Minutes of the School District 2015-2016 Budget Hearing Hay Springs Public School District #3, September 14, 2015

The Board of Education of Hay Springs Public Schools District #3 held its school budget hearing on September 14, 2015 at the school cafeteria.  Notice of the said meeting was published in the September 9, 2015 edition of the Sheridan County Journal Star and on the school website. Called to order at 7:01 p.m. by President Hunzeker. Posting for Open Meeting Law was pointed out. Present-Matt Anderson, Mike Hunzeker, Brenda Johnson, Everette Langford, Miriam Kearns, Marilyn Reed.  Superintendent Cline was also present. Supt. Cline reviewed the 2015-2016 proposed budget. Discussion was held. There were no public comments. The hearing closed at 7:15 p.m. 

Published: September 23, 2015