District 10 January 2013 Invoices Gordon-Rushville Public Schools Board Report

Description, Vendor Name, Amount. Checking 1, Fund: 10, District 10.

Teach Other, “R” Scholarship Fund 100.00; Mileage To Parents, Abold, Louis 885.81; Guidance Other, Act 399.50; Teach Other, Activity Account 3,418.25; Principal Supplies, Teach Supplies, Amazon Credit Plan 368.90; Dues And Fees, American Association Of School 218.00; Administrators, Mileage To Parents, Anderson, Angela 1,993.07; Mileage To Parents, Archibald, Alton And Bobbi 2,100.63; Telephone, As Central Services 222.15; Mileage To Parents, August, Alan And Ann 187.44; Mileage To Parents, Bagley, Kiley 972.81; Rental Fee, Bank Of The West 35.00; Mileage To Parents, Bayne, Ron And Trina 656.45; Mileage To Parents, Beguin, Robby And Shelly 1,025.01; Mileage To Parents, Bergman, Robin 1,262.28; Mileage To Parents, Berndt, Scott 919.03; Mileage To Parents, Bishop, Brenda 1,993.07; Operation Supplies, Bluffs Sanitary Supply 45.00; Mileage To Parents, Bohlender, Melody 594.76; Pupil Services, Bragg, Aleisha 678.63; Mileage To Parents, Bragg, Tom And Aleisha 2,757.08; Mileage To Parents, Britt, Lyle And Mary Ann 1,860.20; Mileage To Parents, Bruns, Craig And Michelle 656.45; Mileage To Parents, Burrows, Cliff 1,686.20; Principal Supplies, Cardmember Service 968.67; Rentals Or Leases, Century Business Leasing, Inc. 3,517.90; Teach Supplies, Century Business Products, Inc. 2,890.81; Mileage To Parents, Chalupa, Miranda 1,050.32; Mileage To Parents, Child, Jay And Carrie 1,993.07; Water And Sewer, City Of Gordon 875.00; Water And Sewer, City Of Rushville 170.70; Tires, Classic Quick Lube, Tire And More 651.28; Mileage To Parents, Combs, William 810.51; Principal Supplies, Copy Shoppe, The 880.33; Operation Other, Culligan Water Conditioning 28.95; Operation Other, Culligan Water Conditioning 5.00; Mileage To Parents, Darnell, Buddy And Stacey 640.63; Mileage To Parents, Denton, Karena 2,292.03; Mileage To Parents, Denton, Ronald And Kimberley 930.10; Mileage To Parents, Dieriex, Jennifer 1,167.37; Postage, Dudek Marketing Group 14.85; Contracted Or Secured, Eitler, Gary 1,333.33; Mileage To Parents, Elmquist, Shane 131.29; Telephone, Esu 13 Soar 4,868.52; Mileage To Parents, Fair, Steve And Pam 2,679.57; Mileage To Parents, Fowler, Rebekah 648.54; Pupil Services, Funk, M.S., Ccc-Slp, Meggin 8,848.05; Mileage To Parents, Giles, Stephen And Sheryl 1,890.57; Repairman, Glass Wizard, The 235.00; Telephone, Golden West Telecommunications 113.98; Trasportation Other, Gordon Clinic Pc 394.00; Teach Other, Gordon Memorial Hospital - Cpr 150.00; Class, Principal Supplies, Gordon Super Foods 98.84; Telephone, Telephone, Great Plains Communications Inc. 1,168.66; Teach Supplies, Grocery Mart 113.76; Mileage To Parents, Grover, Clarence And Treasa 1,328.71; Teach Supplies, Haggertys 222.00; Mileage To Parents, Haller, Becky 616.90; Mileage To Parents, Hand, Dusty And Misti 787.74; Transportation Other, Hathorn, Maurice 65.00; Mileage To Parents, Hebbert, Kurt And Karel 930.10; Mileage To Parents, Heck, Josh 398.61; Mileage To Parents, Hepper, Dacey 3,203.15; Mileage To Parents, Hilliker, Julie And Chris 518.83; Operation Supplies, Hillyard Floor Care Supply 745.97; Parts, Hinns Gordon Auto Parts 85.38; Parts, Hinns Rushville Auto 66.54; Operation Supplies, Homestead Building Supply Inc 92.97; Mileage To Parents, Hooper, Cody And Tonie 525.16; Mileage To Parents, Hooper, Patrick 2,494.50; Travel Expense, House, Nathan 28.00; Travel Expense, House, Steve 50.75; Mileage To Parents, Hunter, Stormy 389.12; Parts, Husker Auto Parts 16.43; Operation Supplies, Ideal