Gordon City Council Minutes June 13, 2013

Notice of the meeting was given to advance by publication in the Sheridan County Journal Star, the designated method for giving notice as shown by the affidavit of publication on file in the City Clerk’s office.  Agendas of the meeting were simultaneously given to the Mayor and all members of the Council.  All proceedings hereafter shown were taken while the convened meeting was open to the attendance of the public.

A meeting of the City Council of the City of Gordon was called to order at 6:05 p.m.,  June 13, 2013 in the Council Chambers of the City Auditorium.  The Mayor noted the location of the Open Meetings Laws poster in the back of the room.

Present: Grant, Bounous, Evans, Morgan, and Russell. Absent:  No One.

Motion by Morgan, seconded by Bounous to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.  Ayes:  Bounous, Evans, Morgan, Russell, and Grant.

The May Treasurer’s report was not received from FALCO in time for the meeting. It will be on the agenda for the July 11th meeting.

Motion by Bounous, seconded by Grant to approve the bills.  Ayes: Evans, Morgan, Russell, Grant, and Bounous.

Abbreviations for the legal:  EX, Expense; FE, Fee; GR, Groceries; MI, Mileage; RE, Reimbursement; RPT, Report; SA, Salaries; SE, Services; SU, Supplies.

PAID BILLS: RS1071, Grocery Mart, SU, $40.00; RS1072, Italian Inn, EX, $45.80; RS1073, Rob Menacher, RE, $32.00; RS1074, VOID; RS1075, Antelope Creek, EX, $55.43; EFTPS, FNBO, FE, $45.76; 40506, Sandra Farmer, RE, $320.00; 40507, Frank Ferguson, SE, $280.00; 40508, Perpetual Care Fund, RE, $600.00; 40509, Sheridan Co Clerk, FE, $32.00; 40510, Viaero, SE, $302.53; 40577, Payroll Fund, SA, $25,671.81; EFTPS, NE Dept of Revenue, RE, $1,718.60; 40578, USPS, SE, $62.78; 40579, Airport Authority, RE, $3,412.76; 40580, Airport Bond Savings, RE, $3,160.51; 40581, D & D Communications, SE, $276.79; 40582, GVFD, RE, $100.00; 40583, Rob Menacher, RE, $16.74; 40584, NWRPPD, SE, $2,310.99; 40585, Omaha World Herald, SU, $67.21; 40586, One-Call Concepts, SE, $10.70; 40587, Petty Cash Fund, RE, $389.61; 40588, Source Gas, SE, $1,141.42; 40589, Public Health Env Lab, SE, $45.00; 40590, Special Assessment Bond Fund, RE, $6,766.61; 40591, Viaero, SE, $86.85; 40592, Angela Wimmer, RE, $401.08; 40593, City of Gordon, RE, $66.45; 40594, Alice Harris, RE, $4.64; 40595, Kris Borders, RE, $8.91; 40596, Rita Johns, RE, $100.00; 40597, Payroll Fund, SA, $24,827.06; 40598, Ingram, SU, $36.35; 40599, LNM, EX, $388.00; 40600, Library Petty Cash Fund, RE, $32.02; 40601, Meller Repair, SE, $100.00; 40602, Micro Marketing, SU, $44.98; 40603, Omaha World Herald, SU, $154.44; 40604, Perpetual Care Fund, RE, $200.00; 40605, Sheridan Co Clerk, FE, $16.00; 40606, Upstart, SU, $126.60; 40607, Xerox, EX, $88.73; 40608, BC/BS, EX, $9,535.01; 40609, Viaero, SE, $151.23; 40610, USPS, SE, $179.59; 40611, Frank Ferguson, SE, $300.00; 40612, Payroll Fund, SA, $26,030.56; 40613, Verizon, SE, $127.07; 40614, Mike Winter, RE, $320.00. Total June Paid Bills: $110,230.62.

