Rushville City Council Minutes February 25, 2013

The meeting was called to order by Council President Willnerd at 7:00 p.m. as per the Municipal Code of the City of Rushville, Sheridan County, NE. Notice of the meeting was given by publication in the Sheridan County Journal Star on February 20, 2013 as required by law and delivered to the Council in person. Snyder,Willnerd, Lovell, Janssen. Mayor Heiser was absent from the meeting.

The following motions were duly made, seconded and passed.

1. To approve, accept and ratify the following items listed under the consent agenda: Council minutes of the January meeting and the January Treasurers Report.

2. Approved the Northwest Community Action Public transportation bus agreement for $229.00 per month.

3. Adopted Resolution #13-02 a resolution approving the execution and delivery of an amendment to the service agreement between the City of Rushville, in the state of Nebraska, and the Solid Waste Agency of Northwest Nebraska; authorizing the execution of such amendment to service agreement by the officers of the City; approving the issuance of refunding bonds by said agency and ratifying and confirming all prior actions taken by the City with respect to such agency. 

4. Approved the Proclamation for March as Gambling Awareness Month. 

5. Approved all of the following bills against the City of Rushville, and that warrants be drawn for same:

Employee Salaries 21,568.35; Great Plains Communication Inc 649.63; Northwest Community Action 229.00; Colonial Life & Accident Insur 37.00; Northwest Rural Public Power Dist 70.46; Nebraska Public Power District 6,283.46; Barco Municipal 636.01; Hinn’s Rushville Auto 425.64; Peg Sones 40.00; Nebraska Dept Revenue 578.35; Rushville Service Center 8.40; Team Lab 515.00; Source Gas 1,203.07; Hinn Hardware 608.96; Police Sinking Fund 500.00; Feld Fire 178.00; Fred Lockwood 6,194.80; R&R Products 97.34; NE Golf Association 100.00; Keep American Beautiful 50.00; Hinn Gordon Auto 25.98; Ideal Market 26.68; Xerox Corp 163.76; Sheridan County Treasurer 970.01; Amazon. Com 177.11; Westco 2,501.32; Sewer Loan DEQ 6,500.00; Sewer Maintenance DEQ 1,000.00; Mid America Books 325.00; Jean Parker 50.00; NE Public Health Environmental 91.00; Sheridan County 7,048.25; Atco 293.00; Bauerkempers Inc. 56.54; Fyr-tek 1,520.80; DHHS 40.00; The Copy Shoppe 208.84; Gaylord 114.74; Power Plan 182.41; Midwest Living 5.99; Cemetery Equipment Sinking Fund 200.00; Blue Cross/Blue Shield 3,035.19; Companion Life Insurance 169.20; Gordon Memorial 116.50; USDA Water Loan 4,400.00; Rowena Gibbons 20.00; Mid America Books 598.07; Smith & King 337.50; Verizon 97.86; Beguin Propane 761.98; First Wireless 92.32; Sandhills News 254.98; USDA Water Loan Reserve 580.00; 21st Century 34.14; ADT Security 39.99; Wex Books 146.51; One Call Concepts 5.50; Municipal Chemical 460.00; Nationwide Environmental 130.26; Hay Springs Hip Hop 20.00; Companion Corporation 899.00.

Ayes: Snyder, Lovell, Janssen. Nays: None. Motion carried.

Cate Jones was present to discuss renting the Card Club building for the summer months for a summer youth camp. She is requesting the City repair the steps in front of the building and the sign on the building. There are some repairs that need to be done on the inside of the building, but she would like to do these herself if the City will pay for the expenses. The rent will be $300.00 per month and she will pay the utilities. After the summer youth camp is over she would like to look into purchasing the building. No action was taken.

Jason Griggs of Great Plains was not present at the Council meeting so no action was taken at this time. 

Craig Peterson was present to request the Council ban 6th Street from his property to the golf course. The City Attorney will check to make sure this hasn’t already been done and, if not, will find out what needs to be done to remove the designated street. Tabled until next month’s Council meeting. 

The City Boards will meet as follows: Golf Board March 05, 2013; Ambulance Board March 12, 2013; Park Board March 19, 2013; Library Board March 18, 2013; Cemetery Board March 20, 2013.

Steve Willnerd

Council President

Connie Roffers

City Clerk

A complete copy of the minutes is available at the City Office, 208 Conrad, PO Box 99, Rushville, NE 69360 during regular business hours.

Published: March 13, 2013


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