Notice of Intent to Apply for Tax Deed 3/23-4/6

On or about March 6, 2013, Gerald C. Newmeyer purchased the following real property for 2010, 2011 delinquent taxes from the Sheridan County Ne. Treasurer: Parcel # 810070936: Lot Six (6), Block Thirty-six (36)-Talbot subdivision, Rushville, Ne. with an address of 611 South Main St, Rushville, Nebraska

The property was taxed in the name of: Charles S Szenasi 

AKA Charles Sznasi

The present owner is: Vandelay Investments, LLC

The mortgagee is NONE

There are no special assessments

The time for redemption will expire July 6, 2016.

Take notice that Gerald C. Newmeyer will apply for a tax deed on or after July 6, 2016.

Published: March 23, March 30 and April 6, 2016