Child Find Program Gordon-Rushville Public Schools 2015

Nebraska and Federal laws guarantee a free appropriate education (FAPE) to all children. Special programs are available through the public schools for all children with special education needs. 

Child find is a community-wide effort to provide opportunities for children with disabilities. Parents, community members, educators and members of the medical community take part in the program to locate children who may have a disability. 

Parents or community members who contact Child Find may have concerns about the child’s development in the areas of: 

• Hearing 

• Vision 

• Speech/language skills 

• Motor skills 

• Thinking skills 

• Emotional/social skills 

Child Find provides developmental screening and when appropriate a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary evaluation for children from birth to age 21. If you live within the Gordon-Rushville District and have, or know of a child who may have a disability, contact Scott Plummer, Director of Special Education at 327-2448, during school hours. 

Published: June 3, 2015