Notice In the County Court of Sheridan County, Nebraska Estate of Amelia H. Hankins Case No PR15-16

Notice is hereby given that on April 27, 2015, in the County Court of Sheridan County, Nebraska, the Registrar issued a written statement of informal probate of the Will of said Decedent, and that Randal W. Hankins, whose address is 4321 620th Road, Hay Springs, NE 69347-8629 was informally appointed by the Registrar as personal representative of the Estate.

Creditors of this Estate must file their claims with this Court on or before July 27, 2015, or be forever barred.

/s/ Catherine Allen

Clerk Magistrate of the County Court

P.O. Box 430

Rushville, NE 69360

Aaron J. Conn, NSBA #24795

Smith, King & Simmons, P.C.

P.O. Box 490

Rushville, NE 69360

Telephone: 308-327-2100

Published: May 27, June 3, and June 10, 2015