District 10 Invoices Gordon-Rushville Public Schools, June 2016

Description, Vendor Name, Amount.

Checking 1, Fund: 10, DISTRICT 10.

Mileage To Parents, ABOLD, LOUIS, 2,054.57; Teach Supplies, ACCO BRANDS USA LLC, 49.50; Contracted Services, Library Books, Operation, ACTIVITY ACCOUNT, 255.72; Teach Supplies, AMAZON CREDIT PLAN, 168.30; Mileage To Parents, SPED Mileage, ANDERSON, ANGELA, 3,821.18; Mileage To Parents, ANDERSON, JASON AND KELLI, 443.69; IPADS/Great Plains Grant, APPLE COMPUTER INC, 1,912.00; Mileage To Parents, ARCHIBALD, ALTON AND BOBBI, 2,979.50; Telephone, AS CENTRAL SERVICES, 227.47; Mileage/NMPDS WKSHP, AUGUST, ANN, 200.00; Mileage To Parents, BAYNE, RON AND TRINA, 700.25; Mileage To Parents, BEGUIN, ROBBY AND SHELLY, 723.95; Mileage To Parents, BERNDT, SCOTT, 5,221.83; Teach Supplies, BIO CORPORATION, 256.79; Mileage To Parents, BOSTOCK, KIM, 2,433.16; Mileage To Parents, BOURNE, TY AND MELANIE, 415.53; Contracted Services, BRAGG, ALEISHA, 55.00; Mileage To Parents, BRAGG, TOM AND ALEISHA, 2,811.75; Contracted Services, BREWER, JEFFERY, 321.39; Mileage To Parents, BRUNS, CRAIG AND MICHELLE, 547.88; Teach Supplies, BSN SPORTS, 44.37; Mileage To Parents, CALKINS, ERIK AND HANNAH, 1,354.32; Gas, CARDMEMBER SERVICE, 733.88; Textbooks, CENGAGE LEARNING, 2,371.88; Copy Machine, CENTURY BUSINESS PRODUCTS, INC., 4,491.61; Mileage To Parents, CHILD, JAY AND CARRIE, 2,123.82; SRO-Contracted Services, Water And Sewer, CITY OF GORDON, 6,188.88; Water And Sewer, CITY OF RUSHVILLE, 371.00; Bus Repairs, COACH MASTERS, 916.41; Infinite Campus, COMPUTER INFORMATION CONCEPTS, 8,446.00; Admin. Supplies, COPY SHOPPE, THE, 751.08; Mileage To Parents, DIERIEX, JENNIFER, 1,288.14; Transfer To Inv. Fund, DISTRICT 10 INVESTMENT FUND, 94,000.00; Licenses, EDGENUITY, 4,600.00; Mileage To Parents, ELMQUIST, SHANE, 637.15; Property Insurance, EMC INSURANCE COMPANIES, 15,857.62; Technical Services, ENTERPRISE FINANCIAL, 431.83; Phone/Principal Other/Sped, ESU 13 SOAR, 10,704.13; Teach Supplies; EVERYTHING MEDICAL LLC, 339.94; Mileage To Parents, FAIR, STEVE AND PAM, 3,047.22; Teach Supplies, FISHER SCIENTIFIC, 41.65; Mileage To Parents, FISHER, SHANE AND SHERYL, 1,071.14; Mileage To Parents, FUNK, JASON AND REBECCA, 715.64; Pupil Services, FUNK, M.S., CCC-SLP, MEGGIN, 8,700.88; Bus Driver, GANTZ, JASON, 542.00; Operation Repairs, GLASS WIZARD, THE, 117.25; Summer Melt Program, GORANSON, JANA, 163.75; DOT Physical, GORDON CLINIC PC, 244.00; Pupil Services, GORDON MEMORIAL HEALTH SERVICES, 600.00; EC Supplies, SPED Supplies, GORDON SUPER FOODS, 112.07; Computers, GOVCONNECTION, INC, 1,442.03; SPED Supplies, Teach Supplies, GROCERY MART, 318.73; EC/Supplies, HALVERSON, APRIL, 42.00; Travel/Room, HAMPTON INN-KEARNEY, 435.90; School Age Mileage, HARE, CORINNE, 308.88; Teach Supplies, HAUFF MID-AMERICA SPORTS, 310.90; Mileage To Parents, HECK, JOSH, 424.76; Effective Ed. Grant/Stipend, HEISER, KACY, 220.00; Mileage To Parents, HILLIKER, CHRISTINA AND KACI, 2,100.74; ADONIS, Operation Supplies, HILLYARD FLOOR CARE SUPPLY, 34.18; Operation Supplies, HINNS GORDON AUTO PARTS, 28.48; Operation Supplies, HINNS HARDWARE & FURNITURE, 44.42; Operation Supplies, HINNS RUSHVILLE AUTO, 128.74; Heath Travel/Room, HOLIDAY INN KEARNEY, 177.90; Operation Supplies; HOMESTEAD BUILDING SUPPLY INC, 553.34; Effective Ed. Grant/Stipend, HOOD, CATHY, 220.00; Mileage To Parents, HUNT, QUIRT AND AMBER, 474.01; Mileage To Parents, HUNTER, ROXY, 2,876.39; Operation Supplies, IDEAL LINEN SUPPLY, 1,242.80; Teach Supplies, IDEAL MARKET, 60.99; Operation Supplies, J & C LAWN SERVICE, 49.74; Operation Supplies; JIRDON,, 805.56; Operation Supplies, JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL, 18.73; Principal Other, JOSTENS, 25.95; Mileage To Parents, KEARNS, ZACH AND BRITTNEY, 535.57; Contracted Services, KONE INC, 4,809.74; Bus Driver, KREITMAN, FAYE, 