Minutes of the Regular Meeting NRPPD Board of Directors, October 22, 2015, Unapproved

The regular meeting of Directors of Northwest Rural Public Power District (NRPPD) was held in the Conference Room of the District October 22, 2015 at 1:00 PM.

The meeting was called to order by the president, Lee Ahrens.  Directors who answered the roll call were Robert Rickenbach, Bruce Troester, Lee Ahrens, Gary Fuchser, Mike Van Buskirk, Wayne Cobb, and Terry Terrell.

Also present were Chance Briscoe, manager; Arlene Lahaye, office manager; Russ Reichenberg, line superintendent; Ron Housh, planning engineer; Les Tlustos, consumer services; Terry Curtiss, District Counsel; and Trampas Belknap.

 The Open Meeting Law posting was acknowledged. 

All votes are unanimous upon a roll call vote unless noted.

A motion was made by Mike Van Buskirk, duly seconded by Gary Fuchser to accept the order of business as published and supplemented at this meeting; motion carried.

A motion was made by Mike Van Buskirk, duly seconded Wayne Cobb, that the minutes of the meeting held September 24, 2015 be approved as published and provided to all directors on October 15th; motion carried.

Chance reviewed the proposed Policy 101, Information Distribution Utilizing District Resources. A discussion followed with a motion being made by Mike Van Buskirk, duly seconded by Wayne Cobb to approve Policy 101; motion carried.

Chance reviewed the NADC News Release, a discussion followed. A motion was made by Wayne Cobb, duly seconded by Mike Van Buskirk to publish the NADC News Release in NRPPD’s insert in the REN Magazine; motion carried.

A result of the Strategic Planning Session Chance reviewed the potential Mission Statements. The statements were discussed and a motion was made by Wayne Cobb and duly seconded by Mike Van Buskirk to approve, “To provide safe, reliable and affordable electric service with excellent customer service” as NRPPD’s Mission Statement; motion carried.

Additionally the following Strategic Objectives were discussed:

1. Design and implement a plan to rebuild NRPPD’s original distribution plant in a timely and financially responsible manner.

2. Create and execute a plan to enhance the engagement with NRPPD’s key external partners.

3. Develop and launch a plan to enhance the service and education provided to NRPPD’s consumers. 

NRPPD will appoint in-house committees to work on plans for objectives one and three. The committees will develop a frame-work for the objectives by the end of 2015 and finalize the plans for approval by February of 2016. Chance and a sub-committee of the Board will develop a plan to for objective two with a final version for approval by the end of 2015. 

Russ discussed the hazard mitigation grant program. NRPPD was identified a top priority for funding a hazard mitigation planning grant project under Disaster Grant DR4225. The letter of application for Disaster Grant funds was reviewed and a motion was made by Wayne Cobb, duly seconded by Gary Fuchser to authorize the Board President’s signature on the Assurance Letter to the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency; motion carried.

Arlene reviewed the September financial reports, and Chance reviewed the load charts for September. A motion was made by Bruce Troester, duly seconded by Gary Fuchser to accept the September financial reports; motion carried.

Russ reviewed the Safety Statistics for September. The Safety Report was discuss including an incident and damage by non-NRPPD personnel. The training that occurred during the month was also discussed. A motion was made by Robert Rickenbach, duly seconded by Wayne Cobb to accept the September Safety Report; motion carried.

Russ informed the Board that Osmose Utilities Services will be inspecting poles in NRPPD’s service territory for approximately the next four weeks. They will be checking for pole rot and weather damaged poles.

Les handed out the ACRE renewal and enrollment cards and explained where and how the ACRE contributions are used. 

Chance reported that the final adjustments are being made to OMS and NRPPD intends on utilizing OMS the first week of November. NRPPD has begun the process of implementing Document Vault, a digital imaging system with NISC. This product will allow for attaching images of paper documents within all the modules of NISC’s iVue.

NRPPD recently started working with Tom Kandel, CFC, again on the COS. We plan to be able to look at the COSS at the November meeting.

Chance informed the Board that NRPPD’s auditors, Schmidt and Company, will be dissolving their firm and no longer preforming audits. NRPPD will requesting proposals from auditing firms for review at the November meeting.

Gary Fuchser reported on the Tri-State Meeting he attended. Gary reviewed Tri-State’s Operations Summary for August. The Tri-State Rate A-39 for 2016 was discussed.

LeeAhrens presented Mike Van Buskirk his Certified Credential Directors Certificate.

At 2:45 PM a motion was made by Gary Fuchser, duly seconded by Mike Van Buskirk to go into an executive session to discuss Tri-State issues; motion carried.  

Les Tlustos, Russ Reichenberg, Ron Housh, Trampas Belknap, and Arlene Lahaye left the meeting.

At 3:40 PM a motion was made by Robert Rickenbach, duly seconded by Gary Fuchser to come out of executive session; motion carried.  

The November regular meeting will be held on Friday November 20th at 1:00 PM.

There being no further business to come before the Board, the president declared the meeting adjourned at 3:45 PM.

Approved: President

Signed: Secretary

Published: November 11, 2015