Minutes of the Regular Meeting Hay Springs Public School District #3, October 13, 2014 11-26-14

The Board of Education of Hay Springs Public Schools District #3 held its regular meeting on November 10, 2014 at the school cafeteria. Notice of the said meeting was published in the October 22, 2014 edition of the Sheridan County Journal Star. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Langford. Posting for Open Meeting Law was pointed out. All motions received unanimous approval unless otherwise stated. Matt Anderson, Mike Hunzeker, Brenda Johnson, Miriam Kearns, Everette Langford, Marilyn Reed. Superintendent Pummel was also present. The high school was ranked nationally by Newsweek as a top school in the nation. The Scottsbluff Star Herald included an article about our Newsweek ranking. NEPas test scores were presented and discussed. The elementary had 100% attendance at Parent-Teacher conferences. The scholarships available to seniors are now listed on the school website at www.hshawks.com. Winter sports schedules are published and practices are scheduled to begin shortly. Houser is working to reschedule a couple events due to conflicts. A motion was made by Johnson and seconded by Anderson to approve the minutes of the October 13, 2014 regular board meeting as presented. A motion was made by Johnson and seconded by Kearns to approve the agenda of the November 10, 2014 meeting. A motion was made by Johnson and seconded by Reed to set May 16, 2015 as the graduation date for the Class of 2015. The board reviewed sections 1 and 2 of the updated board policy handbook. Sections 3 and 4 will be reviewed at the next meeting. There are currently 10 applicants for the superintendent. The timeline for the search was reviewed. An outline of the proposed student volunteer program will be reviewed in early spring. A motion was made by Reed and seconded by Hunzeker to approve the bills and payroll as presented. The meeting adjourned at 8:07 p.m. on a motion by Johnson and second by Reed.

The following bills and payroll were approved: Payroll $79,877.29; AFLAC $1,544.82; American Funds $3,753.13; AS Central Services $236.79; B&C Steel $190.38; Blue Cross/Blue Shield $58,886.43; Box Butte Clinic $169.00; Chadron Hospital $257.57; CinDesign $71.75; Culligan $17.25; Dell $454.61; Eagle $177.54; ESU #13 $5,668.22; Frontier $555.30; Haggerty’s $335.81; Hay Springs Lumber $621.63; Hay Springs Public School $275.00; Hay Springs Water $1,356.37; HSPS - Cash Desktop $5,305.65; HSPS - Hot Lunch $1,475.35; HSPS - Hot Lunch $2,423.26; Ideal $92.80; Inland Truck $1,036.98; JW Pepper $678.20; Lister Sage Community Operation Acct. $420.00; NASB $3,022.53; NE Dept. of Revenue $3,194.24; NE DOL $140.00; NE Retirement Systems $23,231.61; Norm’s NAPA $35.28; NPPD $2,208.82; Panhandle Geotechnical $629.15; Quill $2,363.91; Really Good Stuff $22.94; Region I OHD $292.88; Sackers $1,363.75; Sandhills News $221.24; Security First Bank - 125 Plan $1,610.34; Security First Bank - Federal $27,875.45; Security First Bank - Hay Springs $1,939.68; Security First Bank - Rapid City $983.13; Security First Insurance $14,255.71; Source Gas $675.17; United States Welding $13.00; Westco $819.57; Woodstock Supply $858.14; WPCI $125.00; Xerox $839.20.

Published: November 26, 2014