Notice of Intent to Apply for Tax Deed Newmeyer

On March 6, 2012, Gerald C. Newmeyer purchased the following real property for 2010 delinquent taxes (CP#1957): Pt Outlot T & V 25-33-42- in- Gordon, Ne. with an address of 605 West Hwy, Gordon, Ne.

The property was taxed in the name of Barbara M. Hughes. 

The present owner is: Barbara M. Hughes.

The mortgagee is NONE

There are no special assessments

There are Federal and State liens against the property

The time for redemption will expire three months from date of service of this notice.

Take notice that Gerald C. Newmeyer will apply for a tax deed on or after expiration date for redemption.

This notice is sent pursuant to Nebraska Statutes 77-1801 thru 77-1863.

Published: March 25, April 1, and April 8, 2015