District 10 Invoices July 2015

Description, Vendor Name, Amount.
Checking 1, Fund: 10, DISTRICT 10.
Dues/Fees, Advanced, 250.00; Textbooks, Amazon Credit Plan, 466.90; Contracted or Secured, Armstrong Extinguisher Service, 133.00; Telephone, AS Central Services, 236.79; SDB Rent, Bank of the West, 30.00; Teach Supplies, BMI Educational Services, 195.83; QZAB ADM.FEES, BOK Financial, 1,250.00; Teach Supplies, Buddy’s All Star Inc., 31.26; Dues and Fees, Cardmember Service, 978.20; Rentals or Leases, Century Business Leasing, Inc., 1,926.21; Copy Machine, Supplies, Century Business Products, Inc., 1,293.85; Library Books, Cherry County Sawyer Memorial Library, 351.00, Water and Sewer, City of Gordon, 693.28; Water and Sewer, City of Rushville, 353.90; Annual Agreement, Computer Information Concepts, 8,912.00; Teach Supplies, Computers Etc., 70.05; ASP Grant Pymt, Crawford High School, 7,631.95; Operation Supplies, Ecolab, 240.37; Property Insurance, EMC Insurance Companies, 23,124.02; Other Technical Services, Enterprise Financial, 431.83; Visual Thesaurus, ESU 13 SOAR, 3,133.92; Registration Fee, ESU Coordinating Council, 60.00; Health Supplies, Everything Medical LLC, 926.83; Teach Supplies, Factory Direct Craft, 49.16; Teach Supplies, Fisher Scientific, 96.40; Teach Supplies, Goodheart-Wilcox Co., 689.87; Transportation DOT, Gordon Clinic PC, 244.00; Graduation Supplies, Gordon Super Foods, 64.20; Projector, GovConnection, Inc., 5,397.00; Postage, Graziano, Connie, 4.50; Telephone, Great Plains Communications Inc., 1,086.23; Operation Supplies, Hillyard Floor Care Supply, 850.32; Starter/Van, Hinn’s Gordon Auto Parts, 94.05; Operation Supplies, Hinn’s Hardware & Furniture, 245.16; Maintenance, Hinn’s Home Furnishings, 4,871.30; Operation Supplies, Hinn’s Rushville Auto, 97.97; Operation Supplies, Hobart Sales & Service, 262.90; Travel/Room, Holiday Inn Kearney, 610.38; Operation Supplies, Homestead Building Supply Inc., 2,361.32; Operation Supplies, Hubert Company, 761.57; Oil, Husker Auto Parts, 923.50; Operation Supplies, Ideal Linen Supply, 6,085.97; Oil/Parts, John Deere Financial, 600.62; Contracted or Secured, Kone Inc., 2,796.10; Preschool Supplies, Lakeshore, 872.48; Contracted or Secured, Lawnteck K-Lawn, 576.00; Library Supplies, Library Store, Inc., The, 70.80; Travel/Meal, Macumber, Gregory, 18.52; Textbooks, McGraw Hill Publishing,, 36,943.96; Teach Supplies, National Everything Wholesale, 338.22; Aims Web Renewal, NCS Pearson, 1,800.00; Registration Fees, Dues and Fees, NCSA, 1,052.00; Electricity, NE Public Power District, 4,731.59; Electricity/Fieldside, Electricity/Pioneer, Northwest Rural Public Power, 149.82; Pupil Services, Occupational Therapy Services LLC, 4,172.75; Ani-Virus Agreement, Panda Security, 2,356.95; Repairman, Panhandle Sales & Service, LLC, 120.00; July Payroll, Payroll Account, 564,427.83; Teach Supplies, Pearson Education, 2,783.73; Pupil Services, Physical Therapy West, 150.00; Dues and Fees, Plan Services, 100.00; Travel/Mileage, Plummer, Scott, 99.12; Electricity/Golden Spade, Electricity, Prema, 1,032.51; Contracted Services, Presto X Company, 311.08; Teach Supplies, Pro-Ed, 1,087.90; Teach Supplies, Pyramid School Products, 2,115.29; Advertising and Printing, Radio Accounting Service - KILI/FM, 499.00; Advertising and Printing, Rapid City Journal, 86.65; Teach Supplies, Rochester 100 Inc., 189.75; Advertising and Printing, Sandhills News, Inc, 269.02; Teach Supplies, Sargent Welch, 0.79; Teach Supplies, Satco Supply, 180.76; Principal Supplies, School Specialty Supply, 339.10; Board/Election Cost, Sheridan County Clerk, 325.00; Legal Services, Smith King and Simmons, P.C., 877.00; Other Technical Services, Software Unlimited Inc., 6,350.00; Repair Services, Fuel, Sourcegas, 1,627.41; Telephone, Sprint, 89.70; Teach Supplies, Staples Advantage, 393.61; Teach Supplies, Supreme School Supply Co., 133.55; Water and Sewer, SWANN, 29.10; Registration Fee, TAESE/USU, 420.00; Gold Assessment Portfolio, Teaching Strategies, 522.50; Operation Supplies, True Value, 3,361.68; Speech Mileage, Trump, Benita, 61.05; Telephone, Viaero Wireless, 141.84; Water and Sewer, Village Of Merriman, 35.84; Bulk Gas, Westco, 1,267.94; Operation Supplies, Wickman, John, 371.50; Transportation Repairman, Wreck-A-Mended Body Works, 194.00; Teach Supplies, Zaner-Bloser, 1,919.42. Fund Total: 725,910.47. Checking Account Total: 725,910.47
Published: July 22, 2015