Hay Springs City Council Minutes January 14, 2014


Mayor Housh called the Public Hearing to order at 7:01 p.m. Council persons Randy Turman, Keith Kearns and Jim Varvel were present. Jerry Matthews was absent. City Attorney Jamian Simmons was present. It was noted that the Open Meetings Act is posted. 

There was discussion from the Council and the public regarding the approval of a liquor license for Cynthia Shepard DBA the Pheasant Run Restaurant. Glen Muhr spoke objecting to the liquor license as Hay Springs does not need another liquor establishment. Keri Serbousek was in favor of approval because the serving of alcohol will be handled responsibly by the business owners. No underage persons will be allowed on the Sports bar side of the business. Another man also spoke in favor of approval as the issue is not about what the community ‘needs’, but about the ‘right’ to own and operate such a business.

Mayor House closed the Public Hearing at 7:22 p.m.


Mayor Ron Housh called the Regular Meeting of the Hay Springs City Council to order at 7:23 p.m. Council persons Randy Turman, Keith Kearns and Jim Varvel were present. Jerry Matthews was absent. City Attorney Jamian Simmons was present. It was noted that the Open Meetings Act is posted.

Turman made motion, Varvel seconded to approve the minutes from the December 17, 2013 Regular Meeting. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Turman made motion, Kearns seconded to approve the agenda for the January 14, 2013 meeting with changes: Move Item three under New Business to right after Agenda Approval and correct name listed the Christina Shepard. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Kearns made motion, Turman seconded to approve the liquor license application for Christina Shepard DBA Pheasant Run Restaurant. Turman and Kearns voted aye. Varvel voted nay. Motion carried.

Public concerns: Sandy walker would like to see better snow removal in handicap areas of the street. She fell on ice on the street. Sharon Perry noted the Post Office is not the only place that’s bad, but most places on the West side of the street do not get enough sun.

Department reports were heard: George – Took vacation; Working on equipment maintenance; Christmas decoration were put away; The Ladies Lounge water froze and necessary repairs were made; Read water meters; Aaron - Water: Helped with repairs to Ladies Lounge; Took vacation; Attended a continuing education class in Chadron; Sent in water samples; Christmas decorations put away; Hay Springs is still on the list for the test from NRWA; Read water meters; Generator is operating well; Changes out broken meters; Jim Varvel – Nursing Home: Census is up; Moving Krystyn up to administrative position; Asking visitors to stay away if they are sick; Jim Varvel – Finance Committee: Looks fine; Jerry Matthews – SWANN: No report; Randy Turman – Lister-Sage: New equipment has been set up; Getting a handle on key situation; Cameras have caught a few people using the facility inappropriately; Ron Housh – Mayor: No report. 


Well Update: Brad Gross reported that they have been in contact with Buettner Construction and HOA. Buettner needs better weather to complete their work. HOA will likely take care of installing the VFD drive within the next 30 days. Then the well can hopefully be placed in rotation with the other wells. All testing has come back good. However, there is still cloudiness in the water that needs to be identified. Baker’s is looking for a lab that will give the necessary testing. Once the VFD is installed and the well is running, the Council would like to have BAC-T tests done again as per Baker’s recommendation. Jami informed the Council that Layne Christensen periodically inquiring if there have been any changes. The Council is still likely to accept their offer of $10,000 credit. 

PADD Update: Will wait until the weather is better to collect the next surveys. 

Water Loss: NRWA will come when they can. Lesa will visit with software company again to find reports to tell us more accurately the city-wide usage.


Kearns made motion, Varvel seconded to approve claims as presented. All voted aye. Motion carried. 

American Funds $411.02; Assurant $188.87; Blue Cross Blue Shield $1605.59; Bomgaars $64.76; Deluxe $283.22; EFTPS $1787.06; EMC Insurance $1108.74; Great Plains Communications $267.63; Hay Springs Lumber $229.33; Hip Hop $151.00; Ideal $28.43; J&L Grocery $11.18; Marianne Hanks $88.76; MCI $60.14; NE Public Health Environ $299.00; Nebraska Dept of Rev $606.77; Nebraska Total Office $210.99; Norm’s Napa $91.99; NWCA $229.00; Northwest Pipe $951.98; NWRPPD $31.00; NPPD $3399.90; NRWA $125.00; One-Call Concepts $1.50; Panhandle Drilling $455.54; Petty Cash $64.77; Postmaster $146.65; Sackers $118.06; Sandhills News $4.96; Smith & King $190.00; SourceGas $1864.46; Sheridan County Treasurer $589.98; SWANN $6822.48; Toof’s Diesel $211.76; Utility Service Co. $676.83; WestCo $257.32.

Turman made motion, Varvel seconded to approve December’s Treasurers Report. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Hazard Mitigation Meeting: There is a meeting tonight and tomorrow night. Everett Langford has previously been out representation. Ev has a conflict this year, so Mayor Housh asked Scott DeCoste to represent Hay Springs this year.

Verizon Generator Hook-up: Verizon will offer the City a one-time payment of $1000 for allowing placement of their generator at the water tower. They will not allow the City to use the generator due to liability issues. It was noted that it is a benefit for the community as well as surrounding areas to have a cell tower so close. Kearns made motion, Turman seconded to accept the one-time payment of $1000. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Olson Associates Engineer/Street Superintendent: George spoke with Jerry Hein at Olson Associates. Jerry is a Class A Street Superintendent and would be able to complete and submit all of the City’s street department reports. Enlisting Mr. Hein’s expertise would allow Kurt Klein to retire. Kurt has given his recommendation to utilize Olson Associates/Jerry Hein for the City’s Street Superintendent needs. Changing now would be a good time as the State is changing requirements to submit reports on-line. Kearns made motion, Varvel seconded to approve Olson Associates as the City’s Street Superintendent effective Mary 1, 2014 with Kurt Klein’s retirement also effective March 1, 2014. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Board Appointment Alternates: SWANN requires an alternate representative be appointed in case the primary representative is unable to attend meetings, etc. Keith Kearns volunteered as the SWANN alternate and Jim Varvel volunteered as the Lister-Sage alternate.

Sewer Camera: Aaron presented a recommendation for a sewer camera to check and monitor the City sewer when needed. There was much discussion. Aaron will contact Gordon and Rushville to see if they would like to cost-share this equipment.

Ladies Lounge Furnace: The heat exchangers in the furnace are bad and the furnace needs to be replaced. Options were discussed. Estimates for replacement will be obtained. 

Items for next agenda were discussed. 

There being no further business, Turman made motion, and Kearns seconded to adjourn at 8:36 p.m. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Ron Housh


Lesa M. Parker

City Clerk

Published: January 29, 2014