Annual Asbestos Notification GR Schools 2014

TO: Patrons & Staff of Gordon-Rushville Public Schools

FROM: Merrell Nelsen,Supt.

RE: Asbestos Plan

The federal government and the State of Nebraska require that all patrons and staff of each school building be notified each year of the asbestos condition within each building. This requirement is to insure a safe and wholesome environment for our children and employees.

Asbestos is a harmful substance when the fibers become airborne. Properly managed, this material will not become friable and the fibers airborne. The federal and state government requires each school to have an asbestos management plan in place and the contents on file in the administrative offices of each building. This plan is open to the public and can be reviewed at any time with proper notice. This plan must be updated on a three-year basis, which was completed in June of 2011, or when any changes occur in the state of asbestos in the building.

A six-month surveillance program is in place whereby the asbestos-containing material is reviewed and inspected. This is to insure there is no change in its status since the last inspection.

If you have concerns, please call the office or come in and discuss the management plan. It is the school’s intention to keep the school a safe and wholesome environment for all the children and staff.

Published: September 17, 2014