Gordon City Council Minutes March 12, 2015

Notice of the meeting was given in advance by publication in the Sheridan County Journal Star, The designated method for giving notice as shown by the affidavit of publication on file in the City Clerk’s office.  Agendas of the meeting were simultaneously given to the Mayor and all members of the Council.  All proceedings hereafter shown were taken while the convened meeting was open to the attendance of the public.

A meeting of the City Council of the City of Gordon was called to order at 6:00 p.m., March 12, 2015 in the Council Chambers of the City Auditorium.  The Mayor noted the location of the Open Meetings Laws in the back of the room.

Present: Morgan, Russell, Grant, Evans, and Bounous (late).

Absent: No One.

Motion by Grant, seconded by Morgan, to approve the minutes of the February 12, 2015 meeting.  Ayes:  Russell, Grant, Evans, and Morgan.

Motion by Evans, seconded by Morgan to approve the February 2015 treasurer’s report.   Ayes: Grant, Evans, Morgan, and Russell.

Enter Councilman Bounous.

Motion by Grant, seconded by Bounous to approve the bills. Ayes: Bounous, Evans, Morgan, Russell, and Grant.

Abbreviations for this legal:  EX, Expense; FE, Fee; GR, Groceries; MI, Mileage; RE, Reimburse; RPT, Report; SA, Salaries; SE, Services; SU, Supplies. 


EFTPS, FNBO, FE, $52.93; EFTPS, NE Dept of Revenue, RE, $2,036.24; RS1104, Pizza Hut, SU, $61.99; 42737, Sheridan County Clerk, FE, $30.00; 42738, Consolidated Mngmt, SE, $137.25; 42809, Payroll Fund, SA, $22,400.66; 42810, Airport Authority, RE, $451.30; 42811, Airport Bond Savings, RE, $580.35; 42812, Amazon.com, SU, $672.51; 42813, Country Gardens, SU, $19.97; 42814, Conde Nest Traveler, SU, $19.97; 42815, Kone, SE, $669.00; 42816, Library Petty Cash, RE, $48.62; 42817, National Geographic, SU, $39.00; 42818, Outdoor Life, SU, $9.97; 42819, Popular Mechanics, SU, $12.00; 42820, Perpetual Care Fund, RE, $400.00; 42821, Rachael Price, RE, $66.83; 42822, People, SU, $116.07; 42823, Sheridan County Clerk, FE, $16.00; 42824, Star Herald, SU, $156.00; 42825, Special Assessment Bond Fund, RE, $796.84; 42826, Viaero, SE, $130.40; 42827, Cornhusker Marriott, SE, $554.44; 42828, Consolidated Mngmt, SE, $121.50; 42829, League of NE Municipalities, FE, $802.00; 42830, Blackboard, SE, $700.00; 42831, City of Gordon, RE, $200.00; 42832, Perpetual Care Fund, RE, $400.00; 42833, Source Gas, SE, $1,696.17; 42834, Sheridan County Clerk, FE, $16.00; 42835, City of Gordon, RE, $87.72; 42836, Romona Collins, RE, $12.28; 42837, USPS, SE, $186.47; 42838, Payroll Fund, SA, $26,465.30; 42839, B & T Lazerwash, SE, $200.00; 42840, BC/BS of NE, EX, $9,332.33; 42841, Air Methods, EX, $1,756.00; 42842, Consolidated Mngmt, SE, $70.75; 42843, Rimkus, SE, $1,500.00; 42844, Viaero, SE, $88.24; 42845, Sandhills Rescue Amb Serv, EX, $1.00. Total March Paid Bills: $73,114.10.


