Hay Springs City Council Minutes April 14, 2015

Mayor Richard McKay made and announcement that there will be no hearing tonight as it is not needed.


Mayor Richard McKay called the Regular Meeting of the Hay Springs City Council to order at 7:03 p.m. Council persons Luke Marcy, Marcella Hale and Jim Varvel were present. Keith Kearns was absent. City Attorney Jamian Simmons was also present. It was noted that the Open Meetings Act is posted.

Keith Kearns arrived at 7:05 p.m.

Varvel made motion, Marcy seconded to approve the minutes from the March 10, 2015 Regular Meeting. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Varvel made motion, Kearns seconded to approve the agenda as revised for the April 14, 2015 meeting: Add item for Northwest Community Action Partnership to after the Pool Improvement Update. All voted aye. Motion carried.


Pool Improvement Committee: Jim Varvel gave an update between and City and Hewgley Associates Engineers. Heather Housh also spoke for the Pool Improvement Committee encouraging the City to continue with their progress with the Engineer so the Committee can apply for appropriate grants as they are available. The Committee wants to have an open house at the pool for the community to see all that needs done. 

Northwest Community Action Partnership: Karen Harbach presented information regarding each community’s contribution to the handi-bus. Hay Springs’ contribution will go from $229.00/month to $107.00/month starting in July. They are looking at implementing a $1.00/day boarding pass per person and a $5.00/per day boarding pass for trips to Chadron. Varvel made motion, Kearns seconded to approve the Agreement with Northwest Community Action Partnership. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Public concerns: None. 

Department reports were heard: George – Streets: Read meters; Graded alleys; Sweeping streets; Had one funeral; Helped replace a meter; Aaron - Water: No report, on leave; Lesa – Daily posting and deposits; Software update; Payroll 3 times; Sales tax; Minutes; Bills sent; Krystyn Turman – Nursing Home: Need lines painted in parking lot; Down three beds – 48 out of 51 are full; Converting to electronic health records; Jim Varvel – Finance Committee: Has a question on an account, will ask Lesa later; Keith Kearns – SWANN: Met last week, Looking at having downed trees from storm to be chipped; Finances are good; ; Krystyn Turman – Lister-Sage: Needs parking spaces painted, keys have shut off to those who haven’t paid/renewed; Prices have not increased; Richard McKay – Mayor: There is information/history missing regarding repairs made in 2011 at the lagoons. Richard wants documentation on all City activity.


Animal Control Officer Bid/Cooperative Agreement: Waiting for Co-operative Agreement with Rushville. Tabled until next month.

PADD Update: Nothing to report.

Water Loss Report: 37% last month. A new meter for Lister-Sage has been received and will be installed. There was discussion regarding where the loss could be coming from.

Status of Hay Springs Youth Accounts: There need to be three community members designated for the Youth Board. Jim will bring back three names next month to consider.

Alley between N. Baker and N. Miller/ N. 2nd and N. 3rd: George presented a cost estimate of $147,246 from Baker and Associates to repair one block of alley. This does not include the cost of demolition. Deena Collins and Karl Smith were present and expressed concerns regarding the condition of the alley as well as the continued need for the alley. Jami Simmons presented information on vacating the alley. Many issues were discussed regarding repair or vacating the alley. No action taken.

New Hiring Laws: Jami presented a possible new job application that meets the new laws. Consensus of the Council is to adopt a similar application. Jami will put one together and bring back next month.

Lagoons: There was much discussion regarding repair issues needed at the lagoons and the need for a written approval from DEQ if making a repair with the rip-wrap again.

Summer Help: Melvin Bowen was hired for the summer. The City received two more applications from Austin reed and Steve Peters.

Pool Manager/Lifeguards: Only one lifeguard application has been received. The Council will make a plea for a manager and lifeguards so the pool can open this summer. Pay will depend on qualifications. The Council gives the Mayor authority to hire if applications are received. Water Token Machine: Richard spoke with Jeff Thies about re-installing the token machine on his property (Old fire hall). He is agreeable to allowing this with a formal agreement between the Himself and the City. 


Varvel made motion, Marcy seconded to approve claims as presented. All voted aye. Motion carried. 

Alfredo Chavira $3626.64; American Funds $427.32; Blue Cross Blue Shield $1754.26; Bluffs Sanitary $258.77; Chadron Home Center $594.00; EFTPS $1788.73; EMC Insurance $2835.12; Great Plains Communications $273.16; Hay Springs Lumber $566.91; HD Supply $494.83; Hills Materials $3387.68; Hip Hop $118.00; Ideal $29.75; J&L Grocery $12.42; Lawson $844.25; Lois Dewitt $100.00; MCI $60.74; Michael Todd $876.33; NDOR $738.40; Ne Pub Health $15.00; Nebraska Total Office $428.97; Norms Napa $79.67; Northwest Pipe $791.43; NWRPPD $377.80; NWCA $229.00; NPPD $3121.70; Olsson Associates $350.00; One Call $3.70; Panhandle Drilling $93.46; Petty Cash $36.80; Postmaster $146.24; Sackers $199.05; Sandhills News $123.52; Sargent $450.00; Smith, King and Simmons $340.00; SourceGas $1575.46; SWANN $6651.85; WestCo $132.72; Utility Service Co. $676.83; Young’s Repair $187.79.

Varvel made motion, Kearns seconded to approve March Treasurers Report. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Legion Hall Heaters: Two bids were received to replace both heaters in the Legion Hall: Northwestern for $4498.00 and SourceGas for $5463.08. Kearns made motion, Hale seconded to accept the bid from Northwestern Heating and Cooling. All voted aye. Motion carried. 

Fair Housing Proclamation: Richard read the Proclamation: 

Varvel made motion, Marcy seconded to accept the Fair Housing Proclamation. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Ron Hanks’ Well: Kearns made motion, Marcy seconded to approve the estimate from Sargent Drilling the test the well on Ron Hanks’ property. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Kearns made motion, Varvel seconded to enter into executive session at 8:55 p.m. to protect reputations of those involved. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Varvel made motion, Kearns seconded to exit executive session at 9:13 p.m.

Items for next meeting were discussed.

There being no further business, Varvel made motion, Hale seconded to adjourn at 9:15 p.m. All voted aye. Motion carried 

Richard E. McKay


Lesa M. Merrill

City Clerk/Treas.

Published: April 29, 2015