Hay Springs City Council Minutes February 9, 2016


Mayor Richard McKay called the Regular Meeting of the Hay Springs City Council to order at 7:02 p.m.  Council persons Jim Varvel, Luke Marcy, Marcella Hale and Keith Kearns were present.  City Attorney Jamian Simmons was absent.  It was noted that the Open Meetings Act is posted.

Kearns made motion, Varvel seconded to approve the minutes from the January 12, 2015 Regular Meeting. Varvel, Marcy and Kearns voted aye.  Hale abstained.  Motion carried.

Varvel made motion, Marcy seconded to approve the agenda for February 9, 2016 meeting. All voted aye.  Motion carried. 


Pool Improvement Committee:  Jim Varvel reported the Cribbage Tournament fundraiser coming up.  Work has been dampened because of weather.   

Change Order(s) for Pool:  Hale made motion, Marcy seconded to approve CCP #5 for two additional electrical outlets.  

Gambling Awareness:  Joan Yekel presented information on problems of gambling.  Richard read the proclamation:  PROBLEM GAMBLING AWARENESS MONTH   WHEREAS, our community is home to individuals and families adversely affected by problem gambling; and WHEREAS, compulsive gambling is often hidden from family members, social services and mental health professionals; and WHEREAS, compulsive gambling often occurs in combination with other disorders such as chemical dependency and depression, and WHEREAS, it is important to raise awareness of the warning signs of compulsive gamblers and connect them with professional help.  NOW, THEREFORE, I, Richard E. McKay, Mayor of City of Hay Springs, Nebraska, do hereby proclaim March, 2016 as “Problem Gambling Awareness Month” and urge citizens to learn more about the consequences of problem gambling.  Kearns made motion, Hale seconded to approve the Gambling Proclamation.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.

Public concerns:  None.   

Department reports were heard:  George – Streets:  Clean up of streets after the snows; Helped move water office; Service of equipment; Roof leak from new roofing – has been repaired; Ceiling tiles for Ladies Lounge; Two funerals; Arranged with Bob Urwin to haul gravel;  Aaron - Water: Water samples; Scada/Water office moved; Two funerals; Equipment services; Sargent performed well testing – rebuilt clay valve; Read meters; Checked lagoons;   Lesa – Clerk/Treasurer:  Payroll; Deposits; Cameras installed; Fund Allocations; W-2’s/1099’s;  Pioneer Manor – No report;  Jim Varvel –Finance:  No report;  Keith Kearns – SWANN Expenses covered; New truck; Jim Varvel – Lister-Sage:  No report; Richard McKay – Mayor:  Quiet month; No new answers on things being worked on.


PADD Update:  Need to replace Chris McDonald    Kearns made motion, Varvel seconded to approve Aaron Huckfeldt as a member of the Planning Commission.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.   

Water Loss Report:  28% loss.  The accuracy of the old Kent meters is in question.  The meters are slowly being replaced with meters that are compatible with a touch-read program.  It would cost about $9,000 to go to a touch read program and would eliminate some problems.  

Ladies Lounge Estimate:  Ryan Turman was approved and has done the work to the Ladies Lounge.  

Lagoon/Street Project Updates:  Jess Hurlbert and Joe Johnson with Olsson Associates presented information/suggestions to repair lagoons.  The approximate cost for total repair is $650,000.  This could be considered an emergency which could get some help/low interest rate from DEQ.  Spot repairs could be done at a lower cost to tide the system over.  The Council consensus is to do spot fixes and explore options for a permanent repair.

Security Counter/Wall in front office:  Will wait to see if cameras make any difference.  

Legion Hall Clean-Up:  Marcella Hale has talked to a lot of people, but hasn’t gotten any answers.  Maybe the building should be given back to the Legion.  The building needs a facelift.

Ordinance Manuel:  Check into having representative come for approval of the Manuel


Kearns made motion, Varvel seconded to approve claims as submitted. All voted aye.  Motion carried. 

American Funds $414.26; Assurant $228.42; Blue Cross $1804.74; Bluff’s Sanitary $47.68; Connecting Point $79.00; EFTPS $1798.17; EMC Insurance $3103.06; Fuller $44645.40; Gardner, Loutzenhiser & Ryan $5211.18; Great Plains Communications $277.29; Hay Springs FD $468.15; Hay Springs Lumber $932.58; Ideal $37.10; J&L Grocery $28.92; MCI $61.28; Mobius $1853.71; NDOR $1916.33; Ne Pub Health $15.00; Nebraska Total Office $243.78; Norms Napa $343.50; NWCA $107.00; NPPD $3498.30; Northwest Pipe $727.21;  Northwest Heating $490.00; Northwest Rural $32.00; PADD $441.80;  Panhandle Drilling $182.00; Pioneer Research $316.95; Petty Cash $148.97; Postmaster $151.55; Ryan Turman $375.00; Sackers $178.95; Sandhills News $84.80; Sargent Drilling $931.39; Schlimgen Design $42924.00; SourceGas $1794.37; SWANN $13528.77; Utility Service Co. $676.83; WestCo $200.35.

Varvel made motion, Marcy seconded to approve January Treasurers Report. All voted aye.  Motion carried.

League Association of Risk Management:  Consensus of the Council – lack of interest.

Payment Application for Schlimgen Design:  Approved in claims.

Payment Application for Fuller Construction:  Approved in claims.

Picnic Tables:  The City needs to replace picnic tables in the parks.  The Council wants to know shipping charges on six tables.

Hospital/Clinic Remodel:  No new information.  Richard will check into it.

Petty Cash:  Marcella made motion, Kearns seconded to increase petty cash limit to $300.00.  All voted aye.  Motion carried. 

Planning Commission Designation:  Item was already addressed.

Librarian Resignation:   Also received a Library Board resignation from Elaine Rinehart.  Kearns made motion, Varvel seconded to accept the resignation of Marianne Hanks with regrets.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.

Lawnmower Purchase:  The Council looked at the bid presented.  Council wants more bids.  

Keith noted there are discrepancies in the Employee Handbook.  There are different employee evaluation dates and questions with time off given.  This needs to be addressed next month.  

Items for next meeting were discussed.

There being no further business, Kearns made motion, Hale seconded to adjourn at 8:42 p.m.  All voted aye.  Motion carried 

Richard E. McKay


Lesa M. Merrill

City Clerk/Treasurer

Published: March 2, 2016