District 10 Invoices January 2016

Description, Vendor Name, Amount.

Checking 1, Fund: 10, DISTRICT 10.

Mileage to Parents, ABOLD, LOUIS, 2,015.72; Teach Supplies, AMAZON CREDIT PLAN, 1,271.64; Mileage to Parents, ANDERSON, ANGELA, 3,441.48; Mileage to Parents, ANDERSON, JASON AND KELLI, 426.74; MacBook Pro 13-inch , APPLE COMPUTER INC, 5,445.00; Mileage to Parents, ARCHIBALD, ALTON AND BOBBI, 2,920.34; Contracted Services, ARMSTRONG EXTINGUISHER SERVICE, 133.00; SDB Rent 2016, BANK OF THE WEST, 40.00; Mileage to Parents, BAYNE, RON AND TRINA, 671.91; Mileage to Parents, BEGUIN, ROBBY AND SHELLY, 743.36; Mileage to Parents, BERNDT, SCOTT, 5,368.71; Mileage to Parents, BOSTOCK, KIM, 2,312.35; Contracted Services, BOURNE, MELANIE, 1,500.00; Mileage to Parents, BOURNE, TY AND MELANIE, 408.06; Accompanying Fall 2015, BRAGG, ALEISHA, 549.00; Mileage to Parents, BRAGG, TOM AND ALEISHA, 2,753.18; Mileage to Parents, BRUNS, CRAIG AND MICHELLE, 530.97; Mileage to Parents, CALKINS, ERIK AND HANNAH, 1,294.65; Telephone, CARDMEMBER SERVICE, 766.73; Copy Machine, Lease, CENTURY BUSINESS PRODUCTS, INC., 2,734.10; Mileage to Parents, CHILD, JAY AND CARRIE, 2,040.31; Water and Sewer, CITY OF GORDON, 638.90; Water and Sewer, CITY OF RUSHVILLE, 369.10; Teach Supplies/Paper, CONTRACT PAPER GROUP, INC., 19,353.60; Principal Supplies, COPY SHOPPE, THE, 429.86; Board Travel Expenses/Room, COURTYARD MARRIOTT OMAHA LA VISTA, 44.70; Operation Supplies, CULLIGAN WATER CONDITIONING, 61.25; Maintenance Contracted , DAVIS CONSTRUCTION, 300.00; Mileage to Parents, DIERIEX, JENNIFER, 1,238.93; TRANSFER OF FUNDS, DISTRICT 10 INVESTMENT FUND, 215,000.00; Mileage to Parents, ELMQUIST, SHANE, 604.72; Property Insurance, EMC INSURANCE COMPANIES, 10,818.82; Purchased Services, ENTERPRISE FINANCIAL, 431.83; Pupil Services, ESU 13 SOAR, 4,738.75; Mileage to Parents, FAIR, STEVE AND PAM, 2,992.45; Mileage to Parents, FISHER, SHANE AND SHERYL, 1,048.83; Mileage to Parents, FUNK, JASON AND REBECCA, 688.30; School Age Pupil Services, FUNK, M.S., CCC-SLP, MEGGIN, 13,208.00; Bus Driver, GANTZ, JASON, 60.00; DOT Physical , GORDON CLINIC PC, 244.00; Telephone, GREAT PLAINS COMMUNICATIONS INC., 1,565.67; Teach Supplies, GROCERY MART, 93.02; Mileage to Parents, HECK, JOSH, 408.06; Parts, HINNS GORDON AUTO PARTS, 186.02; Operation Supplies, HINNS RUSHVILLE AUTO, 45.36; Operation Supplies, HOMESTEAD BUILDING SUPPLY INC, 69.03; Mileage to Parents, HUNT, QUIRT AND AMBER, 464.60; Mileage to Parents, HUNTER, ROXY, 2,856.43; Operation Supplies, IDEAL LINEN SUPPLY, 1,663.83; Administration Supplies, JAYMAR BUSINESS FORMS INC, 130.40; Operation Supplies, JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL, 4.25; Mileage to Parents, KEARNS, ZACH AND BRITTNEY, 