UNPAID BILLS: 40615, Atlantic Tactical, SU, $485.00; 40616, Chris Anderson, RE, $50.00; 40617, Arnold Pool Co, SU, $223.30; 40618, Airport Authority, RE, $1,250.77; 40619, Airport Bond Savings, RE, $1,158.33; 40620, Alco, SU, $9.96; 40621, Dan Bishop, RE, $50.00; 40622, Bound Tree, SU, $3,755.66; 40623, Bluffs Sanitary Supply, SU, $36.00; 40624, Business Connection, SU, $162.55; 40625, Jeff Brewer, RE, $50.00; 40626, City of Chadron, SE, $45.00; 40627, Crescent Electric, SU, $722.61; 40628, Scott Downing, RE, $50.00; 40629, Emergency Medical Products, SU, $557.67; 40630, First National Bank of Omaha, SU, $54.60; 40631, JD Financial, SU, $301.69; 40632, Farmer’s Coop, SU, $97.65; 40633, Frontier Service, SE, $92.30; 40634, Fleet Services, SU, $994.52; 40635, Feld Fire, SE, $600.00; 40636, Great Plains Communications, SE, $1,281.70; 40637, Grocery Mart, SU, $13.25; 40638, Hinn’s Auto Supply, SU, $48.01; 40639, Homestead Building Supply, SU, $164.70; 40640, Hawkins, SU, $2,046.02; 40641, Husker Auto Parts, SU, $42.21; 40642, Clay Heath, RE, $50.00; 40643, Insurance Fund, EX, $8,941.67; 40644, Ideal Linen, SE, $102.45; 40645, Jay’s Tire & Lube, SE, $15.00; 40646, Kimball Midwest, SU, $180.28; 40647, Kone, SE, $626.88; 40648, FALCO, SE, $575.00; 40649, Layne Christensen Co, SE, $1,260.85; 40650, Mid-Continent, SE, $290.00; 40651, Mid-American Benefits, EX, $112.50; 40652, Med-Tech Resources, SU, $85.11; 40653, Mike Morgan, RE, $50.00; 40654, Macumber Plumbing, SE, $125.00; 40655, NPPD, SE, $7,218.59; 40656, NE Total Office, SU, $34.98; 40657, NW Pipe Fittings, SU, $1,008.37; 40658, Newman Traffic Signs, SU, $101.44; 40659, NE Liquor Control Commission, FE, $30.00; 40660, One Call Concepts, SE, $25.05; 40661, Powerplan, SU, $2,478.54; 40662, Panhandle Sales & Service, SE, $25.00; 40663, Jean Parker, SE, $50.00; 40664, Shane Pascale, RE, $50.00; 40665, Pine Ridge Land Surveys, SE, $265.00; 40666, Quill, SU, $46.98; 40667, Roberts Electric, SE, $174.00; 40668, Superfoods, SU, $128.37; 40669, Stockmen’s Drug, SU, $252.30; 40670, Sheridan County Journal Star, SE, $287.37; 40671, SWANA, FE, $195.00; 40672, Smith, King, & Simmons, SE, $200.00; 40673, State Treasurer, RE, $94.09; 40674, S&L Gas, SU, $2,569.80; 40675, Simon Contractors, SU, $3,060.30; 40676, Special Assessment Bond Fund, RE, $2,490.24; 40677, The Sheridan Gallery, SU, $71.50; 40678, Timberline, SE, $95.00; 40679, Toof’s Diesel Repair, SE, $227.96; 40680, True Value, SU, $962.67; 40681, Van Diest, SU, $445.00; 40682, USPS, SE, $54.00; 40683, US Welding, SU, $87.50; 40684, Ken Ward, RE, $50.00; 40685, Westco, SU, $1,068.46; 40686, Water Reserve USDA, RE, $1,600.00; 40687, Western Sprayers, SU, $194.64; 40688, Water System Improvement, RE, $15,800.00; 40689, Winter Sewing, SE, $256.89; 40690, Xerox, EX, $587.98. Total June Unpaid Bills: $69,045.26. Total June Paid Bills: $110,230.62. Total June Bills: $179,275.88.

The Gordon Planning Commission recommended approval of the subdivision application made by Stephen and Janet Sasse. Motion by Morgan, seconded by Grant to approve Resolution 2013-08. Ayes: Morgan, Russell, Grant, Bounous, and Evans. 



WHEREAS, Stephen H. Sasse and Janet L. Sasse, 213 N Elm St, Gordon, NE are the owners of property described as follows:

The South 20’ of the North 57’ of Lot 13, Block 8, Original Town,

City of Gordon, Sheridan County, Nebraska

WHEREAS, the City of Gordon has declared the South 20’ of the North 57’ of Lot 13, Block 8, Original Town, City of Gordon, Sheridan County, Nebraska, surplus property, and

WHEREAS, the parcel of property was purchased as a tract of land containing less than ten acres and therefore subject to subdivision approval by the City of Gordon, Sheridan County, Nebraska, and

WHEREAS, upon the application by Stephen H. Sasse and Janet L. Sasse requesting the subdivision, the City of Gordon, Nebraska is agreeable to granting subdivision approval.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the City of Gordon, Nebraska by and through the undersigned members of the City Council, does hereby approve and grant permission  for the subdivision of a parcel of property owned by Stephen H. Sasse and Janet L. Sasse, as herein described, and does approve the “Survey Record”, a copy of which is attached hereto, as the survey replat of the subdivision and the same may be filed of record.

PROCLAIMED this 13th day of June, 2013.

/s/ Nancy I Russell

Nancy I Russell, Mayor

ATTEST: /s/ Kim Buchan

City Clerk

Motion by Morgan, seconded by Bounous to pass Resolution 2013-09. Ayes:Russell, Grant, Bounous, Evans, and Morgan.


