Notice to Biological Father or Possible Biological Father, Yankton

This Notice to Biological Father or Possible Biological Father is given pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. §43-104.14.

Name of Biological Mother: Jessica D. Yankton

Date of Birth of Biological Mother: May 11, 1991

Name of Biological Father or Possible Biological Father: John Doe, Real Name Unknown

Description of Father or Possible Father: Unknown

Approximate date of conception of Child: April 2009

City and State of conception:

Date of Birth of Child: January 27, 2010

Name of Child: Riggen Linn Yankton

Chadron Community Hospital, Chadron, NE  69337

You have been identified as the biological father or possible biological father of the child and that Travis Binger intends to adopt the child.

If you are the biological father or the possible biological father, you have the right to:

a. Deny paternity

b. Waive any parental rights you may have

c. Relinquish and consent to adoption of the child, or

d. File a “Notice of Intent to Claim Paternity and Obtain Custody of the Child” within five (5) business days of this notice pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. §43-104.02.

You are further notified that in order to deny paternity, waive your parental rights, relinquish and consent to the adoption, or receive additional information to determine whether you are the father of the child in question, you must contact the undersigned attorney representing the biological mother and if you wish to seek custody of the child, you must seek legal counsel from your attorney immediately.

Name of attorney representing Travis Binger and Jessica Binger:

Amy L. Patras

Attorney at Law

PO Box 1070

Chadron, NE  69337

Telephone: (308)432-3339

Published: July 23, July 30 and August 6, 2014