Certification of Candidates Primary Election, Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Notice is hereby given that on Tuesday, May 13, 2014, at the polling places in the precincts of Sheridan County, Nebraska an election will be held.  The polls will open at 7 A.M. And close at 7 P.M.  Said election will be held for nominating or in some cases electing candidates to the following offices.


For United States Senator

Republican Democrat Libertarian

Clifton R. Johnson Larry Marvin

Shane Osborn Dave Domina

Sid Dinsdale

Ben Sasse

Bart McLeay


For Representative in Congress Third District

Republican Democrat Libertarian

Tom Brewer Mark Sullivan

Adrian Smith


For Governor

Republican Democrat Libertarian

Tom Carlson Chuck Hassebrook Mark G.  Elworth Jr.

Beau McCoy

Jon Bruning

Mike Foley

Pete Ricketts

Bryan Stone


For Secretary of State

Republican Democrat Libertarian

John A. Gale Ben Backus


For State Treasurer

Republican Democrat Libertarian

Don Stenberg Michael J. O’Hara Michael Knebel

Christopher Costello


For Attorney General

Republican Democrat Libertarian

Doug Peterson Janet Stewart

Pete Pirsch Allan J. Eurek

Brian Buescher

Mike Hilgers


For Auditor of Public Accounts

Republican Democrat Libertarian

Charlie Janssen Amanda McGill

Larry Anderson


For County Assessor


Trudy A. Winter

Amada Salisbury


For County Sheriff


Terry E. Robbins

Scott DeCoste 


For Member of the State Board of Education-District #7

Molly O’Holleran

Robin R. Stevens


Upper Niobrara White Natural Resources District-Board of Directors

Subdistrict 4

Tod M. Dorshorst

Tom Marcy

Brent Shaw


For Directors of Gordon Memorial Hospital District (Elect)

Linda Shadbolt

Carol Balius

Patricia Faulk


County Ticket-Republican

County Commissioner District #2 James Krotz

County Commissioner District #3 Jack Andersen

County Clerk Sindy Coburn

County Treasurer Peg L. Sones

Clerk of District Court Carol Stouffer

County Attorney Jamian J. Simmons

Public Defender Michael T. Varn


For Member of Area Board of Governors-Western Community College

District One-Merlyn Gramberg


For Member of Board of Directors-Upper Niobrara White NRD

Subdistrict One Two Three

Kevin Oligmueller Curtis Roth David E. Kadlecek

Charles Hamilton Mike Strasburger Andrew T. Curd


Subdistrict Five At Large

2 year term 4 year term Steven M. Sandberg

Larry L. Teahon Dixie A. Lees Maureen A. Skavdahl

Allen D. Rasmussen Nancy Fisher


Gordon City Council Gordon Airport Authority

Nancy Russell no filings

Tim Bounous

Thomas R. Evans


Gordon/Rushville School District #10

Kathy  Willnerd

Kari L. Johnson


Rushville City Council Rushville Airport Authority

South Ward-Steve Willnerd no filings

North Ward-Matthew Jansen

Mayor-Chris Heiser


Hay Springs City Council

East Ward-Luke Marcy

West Ward-no filings

Mayor-Richard McKay


Hay Springs School District #3

Everette Langford

Marilyn Reed

Brenda Johnson

Glenn A. Muhr

Candidates that are auto advanced to the General Election  will not appear on the Primary Ballot as the number of candidates properly filed for the primary election does not exceed two for each vacancy to be filled.  All candidates properly filed shall be considered nominated and no primary election shall be held for their nomination.  

In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the County of Sheridan, in Rushville, Nebraska this 21st day of March, 2014.  

Sindy L. Coburn

Co Clerk

Published: April 2, 2014