Motion carried.

Doug Johnson of Sheridan Air was present to ask the Council to approve an FBO agreement for the Airport. He requested that the City agree to a Service Agreement with Sheridan Air for $29,500.00 year. Sheridan Air would pay a Spray Lease Agreement to the Rushville Airport Authority for $30,000.00 year. The Spray Lease Agreement and the Service Agreement will need to be approved by the Airport Authority. The City Attorney has started some drafts for this. The City Attorney will meet with Doug Johnson of Sheridan Air and Brad Eichenberger from the Airport Authority about these agreements. After this meeting the Airport Authority will have a meeting to discuss this. No other action was taken at this time.

Chadron State College’s interest in the Rushville Swimming Pool was discussed. A representative from Chadron State College has never come to look at the pool and meet with the Council. The Council feels that the City could not afford to keep the pool open year round. No other action was taken at this time.

The Cordor Building was discussed. The City will advertise for bids to repair the roof and the bids will be opened at the December Council meeting. No other action was taken at this time.

The Card Club Building was discussed. Kate Jones wants the lease the building beginning in April of 2013. She will inform the Council when she will be ready to move in. Councilwoman Janssen suggested the City find out when they can get a shredder to start shredding documents in the basement of the Card Club building. The City Attorney will find out how long documents need to be kept.

The water project was discussed briefly. The project has been completed and no other action was taken.

The DeWeese property at 111 Emmert street was discussed. The City Attorney will send a letter requesting that this property be cleaned up.

The December City Council meeting will be held on Tuesday December 18, 2012 instead of Monday December 31, 2011 because of the Holiday.

The City Boards will meet as follows: Ambulance Board December 11, 2012.

Chris Heiser


Connie Roffers

City Clerk

A complete copy of the minutes is available at the City Office, 208 Conrad, PO Box 99, Rushville, NE 69360 during regular business hours.

Published: December 5, 2012


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