Gordon City Council Minutes February 12, 2015

Notice of the meeting was given in advance by publication in the Sheridan County Journal Star, the designated method for giving notice as shown by affidavit of publication on file in the City Clerk’s office.  Agendas of the meeting were simultaneously given to the Mayor and all members of the Council.  All proceedings hereafter shown were taken while the convened meeting was open to the attendance of the public.

A meeting of the City Council of the City of Gordon was called to order by Mayor Russell at 6:00 p.m., February 12, 2015 in the Council Chambers of the City Auditorium.  She noted the location of the Open Meetings Laws in the back of the room.

Present: Bounous, Evans, Morgan, Russell, and Grant.

Absent: No one. 

Motion by Grant, seconded by Morgan to approve the minutes of the January 8, 2015 meeting.  Ayes:  Evans, Morgan, Russell, Grant, and Bounous.

Motion by Evans, seconded by Bounous, to approve the December 2014 treasurer’s report. Ayes: Morgan, Russell, Grant, Bounous, and Evans.

Motion by Grant, seconded by Bounous to approve the January 2015 treasurer’s report.  Ayes:  Russell, Grant, Bounous, Evans, and Morgan.

Motion by Morgan, seconded by Grant to approve the bills.  Ayes:  Grant, Bounous, Evans, Morgan, and Russell.

Abbreviations for this legal:  EX, expense; FE, fee; GR, groceries; MI, mileage; RE, Reimburse; RPT, report; SA, salaries; SE, services; SU, supplies.


EFTPS, FNBO, FE, $52.57; EFTPS, NE Dept of Revenue, RE, $2,342.53; EFTPS, First National Bank, EX, $205,825.73; EFTPS, JP Morgan Chase, EX, $15,020.00; EFTPS, JP Morgan Chase, EX, $967.50; WT1023, Baker & Associates, SE, $553.50; WT1024, USDA Reserve Acct, EX, $4,626.20; RS1101, First National Bank of Omaha, SU, $903.25; RS1102, Grocery Mart, SU, $82.53; RS1103, True Value, SU, $79.90; 42690, Payroll Fund, SA, $23,264.23; 42691, BC/BS, EX, $9,332.34; 42692, Arthritis Today, SU, $12.95; 42693, Cosmopolitan, SU, $27.97; 42694, Cooking Light, SU, $24.00; 42695, Country Living, SU, $31.97; 42696, Discover, SU, $24.95; 42697, Family Handyman, SU, $16.98; 42698, Fleet Services, SU, $502.63; 42699, Field & Stream, SU, $9.97; 42700, Good Housekeeping, SU, $24.97; 42701, Consolidated Mngmt, SU, $32.75; 42702, Huskers Illustrated, SU, $62.95; 42703, Maria Kling, MI, $35.52; 42704, Kone, SE, $331.59; 42705, Library Petty Cash, RE, $48.65; 42706, Living, SU, $24.00; 42707, NWRPPD, SE, $4,853.46; 42708, Perpetual Care Fund, RE, $550.00; 42709, Popular Science, SU, $17.97; 42710, Rushville Service Center, SE, $141.40; 42711, Sheridan County Clerk, FE, $32.00; 42712, Seventeen, SU, $12.00; 42713, Viaero, SE, $130.69; 42714, Xerox, EX, $945.85; 42715, Air Med Care, EX, $1,000.00; 42716, Airport Authority, RE, $802.30; 42717, Airport Bond Savings, RE, $1,057.88; 42718, Jerry Kearns, SE, $150.00; 42719, Special Assessment Bond Fund, RE, $1,888.25; 42720, City of Gordon, RE, $85.64; 42721, Shane Pascale, RE, $14.36; 42722, Applied Concepts, SU, $1,012.50; 42723, Consolidated Mngmt, SU, $57.00; 42724, National Insurance, EX, $45.19; 42725, Perpetual Care Fund, RE, $200.00; 42726, Sheridan County Clerk, FE, $16.00; 42727, NE Mun Clerk Institute, EX, $393.00; 42728, City of Gordon, RE, $32.70; 42729, Brian Nelson, RE, $67.30; 42730, USPS, SE, $190.32; 42731, Source Gas, SE, $3,039.44; 42732, Payroll Fund, SA, $27,652.53; 42733, Consolidated Mngmt, SE, $47.50; 42734, Perpetual Care Fund, RE, $150.00; 42735, Sheridan County Clerk, FE, $16.00; 42736, Viaero, SE, $86.73. Total February Paid Bills: $308,950.14.