537.53; Drive Time, KEARNS, ZACHARY, 54.37; Bus Driver, KREITMAN, FAYE, 258.00; Legal Services, KSB SCHOOL LAW, 2,385.00; Mileage to Parents, LANDRETH, ALLEN AND JOANN, 952.14; Mileage to Parents, LANDRETH, DONALD AND HOLLY, 688.30; RES FFV Snacks, KNDRGRTN MILK, LUNCH PROGRAM, 1,572.93; Operation Repairs, M P C HEATING & COOLING,, 397.16; Mileage to Parents, MCCONAUGHEY, MIKE AND CACEE, 108.16; Teach Supplies, MCGRAW HILL PUBLISHING, 12.29; Mileage to Parents, MEEKS, JUSTIN AND STACEY, 272.04; Electricity, NE PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT, 7,411.30; Principal Dues/Fees, NE. ASSOCIATION FOR CURRICULUM INSTRUCTION & ASSESSMENT, 15.00; Mileage to Parents, NELSON, KYLE AND CANDACE, 2,241.88; Operation Supplies, NORTHWEST PIPE FITTINGS,INC, 182.86; Pupil Services, OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY SERVICES LLC, 2,831.75; Teach Supplies, PACIFIC STEEL & RECYCLING, 126.00; Operation Repairs, PANHANDLE SALES & SERVICE,LLC, 248.00; JANUARY PAYROLL, PAYROLL ACCOUNT, 564,385.38; License Fee, PETTY CASH, 10.00; Contracted Services, PRESTO X COMPANY, 293.16; Shipping, PRO-ED, 192.50; Postage, PURCHASE POWER, 270.99; MERRIMAN CUSTODIAN, QUIBLE, JUDY, 122.17; Mileage to Parents, RAETHER, JENNIFER, 1,209.43; Mileage to Parents, RAWLES, ROCKY AND LINDSEY, 688.30; Postage, RESERVE ACCOUNT, 1,000.00; Mileage to Parents, RITTGARN, SARA, 1,276.63; Contracted Services, RUSH VALLEY HARVESTING AND FARMS LLC, 550.00; Advertising and Printing, SANDHILLS NEWS, INC, 139.28; Mileage to Parents, SANDOZ, TORI, 816.12; Sped Pupil Services, SCHEENEN, WENDY, 705.00; Contracted Services, SECURITY EQUIPMENT INC., 936.00; Mileage to Parents, SHADBOLT, RACHEL, 722.71; 2015 Real Estate Tax, SHERIDAN COUNTY TREASURER, 830.96; Voyager Repairs, SIDES & MILBURN INC, 135.88; Mileage to Parents, SIMMONS, JILL, 4,488.67; Mileage to Parents, SIMONSON, WADE AND JACQUELINE, 796.46; Mileage to Parents, SKINNER, JORDAN, 639.13; Fuel/GES 1/4, SOURCEGAS, 9,388.78; Telephone, SPRINT, 180.48; Mileage to Parents, SWANSON, CHET AND LYDIA, 958.70; Mileage to Parents, TAUSAN, SETH AND ASHLEI, 544.08; Mileage to Parents, THIES, MARY, 268.76; Bus Repairs, TOOF’S DIESEL REPAIR, 6,182.16; Operation Supplies, TRUE VALUE, 1,299.18; Mileage to Parents, TULLIS, ALLAN, 564.40; Telephone, VIAERO WIRELESS, 281.03; Water and Sewer, VILLAGE OF MERRIMAN, 67.00; Mileage to Parents, VINCENT, CLINT, 688.30; Mileage to Parents, WEGNER, BEN AND KRISTA, 2,776.13; Bulk Gas, WESTCO, 2,418.53; Pupil Services, WESTERN NEBRASKA BEHAVIORAL HEALTH, 1,225.00; Mileage to Parents, WINTER, KRISTI AND JEAN, 589.97; Mileage to Parents, ZILLER, MICHAEL AND KRISTINA, 660.76.

Fund Total: 945,722.70.

Checking Account Total: 945,722.70.

Published: January 20, 2016