204.00; Legal Services, KSB SCHOOL LAW, 375.00; Operation Supplies, KULLY SUPPLY, INC., 113.24; Mileage To Parents, LANDRETH, ALLEN AND JOANN, 991.12; Mileage To Parents, LANDRETH, DONALD AND HOLLY, 707.94; Effective Ed. Grant/Stipend, LEDGERWOOD, MARLA, 220.00; Teach Supplies, LIBRARY STORE,INC., THE, 100.56; Effective Ed. Grant/Meals, LIGGETT, LORI, 450.00; KNDRGTN/Milk, MS/RES Snack FFVP, LUNCH PROGRAM, 2,200.68; Teach Supplies, MATHESON TRI-GAS,INC, 468.90; Mileage To Parents, MCCONAUGHEY, MIKE AND CACEE, 110.81; Mileage To Parents, MEEKS, JUSTIN AND STACEY, 283.18; Bus Permit, MOORE JR., THOMAS, 65.00; Dues/Fees, NASB, 155.00; Teach Supplies, NASCO, 337.97; Dues/Fees-Workshop, Dues/Fees, NCSA, 3,990.00; Electricity, NE PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT, 5,247.69; Annual Fee, Contracted Services, NE SAFETY & FIRE EQUIP INC, 1,674.60; Mileage To Parents, NELSON, KYLE AND CANDACE, 2,410.07; Pupil Services, OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY SERVICES LLC, 2,831.75; Operation Repairs, PANHANDLE SALES & SERVICE,LLC, 217.00; Teach Supplies, PARCO SCIENTIFC CO., 50.00; June Payroll, PAYROLL ACCOUNT, 585,018.16; Legal Services, PERRY,GUTHERY,HAASE & GESSFORD, 2,400.00; Contracted Services, PETTY CASH, 969.00; Operation Supplies, PIONEER RESEARCH CORPORATION, 883.45; 3RD Party Adm. Fee, PLAN SERVICES, 100.00; Postage-Box Rent, POSTMASTER, 262.00; Electricity, PREMA, 550.93; Contracted Services, PRESTO X COMPANY, 293.16; Teach Supplies, PYRAMID SCHOOL PRODUCTS, 1,160.15; Custodial/Merriman, QUIBLE, JUDY, 36.20; Mileage To Parents, RAETHER, JENNIFER, 1,274.29; Mileage To Parents, RAWLES, ROCKY AND LINDSEY, 715.64; Postage, RESERVE ACCOUNT, 1,000.00; Summer Melt Program, RETZLAFF, SHERRY, 163.75; Mileage To Parents, RITTGARN, SARA, 1,260.44; Mileage To Parents, ROSANE, TAMERA, 2,328.51; Teach Supplies, S & S WORLDWIDE, 36.52; Textbooks, SADLIER INC., WILLIAM H, 446.04; Advertising And Printing, SANDHILLS NEWS, INC, 161.82; Operation Supplies, SANDHILLS RANCH SURPPLY, 18.57; Mileage To Parents, SANDOZ, TORI, 849.53; Teach Supplies, SARGENT WELCH, 21.38; Bus Driver, SCHEENEN, WENDY, 835.00; Teach Supplies, SCHMIDT, AMY, 95.17; Teach Supplies, SCHOOL HEALTH CORPORATION, 9.29; 1yr Webhosting, SCHOOL MESSENGER, 1,313.25; Teach Supplies, SCHOOL SPECIALTY SUPPLY, 1,355.54; Mileage To Parents, SHADBOLT, QUENTIN AND ANGELA, 2,391.61; Mileage To Parents, SHADBOLT, RACHEL, 797.20; Telephone, SHOUTPOINT, INC, 1,035.00; Mileage To Parents, SIMMONS, JILL, 4,723.19; Mileage To Parents, SIMONSON, WADE AND JACQUELINE, 858.76; Mileage To Parents, SKINNER, JORDAN, 683.32; Legal Services, SMITH KING AND SIMMONS, P.C., 636.58; Fuel, SOURCEGAS, 3,755.27; Telephone, SPRINT, 87.04; Teach Supplies, STAPLES ADVANTAGE, 1,707.35; Water And Sewer, SWANN, 596.78; Mileage To Parents, SWANSON, CHET AND LYDIA, 1,027.28; Conference Materials, TAESE/USU, 420.00; Mileage To Parents, TAUSAN, SETH AND ASHLEI, 566.35; Effective Ed. Grant/Stipend, Mileage To Parents, THIES, MARY, 503.18; Textbooks, TOWNSEND PRESS BOOK CENTER, 5,153.94; Operation Supplies, TRUE VALUE, 1,488.06; Mileage To Parents, TULLIS, ALLAN, 586.82; HS Roof Repairs, TWIN CITY ROOFING & SHEET METAL,, 126.40; INC., Telephone, VIAERO WIRELESS, 281.87; Water And Sewer, VILLAGE OF MERRIMAN, 47.00; Mileage To Parents, VINCENT, CLINT, 715.64; Mileage To Parents, WEGNER, BEN AND KRISTA, 3,047.22; Gas, WESTCO, 1,528.53; Pupil Services, WESTERN NEBRASKA BEHAVIORAL HEALTH, 2,250.00; Principal Other, WILLIAMS JEWELERS, INC., 35.10; Mileage To Parents, WINTER, KRISTI AND JEAN, 644.07, Mileage To Parents, WOLLENS, ERIN, 3,822.88, Principal Other, DOT Testing, WPCI, 726.50, Vehicle Repairs, WRECK-A-MENDED BODY WORKS, 64.47, Mileage To Parents, ZILLER, MICHAEL AND KRISTINA, 687.01.

Fund Total: 882,054.32.

Checking Account Total: 882,054.32.

Published: June 22, 2016