WHEREAS, the City of Gordon is presently the owner of certain real property more specifically described as follows:

Lot Two (2), and Lot Seven (7) of Gordon South Addition (formerly Shuster’s Addition) in the Northeast Quarter (NE1/4) of Section Thirty-Six (36), Township Thirty-three(33) North and Range Forty-two (42) West of the 6th P.M., in Gordon, Sheridan County, Nebraska, (including any leases and subleases therein, improvements, fixtures, easements, rights-of-way and other appurtenant rights including rights in and to public streets);

WHEREAS, the above described property was acquired by the City of Gordon pursuant to a Trustee’s Sale by the Trustee of a Trust Deed wherein the City of Gordon was beneficiary;

WHEREAS, the previous owner of the property, Local Pride, LLC, acquired the property through a Community Development Block Grant through and in cooperation with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development for community development block grants and the Department of Economic Development for the State of Nebraska and further providing that a portion of such funds would be payable to and provided for the benefit of the City of Gordon as a beneficiary for loan repayment by Local Pride, LLC;

WHEREAS, the City has negotiated at length with interested parties for the sale of the aforedescribed property; and

WHEREAS, it is necessary that the City authorize the sale of the aforedescribed property and that any sale of the property be in compliance with and consistent with the requirements of the Federal and State Grant Program by which such property was acquired;

IT IS THEREFORE RESOLVED that the City of Gordon does hereby authorize and consent to the sale of the aforedescribed property to Open Range Beef, LLC pursuant to the Purchase Agreement made and entered into by the parties for the purchase price of not less than $310,000.00.

IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED that the Mayor of the City of Gordon is authorized to make, execute and deliver the City’s warranty deed transferring the City of Gordon’s interest in such property to a prospective buyer at the time of closing.

PASSED AND APPROVED AND ORDERED this 13th day of June, 2013.

/s/ Nancy I Russell



/s/ Kim Buchan

City Clerk

The City of Gordon received a donation from Roy and Marjy Milliken as a thank you for the wonderful upkeep of the Gordon Cemetery. City Manager Fred Hlava stated that Mike Winter and his crew have always done an excellent job keeping the cemetery looking beautiful, and that the city receives positive comments on a regular basis.

The City of Gordon recently loaned an ambulance to the Martin Ambulance Service. Martin normally has three ambulances in service, but do to the fact that two of them were out of service, they requested the City of Gordon loan them one in the interim. To thank the City of Gordon, they donated $1,000 to the Gordon Volunteer Rescue Squad. City Manager Fred Hlava stated that it is important for rural communities to work together in times of need, and although the donation was not expected, it was respectfully accepted.

Motion by Bounous, seconded by Morgan to appoint City Manager Fred Hlava as the City of Gordon’s representative for the Inter-Local Government Agreement Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan. Ayes: Grant, Bounous, Evans, Morgan, and Russell.

City Manager Fred Hlava has been researching the Omni-Advantage membership plan for the Rapid City Life Flight service. City of Gordon employees are currently signed up for the Air Link membership plan for the Scottsbluff Air Link service. Fred Hlava stated that he would like to offer the Omni-Advantage plan to the City of Gordon employees, Fire Department and Volunteer Rescue members. It would be an advantage to have both in the event that one of the flight services was unavailable in an emergency situation due to weather or other reason. Both plans have a minimal cost. There will be a meeting with the Omni-Advantage representative on June 24 at 6:00 pm for the city employees and Rescue Squad members and a 7:00 pm meeting scheduled for the Fire Department members. Motion by Bounous, seconded by Evans to provide the Omni-Advantage membership plan to all city employees based on a positive evaluation by City Manager Fred Hlava after the June 24 meeting with the Omni-Advantage representative. Ayes: Bounous, Evans, Morgan, Russell, and Grant.

The League of Nebraska Municipalities recently conducted a survey with Nebraska cities in order to find out how member cities felt about the service the League was providing for them. The League lobbies on behalf of cities on legislation that will have an impact on them. Council was given a copy of this survey and the results. The results were overwhelmingly in favor of and support the League of Nebraska Municipalities. City Manager Fred Hlava and Vice-Mayor Jane Morgan both stated they felt the League of Nebraska Municipalities has always been a tremendous asset to cities of all sizes, and are grateful for all that they do on our behalf.

City Manager Fred Hlava has been working with city employees in an effort to notify owners of properties that are in need of mowing and clean-up. So far there has been positive steps taken to clean up the community, but there are still properties that need attention. Notices were sent out giving property owners until June 17th to clean and mow, and if they do not comply, further action will be taken.

The May police statistics were not available for the meeting. Council was given one FYI item concerning problems at beef packing plants.

Motion by Bounous, seconded by Grant to go into executive session at 6:50 to discuss  real estate negotiations. Ayes: Evans, Morgan, Russell, Grant and Bounous.

Council reconvened in regular session at 7:40. With no action taken, motion by Bounous, seconded by Grant to adjourn. Ayes: Morgan, Russell, Grant, Bounous, and Evans.

/s/Kim Buchan

City Clerk

/s/ Nancy I Russell


I, the undersigned, City Clerk for the City of Gordon, Nebraska hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of the proceedings had and c\done by the Mayor and Council on June 13, 2013; that all of the subjects included in the foregoing proceedings were contained in the agenda for the meeting, kept continuously current and available for inspection at the office of the City Clerk;  that such subjects were contained in said minutes of the Mayor and Council of the City of Gordon from which the foregoing proceedings have been extracted were in written form and available for public inspection within ten working days and prior to the next convened meeting of said body; that all news media requesting notification of the time and place of said meeting and the subjects to be discussed at said meeting.

/s/ Kim Buchan

City Clerk

Published: June 19, 2013


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