Hay Springs City Council Minutes July 14, 2015


Mayor Richard McKay called the Regular Meeting of the Hay Springs City Council to order at 7:05 p.m. Council persons Luke Marcy, Jim Varvel, Marcella Hale and Keith Kearns were present. City Attorney Jamian Simmons was absent. It was noted that the Open Meetings Act is posted.

Varvel made motion, Kearns seconded to approve the minutes from the June 9, 2015 Regular Meeting. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Varvel made motion, Hale seconded to approve the agenda for the July 14, 2015 meeting: All voted aye. Motion carried.


Pool Complaints: Complaints received by many people on dirty restrooms; lifeguards not doing their jobs, but playing around; baby pool not cleaned and has algae in it; lifeguards sleeping. Jim presented a list given to him by a parent/former lifeguard of problems.

Pool Improvement Committee: Fundraising is up to $99,314.99. The committee continues to apply for grants. Security First Bank is pledging $25,000. A $75,000 pledge is requested/required from the City. Bids from construction companies are coming in and will be opened on July 30, 2015. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Renewal: Ted Baseggio presented information for the health insurance renewal. Kearns made motion, Varvel seconded to extend the existing plan for the renewal. All voted aye. Motion carried. 

Water Run-Off from Lister Sage: Rick Schneider has lived in his home for 27 years and has had two floods this year from flooding from Lister-Sage run-off. He also gets large rocks in his yard. It’s a problem and needs to be addressed.

Land Subdivision: Gary Palmer requested permission to subdivide his property and sell part of it. Mr. Palmer wants to divide his two acres of hand into two-1 acre parcels. The Council wants to check with Jami Simmons to make sure the Council is within its parameters. Council consensus is the subdivision is fine as long as it clears with Jami.

Public concerns: Irene Carlson reported on the July 4th Fly-in. Breakfast was served to 165 people. She made a donation of $300 to the City from the Fly-in. A complaint was submitted by Jackie Carson due to trucks running almost constantly at 338 N. Post Street. Mayor McKay has written a formal letter to address a violation to ordinance #2-501 regarding a calf in his yard which is within city limits. The Council feels it is best to turn this matter over to Jami to handle legally. 

Department reports were heard: George – Streets: Mowed airport 3 times; Fixing potholes; Worked on pool to get it open; 3 funerals; Helped Aaron pull water line; There was much discussion regarding the water run-off control; Aaron - Water: Repair on water line at Heofer’s; Concrete poured tomorrow to fix holes made; water samples; 3 funerals; pivot up and running; irrigation gear box hit by lightening; will clean sewers again later this summer; survey on Ron hanks’ property for well has been done. Aaron will visit with Mr. Hanks to possible acquire more property with the well.; Lesa – Daily posting and deposits; Allocation of funds as needed; Sales tax; Minutes; Bills sent; Shut-off Notices; Payroll; RV Reservations; Service Orders; Krystyn Turman – Nursing Home: Beds are full; Dealing with a couple of legal issues; Kyrstyn asked if the City could join Pioneer Manor’s employee health insurance at some point; Jim Varvel – Finance Committee: No discrepancies; Keith Kearns – SWANN: No meeting last month; Jim Varvel – Lister-Sage: Planning on an Oktoberfest fundraiser; Richard McKay – Mayor: Apologized for getting upset earlier in the meeting; Helped with pool readiness and also with mowing; Received letter from HUD stating sub-standard management of Sunset Heights; Jeff Thies agreed to $25/month for any month that has usage to set water token machine next to his building.


Animal Control Officer Bid: Council asked if City employees could handle animal control duties. 

Animal Control Cooperative Agreement: Rushville approved the agreement and it is now in place.

PADD Update: No report.

Water Loss Report: Loss was a little higher this month. Farm Bureau office had a large leak. The pool pit also had extra water in it. There is still a leak at Hilliker’s.

Lagoons: Richard has a time set to talk to Eddie Buettner to come up with a plan to move forward.

Water Token Machine: Jeff Thies has agreed to a credit of $25/month on his bill to place the water token machine on his property. Kearns made motion, Marcy seconded to enter into an agreement with Jeff Thies to cut a check for $25 for any month for which there is usage of the machine. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Well on Ran Hanks’ Property: Survey has been done. The Council would like another 10’ – 20’ North of well-head to give working room. Aaron will visit with Ron Hanks about this.


Kearns made motion, Varvel seconded to approve claims as submitted. All voted aye. Motion carried. 

American Funds $433.74; Arnold Pool $344.91; Assurant $925.97; Bauerkemper’s $25.92; Blue Cross Blue Shield $1721.90; Bluff’s $868.09; Bomgaars $253.42; Dale’s Tire $516.88; DHHS $105.00; EFTPS $3335.64; EMC Insurance $2835.17; Farmer’s Coop $120.18; Great Plains Communications $277.71; Hay Springs Lumber $1109.59; Hip Hop $236.00; Ideal $59.50; J&L Grocery $65.63; LONM $83.00; MCI $60.52;; NDEQ $19856.54; NDOR $1555.86; Ne Pub Health $30.00; Nebraska Total Office $189.62; Norms Napa $390.51; NWCA $229.00; NWRPPD $104.12; Northwest Pipe $2469.92;.92; NPPD $3552.05; One Call $22.10; Pests Go $200.00; Petty Cash $114.03; Postmaster $106.75; Sackers $629.72; Sandhills News $534.94; Smith, King and Simmons $592.00; SourceGas $476.03; Storey Kenworthy $318.44; SWANN $7475.07; Utility Service Co. $676.83; Ward Laboratories, $72.00; WestCo $414.87.

Varvel made motion, Marcy seconded to approve June Treasurers Report. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Employee Time Keeping: Richards’ concern is mostly for the pool employees to be verified. There was much discussion by the Council.

Model Sun Protection Environment and Policies: Varvel made motion, Marcy seconded to accept the Memorandum of Understanding. Hale, Varvel and Marcy voted aye. Kearns voted nay. Motion carried.

Hale made motion, Kearns seconded to exit executive session at 8:55 p.m. p.m. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Hale made motion, Kearns seconded to exit executive session at 9:08 p.m. All voted aye. Motion carried. 

There being no further business, Varvel made motion, Marcy seconded to adjourn at 9:09 p.m. All voted aye. Motion carried 

Richard E. McKay


Lesa M. Merrill

City Clerk/Treas.

Published: August 12, 2015