42739, Action Communications, SE, $432.95; 42740, Dan Bishop, RE, $50.00; 42741, Jeff Brewer, RE, $50.00; 42742, Barco, SU, $636.85; 42743, City of Chadron, EX, $45.00; 42744, Customized Billing, SE, $255.00; 42745, Display Sales, SU, $32.25; 42746, DHHS, FE, $40.00; 42747, Scott Downing, RE, $50.00; 42748, Terry Eaton, RE, $50.00; 42749, First National Bank of Omaha, SU, $1,071.71; 42750, JD Financial, SU, $81.17; 42751, Farmer’s Coop, SU, $129.45; 42752, Fleet Services, SU, $623.98; 42753, Great Plains Communications, SE, $1,361.38; 42754, Grocery Mart, SU, $2.99; 42755, Hinn’s Auto Supply, SU, $437.53; 42756, Homestead Building Supply, SU, $105.83; 42757, Husker Auto Parts, SU, $10.32; 42758, HD Supply, SU, $1,811.91; 42759, Clay Heath, RE, $50.00; 42760, Insurance Fund, RE, $14,702.08; 42761, Inland Truck, SE, $614.89; 42762, Ideal Linen, SE, $110.79; 42763, Interstate Industrial Services, SE, $198.97; 42764, Jefco Glass, SE, $31.92; 42765, Jonathan Johansen, RE, $50.00; 42766, FALCO, SE, $610.00; 42767, Modern Marketing, SU, $161.37; 42768, Midwest Radar & Equipment, SE, $120.00; 42769, McLeod’s, SU, $129.80; 42770, Med Tech Resource, SU, $1,677.95; 42771, Municipal Service & Supply, SU, $966.17; 42772, Madison National Life, EX, $45.19; 42773, NPPD, SE, $7,445.75; 42774, NE Total Office, SU, $8.99; 42775, NWRPPD, SE, $3,550.54; 42776, NE Rural Water, SE, $150.00; 42777, NE Transport Co, SE, $105.88; 42778, NE Environmental Products, SU, $2,541.85; 42779, Omaha World Herald, SU, $70.85; 42780, One Call Concepts, SE, $2.20; 42781, Powerplan, SU, $1,028.45; 42782, Public Safety Center, SU, $214.90; 42783, Petty Cash Fund, RE, $144.30; 42784, Panhandle Sales & Service, SU, $66.00; 42785, Casey Peterson & Associates, SE, $8,000.00; 42786, Shane Pascale, RE, $50.00; 42787, Quill, SU, $329.60; 42788, Respond First Aid, SU, $78.07; 42789, NE Public Health Env Lab, SE, $30.00; 42790, Superfoods, SU, $69.27; 42791, Stockmen’s Drug, SU, $380.66; 42792, Sheridan County Journal Star, SE, $306.26; 42793, Smith King & Simmons, SE, $860.00; 42794, S & L Gas, SU, $938.31; 42795, Michael Todd, SU, $286.45; 42796, True Value, SU, $352.57; 42797, USPS, FE, $220.00; 42798, US Welding, SU, $355.43; 42799, Ken Ward, RE, $50.00; 42800, Westco, SU, $1,502.21; 42801, Water Reserve USDA, RE, $1,600.00; 42802, Wreck-A-Mended, SE, $180.60; 42803, Water System Impr Project, EX, $15,800.00; 42804, Weathercraft, SE, $175.00; 42805, West River Computers, SE, $330.96; 42806, Adam Wackler, RE, $50.00; 42807, William’s Jewelers, SU, $131.00; 42808, Xerox, SE, $579.74. Total February Unpaid Bills: $74,733.29. Total February Paid Bills: $308,950.14. Total February Bills: $383,683.43.

City Manager Fred Hlava announced for council and the citizens present his plans for retirement from the position of City Manager. His tentative retirement date is May 1, 2015.

Joan Yekel with CrossRoads Resources, LLC was present to request that council sign the Gambling Awareness Month Proclamation. There are very few resources available in our area for problem gamblers, therefore this proclamation will aid Crossroads in getting information to people in need of their services. Motion by Bounous, seconded by Evans to allow Mayor Russell to sign the Gambling Awareness Month Proclamation, and to thank Joan and CrossRoads Resources for their efforts and dedication to our area. Ayes: Bounous, Evans, Morgan, Russell, and Grant.

“Problem Gambling Awareness Month”

WHEREAS, our community is home to individuals and families adversely affected by problem gambling; and

WHEREAS, compulsive gambling is often hidden from family members, social services and mental health professionals; and

WHEREAS, compulsive gambling often occurs in combination with other disorders such as chemical dependency and depression; and

WHEREAS, it is important to raise awareness of the warning signs of compulsive gamblers and connect them with professional help,

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Nancy I. Russell, Mayor of the City of Gordon, Nebraska do hereby proclaim March 2015 as “Problem Gambling Awareness Month” and urge citizens to learn more about the consequences of problem gambling.

/s/ Nancy I Russell

Lori Liggett, Gordon/Rushville High School Principal was present to discuss with council the school districts current efforts to obtain a School Resource Officer. The grant for assistance has been submitted and the school board would like to work with council to come to an agreement on the cost sharing aspects of the plan. Council will continue to discuss this program at future meetings in the hopes of achieving the completion of this plan.

Mayor Russell opened the public hearing for the One and Six Street Improvement plan at 6:15 pm. Conduct of the meeting was turned over to City Manager Fred Hlava.  There were no comments oral or written presented at the hearing or comments from the general public. The hearing was closed at 6:18 pm and conduct of the meeting was turned back over to the Mayor.  Motion by Evans, seconded by Morgan to approve Resolution 2015-01. Ayes: Evans, Morgan, Russell, Grant, and Bounous.



WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Gordon has reviewed the One and Six Year Plan for Highway, Road and Street Improvements, and

WHEREAS, a public hearing to receive citizen input was held at 6:00 p.m. on February 12, 2015 in the City Council Chambers of the City Auditorium.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council has determined the need for improvements on East 11th Street, North Elm Street, and North Spruce Street and a continued street maintenance program in the next year.

Passed and approved this 12th   day of February, 2015.     

/s/ Nancy I Russell


Jerry Kearns was present to accept a Certificate of Appreciation from the Gordon City Council for his endless hours of volunteer time to the betterment of Gordon’s downtown district. Mr. Kearns removes snow from the business sidewalks using his own equipment, time, and gas, and has refused any kind of payment for his services. Council extends their gratitude to Mr. Kearns for the tremendous effort he puts forth to help keep the city’s business district safe and customer friendly.

Mark Kruger has agreed to fill the vacancy left on the Airport Authority at December’s election, and the Gordon Airport Authority has approved this appointment. Motion by Morgan, seconded by Bounous to appoint Mark Kruger to the Airport Authority. Ayes: Morgan, Russell, Grant, Bounous, and Evans.

Council was given information on the upcoming rate increase by Great Plains Communications.

City Manager Fred Hlava updated council on the city’s current healthcare plan. After the city’s prior health insurance provider became insolvent in January, three different companies were made available to the city. United Healthcare and Coventry were two of the options, but the lack of provider participation in our area eliminated them as possibilities, as it would have greatly increased the out of pocket expense to the employee. This left BlueCross/BlueShield, which has a much better provider participation in our area. Motion by Grant, seconded by Morgan to approve the BlueCross/Blue Shield Gold Plan as presented. Ayes: Russell, Grant, Bounous, Evans, and Morgan.

Randy Hellbusch with the Nebraska Rural Water Association has completed the rate study for the City of Gordon as requested by the USDA, due to the use of reserve funds to complete the emergency repairs to the City of Gordon’s water storage tank. Several options are available for a new water rate structure, and city officials are currently waiting on the USDA to review and approve a rate that will adequately replenish the reserve account that was used to pay the expenses for the repair of the water storage tank. The proposed rate as approved by the USDA will be presented to the City Council for adoption at the March City Council meeting.

The City of Gordon received a $7,391 refund from the city’s worker’s compensation premium. This was due to the restructuring of the policy and good claim history. The total savings to the city and the fire department was over $20,000.

The City of Gordon currently owns several vacant lots within the city. On many of these lots, the city has razed uninhabitable houses. City Manager Fred Hlava requested that council allow him to put together a plan that would allow people to purchase these lots and build affordable housing for themselves. Motion by Evans, seconded by Morgan to allow the city manager to begin putting together this plan. Ayes: Grant, Bounous, Evans, Morgan, and Russell. 

Council was given information on the current budget for the Airport Runway 4-22 Renovation Project. City Manager Fred Hlava also reviewed a ten year capital improvement plan for the airport.

City Manager Fred Hlava updated council on the current dog control efforts, including statistics on dogs picked up by the city. 

Council was given the reports from the recent use of the Alert Now program. Three messages have been sent out in the prior weeks, and each time the instances of live answers are increasing. City Manager Fred Hlava stated to council that he feels the program is working well and continues to get better. He thanked Modern Farm for sponsoring this every year as it is a very important part of the city’s emergency notification system. The escaped prisoner notification was a good example of the importance of the program. It could not have been duplicated by the use of sirens.

Motion by Morgan, seconded by Grant to allow Mayor Russell to sign the Maintenance Agreement with the Nebraska Department of Roads. Ayes: Bounous, Evans, Morgan, Russell, and Grant.

City Manager Fred Hlava was contacted by Gordon Memorial Health Services regarding the handibus service. Now that Rick Yusten has retired, the service is no longer being offered. The city manager is looking at possible solutions to make this service available.

Council was given information on problem trees in the park. 

Motion by Bounous, seconded by Grant to go into executive session at 7:14 pm for the purposes of personnel review. Ayes: Evans, Bounous, Morgan, Russell, and Grant.

Council reconvened in regular session at 8:00 pm. With no further business, motion by Bounous, seconded by Grant to adjourn.  Ayes: Morgan, Russell, Grant, Bounous, and Evans.

/s/ Kim Buchan

City Clerk

/s/ Nancy I Russell


I, the undersigned, City Clerk for the City of Gordon, Nebraska hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of the proceedings had and done by the Mayor and Council on February 12, 2015; that all of the subjects included in the foregoing proceedings were contained in the agenda for the meeting kept continuously current and available for inspection at the office of the City Clerk;  that such subjects were contained in said minutes of the Mayor and Council of the City of Gordon from which the foregoing proceedings were written from and available for public inspection within ten working days and prior to the next convened meeting of said body; that all news media requesting notification of the time and place of said meeting and the subjects to be discussed at said meeting.

/s/ Kim Buchan

City Clerk

Published: February 18, 2015