42846, Alamar, SU, $2,021.30; 42847, Baker & Associates, SE, $53.05; 42848, Dan Bishop, RE, $50.00; 42849, Jeff Brewer, RE, $50.00; 42850, City of Chadron, EX, $45.00; 42851, Customized Billing, SE, $405.00; 42852, The Copy Shoppe, SU, $74.05; 42853, Gordon Chamber of Commerce, SU, $115.00; 42854, Display Sales, SU, $2,135.00; 42855, Dale’s Tire, SU, $351.00; 42856, Scott Downing, RE, $50.00; 42857, Emergency Medical Supplies, SU, $521.62; 42858, Terry Eaton, RE, $50.00; 42859, First National Bank of Omaha, SU, $500.00; 42860, JD Financial, SU, $926.32; 42861, Farmer’s Coop, SU, $420.00; 42862, GR Public Schools, SU, $287.16; 42863, Grimm’s Pump & Industrial Supply, SU, $147.95; 42864, Great Plains Communications, SE, $1,357.99; 42865, Grocery Mart, SU, $8.99; 42866, Hinn’s Auto Supply, SU, $116.39; 42867, Homestead Building Supply, SU, $99.37; 42868, Husker Auto Parts, SU, $384.30; 42869, HD Supply, SU, $2,265.91; 42870, Clay Heath, RE, $50.00; 42871, Insurance Fund, RE, $14,702.08; 42872, Inland Truck, SU, $239.58; 42873, Ideal Linen, SE, $110.79; 42874, Interstate Industrial Services, SE, $31.83; 42875, Jonathan Johansen, RE, $50.00; 42876, Kustom Rock, SU, $658.40; 42877, Kimball Midwest, SU, $163.18; 42878, FALCO, SE, $610.00; 42879, League of KS Municipalities, SE, $140.00; 42880, NPPD, SE, $6,586.72; 42881, NE Rural Water, EX, $200.00; 42882, NE Environmental Products, SU, $3,663.49; 42883, NEMSA, FE, $810.00; 42884, Powerplan, SU, $2,015.19; 42885, Petty Cash Fund, RE, $351.52; 42886, Panhandle Sales & Service, SU, $17.00; 42887, Casey Peterson & Associates, SE, $4,609.83; 42888, Shane Pascale, RE, $50.00; 42889, Pollard Water, SU, $224.10; 42890, Pit Stop, SE, $17.50; 42891, Quill, SU, $52.94; 42892, RDJ Specialties, SU, $477.67; 42893, NE Public Health Env Lab, SE, $183.00; 42894, Superfoods, SU, $12.48; 42895, Stockmen’s Drug, SU, $20.51; 42896, Sheridan County Journal Star, SE, $352.33; 42897, Smith King & Simmons, SE, $1,085.00; 42898, Sasse Vet Clinic, RE, $10.00; 42899, S & L Gas, SU, $740.51; 42900, SD Municipal League, SE, $50.00; 42901, Michael Todd, SU, $448.93; 42902, True Value, SU, $541.82; 42903, Ken Ward, RE, $50.00; 42904, Westco, SU, $2,214.00; 42905, Water Reserve USDA, RE, $1,600.00; 42906, Wreck-A-Mended, SE, $706.18; 42907, Water System Impr Project, EX, $15,800.00; 42908, Adam Wackler, RE, $50.00; 42909, Xerox, SE, $600.73. Total March Unpaid Bills: $72,732.71. Total March Paid Bills: $73,114.10. Total March Bills: $145,846.81.

Ellie Mockerman was present to accept recognition from Council for all of her years of dedicated service to the City of Gordon. She and her husband Lynn are moving to Pierre, SD to be closer to family. Ellie has been an asset to the community for over 30 years, as a business owner and a volunteer. She has been instrumental in the economic development of Gordon, having served on the Planning Commission for several years. Mayor Russell, City Manager Fred Hlava, and the City Council thank Ellie for her service to the community and wish her well.

Bea Lou Hardin, Gordon Chamber of Commerce Director, was present to discuss with council the Historic Route 20 Association. This association is working towards promoting every city and village along Highway 20. The Chamber has already become a member, and since then has had several inquiries from tourists who are going to travel the Historic Route 20. Bea Lou feels that it will be a great boost for the City of Gordon and is requesting that council become a member and sponsor one of the larger signs. The total cost for this would be $115. Motion by Evans, seconded by Grant to approve Bea Lou Hardin’s request and become a member of the Historic Route 20 Association and sponsor a large sign. Ayes: Evans, Morgan, Russell, Grant, and Bounous. 

Leah Bifulco, Audit Manager for Casey Peterson and Associates, presented the 2013-2014 audit report for the City of Gordon. There were no deficiencies or compliance findings to report. She stated for council that city officials have worked to eliminate the segregation of duties issue, which is a problem for most smaller offices, and they have accomplished this goal. City Manager Fred Hlava stated that he and City Clerk Kim  Buchan, and Deputy Clerk Glen Spaugh have worked hard to put a system in place that would eliminate this issue and it is working very well. Motion by Bounous, seconded by Grant to accept the audit report as presented. Ayes: Morgan, Russell, Grant, Bounous, and Evans.

At the February council meeting, the city council was informed that Nebraska Rural water had finished the rate study required by the US Department of Agriculture after the use of the reserve water fund to pay for the emergency repairs of the city’s 700,000 gallon water tank. They were also informed that the findings of the rate study showed the need for an increase in water rates to repay the reserve fund while continuing the normal operation of the city’s municipal water system. Since the February meeting, there has been no citizen comment, for or against the rate increase. Motion by Bounous, seconded by  Morgan to pass Ordinance 1147. Ayes: Russell, Grant, Bounous, Evans, and Morgan.



