Minutes of the Regular Meeting NRPPD Board of Directors, June 22, 2016, Unapproved

The regular meeting of Directors of Northwest Rural Public Power District (NRPPD) was held in the Conference Room of the District June 22, 2016 at 1:00 PM.

The meeting was called to order by the president, Lee Ahrens.  Directors who answered the roll call were Bruce Troester, Lee Ahrens, Gary Fuchser, Mike Van Buskirk, Wayne Cobb, Terry Terrell, and Robert Rickenbach.

Also present were Chance Briscoe, manager; Arlene Lahaye, office manager; Les Tlustos, consumer services; Terry Curtiss, District Counsel; Troy Bredenkamp, NREA GM; and Eric Persons, employee.

The Open Meeting Law posting was acknowledged. 

All votes are unanimous upon a roll call vote unless noted.

A motion was made by Mike Van Buskirk, duly seconded by Robert Rickenbach to accept the order of business as published and supplemented at this meeting; motion carried.

A motion was made by Wayne Cobb, duly seconded by Gary Fuchser, that the minutes of the meeting held May 26, 2016 be approved as published and provided to all directors on June 16th; motion carried.

Troy gave the Board an update on NREA, the change in the board, and staff changes as well. Troy also commented on the Bills that affected the NREA Members during the 2016 Legislative Session. The Working for Nebraska Campaign has been very effective reaching Nebraskans on important industry issues.

NREA held a Strategic Planning Session and defined six goals to work towards. 1) Job Training and Safety 2) Communications 3) Training and Education 4) Legislative 5) Governance 6) Future Program Consideration. A discussion was held with the Board on other NREA issues.

Troy Bredenkamp left the meeting at 1:50 PM.

The Board reviewed the Check Register and Payroll Summary for the month of May.

Chance informed the Board that a Draft SoCore Agreement has been received and given to Terry Curtiss for review.

Arlene reviewed the May financial reports, and Chance reviewed the load charts for May. A motion was made by Robert Rickenbach, duly seconded by Mike Van Buskirk to accept the May financial reports; motion carried.

Chance reviewed the Safety Statistics for May. The Safety Report was discussed including a discussion on property damage, vehicle accident, and an injury that occurred during the month. Training for the month was also discussed. A motion was made by Mike Van Buskirk, duly seconded by Gary Fuchser to accept the May Safety Report; motion carried.

Chance reviewed the notice that 8N Tree Service will be tree trimming in areas south and southeast of Gordon. Chance also reviewed the pole inspection report from Osmose Utilities Services.

Chance reported to the Board that the Load Control Program has been running in June and things seem to be running pretty smooth at this time. 

NRPPD has converted to CRC dispatch service. There has been a couple minor issues but overall the transition seems to be going better than expected.

Chance reported on the NREA Manager’s Meeting he attended. Mike McInnes gave a presentation regarding outreach efforts conducted by Tri-State focused on the issue surrounding the Colowyo Mine issues that were brought by the group Wild Earth Guardians. 

Les left the meeting at 3:30 PM. 

With the upcoming retirement of Ron Housh, planning engineer, Chance reviewed the proposed reorganization structure that was discussed at NRPPD’s Strategic Planning Session held last fall.

A discussion was held with the Board concerning NRPPD’s office hours and the crew work schedules. The consensus of the Board was that more information was needed before a decision could be made. Chance will conduct a survey and bring the information back to the Board for consideration.

Gary Fuchser reported on the Tri-State Meeting he attended. The Board viewed a video of Mike McInnes’ testimony at a hearing on the “Implications of the Supreme court Stay on the Clean Power Plan” before the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.

Items for the July Agenda are an update on SoCore and a DG project along with the rate discussions. Also a review of NRPPD’s disconnect policy.

The next meeting date was set for Thursday, July 28th.

There being no further business to come before the Board, the president declared the meeting adjourned at 4:50 PM.

Approved: President

Signed: Secretary

Published: July 20, 2016