Linen Supply 1,404.61; Teach Supplies, Ideal Market 51.06; Mileage To Parents, Jaggers, Jeff And Melissa 93.01; Travel Expense, Janssen, Jared 50.75; Purchased Pupil Services, Kearns, Debra 700.00; Operation Supplies, Kitchen Parts Plus 112.90; Mileage To Parents, Koltz, Casey 896.88; Contracted Or Secured, Kone Inc 4,063.08; Mileage To Parents, Landreth, Donald And Holly 664.36; Mileage To Parents, Lefler, Amanda 907.95; Mileage To Parents, Loomis, Heather 1,537.51; Operation Supplies, Loup Valley Lighting 496.38; Teach Other, Principal Other, Kndrgtn Milk Lunch Program 1,426.74; Mileage To Parents, Mcgowan, Bethany 640.63; Mileage To Parents, Meeks, Justin And Stacey 255.88; Operation Repairs, Metal Products Co 233.05; Mileage To Parents, Mintken, Jessica 1,461.58; Telephone, Mobius Communications 40.00; Mileage To Parents, Mulcahy, Pat And Marvella 569.45; Ec Workshop, Nde Early Childhood Training 20.00; Center, Contracted Or Secured, Ne Department Of Labor 100.00; Electricity, Ne Public Power District 8,487.84; Electricity, Northwest Rural Public Power 136.16; Purchased Pupil Services, Occupational Therapy Services Inc 2,616.92; Mileage To Parents, Orr, John And Sandy 1,706.76; Ec Conference, Panhandle Public Health District 105.00; Operation Supplies, Panhandle Sales & Service,Llc 30.00; January Payroll, Payroll Account 598,997.73; Legal Services, Perry,Guthery,Haase & Gessford 700.00; Administration Other, Petty Cash 25.00; Dues And Fees, Plan Services 100.00; Teach Supplies, Plank Road Publishing, Inc. 50.40; Sped Mileage, Plummer, Scott 373.52; Electricity, Prema 62.81; Contracted Or Secured, Protex Central Inc. 776.00; Postage, Purchase Power 500.00; Mileage To Parents, Raether, Jennifer 1,181.60; Operation Repairs, Rasmussen Mechanical Service 392.75; Mileage To Parents, Rawles, Rocky And Lindsey 590.80; Ayp-Tech Support, Read Naturally 349.00; Mileage To Parents, Reina, Emily 2,192.38; Postage, Reserve Account 1,000.00; Mileage To Parents, Rittgarn, Sara 1,153.13; Mileage To Parents, Rodriguez, Jose And Angela 525.16; Mileage To Parents, Rosane, Tamera 3,022.82; Teach Supplies, Rushville Service Center 48.00; Advertising And Printing, Sandhills News, Inc 109.52; Contracted Or Secured, Security Equipment Inc. 900.00; Operation Supplies, Sexauer, J. A. 124.98; Mileage To Parents, Shadbolt, Quentin And Angela 2,723.86; Mileage To Parents, Shadbolt, Rachel 863.66; Mileage To Parents, Simmons, Bruce And Shelley 1,391.98; Mileage To Parents, Simmons, Jill 658.03; Computer Equipment, Smoothwall, Inc. 7,050.00; Other Technical Services, Software Unlimited Inc 211.54; Fuel, Sourcegas 8,554.96; Telephone, Sprint 85.44; Health Supplies, Stockmens Drug Co 6.49; Water And Sewer, Swann 213.40; Mileage To Parents, Talbot, Melody 360.65; Operation Supplies, Team Laboratory Chemical Corp 578.00; Mileage To Parents, Thies, Mary 374.89; Other Technical Services, Timecentre 247.00; Teach Supplies, True Value 772.25; Telephone, Verizon Wireless 204.60; Telephone, Viaero Wireless 54.67; Water And Sewer, Village Of Merriman 33.50; Mileage To Parents, Vincent, Clint And Kyla 677.64; Mileage To Parents, Warner, Jamie 697.57; Mileage To Parents, Wegner, Ben And Krista 2,888.37; Mileage To Parents, Wellnitz, Mike And Vicki 262.58; Gas And Oil, Westco 3,582.70; Pupil Services, Western Nebraska Behavioral Health 1,637.50; Mileage To Parents, Wilson, Bryan And Debbie 1,594.45; Mileage To Parents , Winter, Kristi And Jean 583.68; Transportation Other, Wpci 34.00. Fund Total: 757,490.72. Checking Account Total: 757,490.72. 

Published: January 30, 2013


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