District 10 Invoices Gordon-Rushville Public Schools, May 2016

Description, Vendor Name, Amount.

Checking 1, Fund: 10, DISTRICT 10.

Contracted Services, ACTIVITY ACCOUNT, 275.00; Dues and Fees, ADVANCED, 825.00; Teach Supplies/Books, AMAZON CREDIT PLAN, 700.27; Sped Mileage, ANDERSON, ANGELA, 307.80; Contracted or Secured, ARMSTRONG EXTINGUISHER SERVICE, 425.00; Telephone, AS CENTRAL SERVICES, 227.47; Contracted Services, BREWER, JEFFERY, 400.00; Sped Meals, BROWN, PAULA, 23.72; Operation Mileage, BURBACH, JOEL, 35.64; Postage, BURBACH, PAMELA, 2.62; MEISTERLBAS/ACCREDITATION, CARDMEMBER SERVICE, 1,675.30; Teach Supplies, CDW GOVERNMENT INC, 115.40; Renewal Fee, CENTER FOR EDUC.&EMP.LAW, 164.00; Copy Machine, Teach Supplies, CENTURY BUSINESS PRODUCTS, INC., 3,808.56; SRO- Contracted Services, Water and Sewer, CITY OF GORDON, 4,271.83; Water and Sewer, CITY OF RUSHVILLE, 365.30; Teach Supplies, CONROY, MAYNARD, 42.66; Teach Supplies, COPY SHOPPE, THE, 640.90; Scholastic Day Lunch, CSC CONFERENCING, 464.75; Operation Supplies, CULLIGAN WATER CONDITIONING, 32.00; Drive Time, DARNELL, BUDDY, 87.00; Transfer to Investment Fund, DISTRICT 10 INVESTMENT FUND, 1,515,000.00; Drive Time, Gas, ELWOOD, JONI, 119.85; Property Insurance, EMC INSURANCE COMPANIES, 11,754.62; Technical Services, ENTERPRISE FINANCIAL, 431.83; Sped Pupil Services, ESU 13 SOAR, 5,293.75; Teach Supplies, ETA HAND 2 MIND, 107.02; Sped Pupil Serivces, FUNK, M.S., CCC-SLP, MEGGIN, 9,606.32; Bus Driver, GANTZ, JASON, 144.00; Operation Supplies, GORDON SUPER FOODS, 5.97; Teach Supplies, GROCERY MART, 214.48; Travel/Room, HAMPTON INN-KEARNEY, 304.90; Operation Supplies, HILLYARD FLOOR CARE SUPPLY, 7,679.87; Operation Supplies, HINNS GORDON AUTO PARTS, 92.52; Operation Supplies, HINNS HARDWARE & FURNITURE, 98.70; Operation Supplies, HINNS RUSHVILLE AUTO, 36.59; Oil, HUSKER AUTO PARTS, 689.29; Operation Supplies, IDEAL LINEN SUPPLY, 1,599.99; Teach Supplies, IDEAL MARKET, 44.81; Operation Supplies, JIRDON,  1,048.20; Operation Supplies, JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL, 197.13; Bus Driver, KREITMAN, FAYE, 384.00; Legal Services, KSB SCHOOL LAW, 110.00; Contracted Services, LAWNTECK K-LAWN, 576.00; KNDGRTN Milk/Snacks, FFV Snacks RMS/RES, LUNCH PROGRAM, 3,337.27; Operation Supplies, MID-AMERICAN RESEARCH CHEMICAL, 626.25; Teach Supplies, MIDWEST TECHOLOGY PRODUCTS, 83.79; Health Supplies, MOORE MEDICAL LLC, 43.25; Registration Fee, NCSA, 945.00; Sped Contracted Services, NE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, 280.00; Electricity, NE PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT, 5,577.71; Contracted Services, NE SAFETY & FIRE EQUIP INC, 108.98; Operation Repairs, NORTON, ROD, 60.00; Pupil Services, OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY SERVICES LLC, 2,831.75; Teach Supplies, PACIFIC STEEL & RECYCLING, 10.60; Operation Repairs, PANHANDLE SALES & SERVICE,LLC, 260.00; Principal Supplies, PAPER 101, 98.69; May Payroll, PAYROLL ACCOUNT, 607,376.65; Sped Travel/Meals, PEARSON, HEATHER, 25.45; Teach Supplies, PEPPER OF MINNEAPOLIS, J W, 502.21; Sped Mileage March, PETTY CASH, 324.00; Operation Supplies, PIONEER RESEARCH CORPORATION, 441.73; Teach Supplies, PITSCO CATALOG DIVISION, 677.50; Pizza/College Prep Mtg, PIZZA HUT, 237.17; Contracted Services, PRESTO X COMPANY, 293.16; Merriman Custodian, QUIBLE, JUDY, 99.55; Teach Supplies, QUILL CORPORATION, 104.41; Teach Supplies, ;REALLY GOOD STUFF, 14.90 ; EC Tassels, RHYME UNIVERSITY, INC, 60.75; Teach Supplies, RUSHVILLE SERVICE CENTER, 735.00; Advertising and Printing, SANDHILLS NEWS, INC, 154.16; Teach Supplies, SARGENT WELCH, 61.72; Sped Pupil Services, SCHEENEN, WENDY, 1,175.00; Teach Supplies, SCHOLASTIC INC, 494.45; Health Supplies, SCHOOL HEALTH CORPORATION, 31.20; Teach Supplies, SCHOOL SPECIALTY SUPPLY, 350.66; Fuel, SOURCEGAS, 5,795.73; Bus Repairs, SOUTH SIDE REPAIR, 603.87; Telephone, SPRINT, 86.33; Teach Supplies, STAPLES ADVANTAGE, 127.13; Gas, STRONG, NANCY, 32.20; Operation Supplies, TRUE VALUE, 541.00; Operation Repairs, TWIN CITY ROOFING & SHEET METAL INC., 102.60; Teach Supplies, UNL EXTENSION SERVICE, 82.11; Telephone, VIAERO WIRELESS, 281.87; Water and Sewer, VILLAGE OF MERRIMAN, 37.00; Gas, WESTCO, 3,546.74; Pupil Services, WESTERN NEBRASKA BEHAVIORAL HEALTH, 3,200.00.

Fund Total: 2,212,289.60.

Checking Account Total: 2,212,289.60.

Published: May 18, 2016