Minutes of the Regular Meeting NRPPD Board of Directors, June 26, 2014, Unapproved

The regular meeting of Directors of Northwest Rural Public Power District (NRPPD) was held in the Conference Room of the District June 26, 2014 at 1:00 PM.

The meeting was called to order by the president, Robert Rickenbach.  Directors who answered the roll call were Wayne Cobb, Robert Rickenbach, Bruce Troester, Gary Fuchser, Jim Johnson, Lee Ahrens, and Mike Van Buskirk.

Also present were Chance Briscoe, manager; Arlene Lahaye, office manager; Russ Reichenberg, line superintendent; Ron Housh, planning engineer; Les Tlustos, consumer services; Terry Curtiss, District Counsel; and Marissa Curtiss.

The Open Meeting Law posting was acknowledged. 

All votes are unanimous upon a roll call vote unless noted.

A motion was made by Bruce Troester, duly seconded by Gary Fuchser to accept the order of business as  published and supplemented at this meeting; motion carried.

A motion was made by Mike Van Buskirk, duly seconded Wayne Cobb, that the minutes of the meeting held June 5th be approved as published and mailed to all directors on June 20th; motion carried.

The office manager reviewed the June financial reports and reviewed graphs on kWh purchased and sold along with cash flow graphs. A motion was made by Mike Van Buskirk, duly seconded by Wayne Cobb to accept the June financial reports; motion carried.

Chance Briscoe stated that he would like to schedule a Strategic Planning session to discuss Succession Planning, Rates and a Technology Plan. The consensus of the Board was to schedule session for August 11th. 

Russ Reichenberg reviewed the May safety report.  Russ reported that NRPPD did not have any accidents or incidents during the month. The training that occurred during the month was discussed. A motion was made by Jim Johnson, duly seconded by Gary Fuchser to accept the May safety report; motion carried.

Russ Reichenberg reported to the Board that NRPPD experienced an outage at the Gordon Substation. A black bird got into the north circuit causing an outage that lasted approximately one hour.  The time and repairs have been submitted to Federated for reimbursement.

Ron Housh reported that the AMI injection system has been installed at the Scott Substation and is up and working and NRPPD will be reading meters remotely on the Scott Sub. The Flats Substation has also been installed, and NRPPD may be ready to read irrigation meters in July. NRPPD still has some meters to install on the Flats Substation.  When NRPPD is ready to read the residential meters letters will be sent to customers to let them know that NRPPD will be reading and sending out the bills.

The week of July 7th Brad Johnson and Erik Persons will begin installing the AMI injection equipment at the Hay Springs Substation. Meters will have to be installed before NRPPD can implement the AMI reading and billing on the Hay Springs Sub.

Les Tlustos reported that again this year the Hay Springs School is offering summer camps and NRPPD has offered to again do an electrical safety camp, but there were no students interested this year.

Colten Marx attended the Youth DC Tour this year. Les stated that NRPPD has three kids signed up for the Energy Youth Camp at Halsey and Kelsey DeField will attend as a counselor this year.

Chance Briscoe reported on the past month’s activities. Arlene Lahaye attended the CFC Forum and attended some pre conference training on Cash Flow analysis Rate Setting for Slow Growth Utilities. 

Chance Briscoe gave a presentation and discussed with the Board the Meter Data Management System (MDMS) that was just implemented through NISC. One portion of the program will allow for Demand monitoring/warnings. NRPPD has taken an innovative approach and will be using this program to break out groups by transformer size and get daily notices of KW readings that exceed pre-defined maximums. NRPPD should be able to identity over-loaded transformers and also identify certain customers that may need to be moved to a different rate class. With the MDMS NRPPD will have the opportunity to assist customers with high usage by viewing meter data by the hour or by the day. 

Chance Briscoe also attended the June Safety Meeting and the Grassroots Presentation that James Dukesherer with the Nebraska Rural Electric Association (NREA) gave to the employee group.

Chance Briscoe informed the Board that he had received a request for a contribution from the Nebraska Water Balance Alliance. A discussion followed with a motion being made by Gary Fuchser to table the request until a later date. The motion was seconded by Bruce Troester; motion carried.

A discussion was held on the NPSIG activities and the court costs that Tri-State has submitted to the court for recovery. The NPSIG attorneys have talked to the Tri-State attorneys and given them the proposal that NPSIG will drop their right to appeal if Tri-State waives their costs for recovery. 

Chance Briscoe state that he had just received the CFC Key Trend Ratios and will review them with the Board at the next meeting.

Robert Rickenbach stated that Rolland Skinner’s retirement was official as of June 5th at the conclusion of the NPSIG Trial.

There being no further business to come before the Board, the president declared the meeting adjourned at 2:40PM. 

Approved: President

Signed: Secretary

Published: July 9, 2014