WHEREAS, Article 30101 of the Municipal Code requires the governing body to set water and sewer rates, and

WHEREAS, the City of Gordon experienced the unexpected failure and loss of the City’s 700,000 gallon water tank, and

WHEREAS, the US Department of Agriculture approved the use of the City of Gordon’s water reserve fund to pay for the necessary emergency repairs of the City’s water tank under condition that a rate study be conducted for the City of Gordon, and

WHEREAS, the rate study showed a need for an increase in rates being charged by the City of Gordon for water services so that the reserve fund can be repaid while maintaining the operation of the City of Gordon’s municipal water supply.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Gordon that the following fee schedule be implemented April 1, 2015.


Minimum Charge: $29.50

1,000 gallons and over: $1.70 per thousand gallons


Minimum Charge: $  5.50

Over 1,000 gallons: 0.70 per thousand

Flat Rate Users: $8.80

Passed and approved this 12th day of March, 2015.

/s/ Nancy I Russell


ATTEST: /s/ Kim Buchan

City Clerk 

Motion by Grant, seconded by Morgan to waive second and third readings of Ordinance 1147. Ayes: Grant, Bounous, Evans, Morgan, and Russell.

The Public Alliance for Community Energy (PACE) recently announced its annual revenue return to its member communities. The City of Gordon received $2,094 as their portion. To date, the City has received $20,653.71 from PACE’s revenue return. This year the return will be designated for the purchase of new playground equipment in Winship Park.

Motion by Grant, seconded by Evans to approve the applications of Rose Chappell and Don Marrs to the Gordon Volunteer Rescue Squad. Ayes: Bounous, Evans, Morgan, Russell, and Grant. They are currently members of the Sandhills Volunteer Ambulance Service (Merriman), which is in the process of licensure renewal. In an effort to assist them in this process, the City of Gordon has entered into a lease agreement with Sandhills Rescue of their ambulance. Their membership on the Gordon Volunteer Rescue Squad now completes this agreement, as part of the required assistance until completion of the license renewal.

City Manager Fred Hlava has been working on a possible project that would allow citizens to either receive free, or at low cost, trees to be planted in the City of Gordon. The re-treeing of Gordon is necessary as many of our trees are very old and becoming susceptible to disease and insect infestation. Motion by Grant, seconded by Morgan to allow City Manager Fred Hlava to begin the process of creating a Re-tree Gordon program. Ayes: Evans, Morgan, Russell, Grant, and Bounous.

City Manager Fred Hlava has been working on a plan that would assist people in purchasing empty lots from the city and building homes. The High Plains Development District has helped the city with this in the past, but no longer has the same program. The city manager has been looking into other options and will have a draft plan ready for council at the April meeting.

The city manager search will be discussed in executive session.

The city’s current sewer jet is in need of replacement. The final payment on the loader will be made on March 25, 2015, which will allow the city to budget for the purchase of a new sewer jet. The cost will be approximately $50,000, with an annual payment of approximately $11,000, which is less than the loader payment. Motion by Grant, seconded by Bounous to authorize the City Manager to negotiate the purchase of a new sewer jet. Ayes: Morgan, Russell, Grant, Bounous, and Evans. The purchase and financing of the sewer jet will be discussed at the April meeting.

Motion by Morgan, seconded by Evans to proclaim April 25 – May 10 as Community Clean-up Weeks. Ayes: Russell, Grant, Bounous, Evans, and Morgan. Last year the city had tremendous success with the clean-up weeks, and hope to have even more citizens take advantage of the help being offered. If you have any questions, call the city office at 282-0837.

Council was given several FYI items including the PACE January financials, the February police statistics, a thank you from Across the Plains Disciples and information on the Emerald Ash Borer, the proposed beef packing plant in Gering, snow removal, and state tax.

Motion by Morgan, seconded by Evans, to go into executive session at 7:05 pm to discuss personnel issues.  Ayes: Grant, Bounous, Evans, Morgan, and Russell.

With no further business, motion by Bounous, seconded by Grant to adjourn at 7:30 pm.  Ayes: Bounous, Evans, Morgan, Russell, and Grant.

/s/ Kim Buchan

City Clerk

/s/ Nancy I Russell


I, the undersigned, City Clerk for the City of Gordon, Nebraska hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of the proceedings had and done by the Mayor and Council on March 12, 2015; that all of the subjects included in the foregoing proceedings were contained in the agenda for the meeting kept continuously current and available for inspection at the office of the City Clerk; that such subjects were contained in said minutes of the Mayor and Council of the City of Gordo from which the foregoing proceedings were written from and available for public inspection within ten working days and prior to the next convened meeting of said body; that all news media requesting notification of the time and place of said meeting and the subjects to be discussed at said meeting.

/s/ Kim Buchan

City Clerk

Published: March 18, 2015