District 10 Invoices Gordon-Rushville Public Schools, November 2016

Description, Vendor Name, Amount.

Checking 1, Fund: 10, DISTRICT 10.

Contracted Services, ACTIVITY ACCOUNT, 220.00; Teach Supplies, AMAZON CREDIT PLAN, 17.34; Contracted Services, ARMSTRONG EXTINGUISHER SERVICE, 685.00; Periodicals, BLACK HILLS WEEKLY GROUP, 52.00; Operation Mileage, BURBACH, JOEL, 53.46; SPED Supplies, CARDMEMBER SERVICE, 2,103.46; Copy Machine, CENTURY BUSINESS PRODUCTS, INC., 4,850.66; MILEAGE, Pupil Services, CHADRON COMMUNITY HOSPITAL, 2,162.43; DOT Physical, CHADRON MEDICAL CLINIC PC, 234.00; Water and Sewer, CITY OF GORDON, 2,336.90; Water and Sewer, CITY OF RUSHVILLE, 742.80; Administration Supplies, COPY SHOPPE, THE, 696.89; ASP-Crawford Final Pymt, CRAWFORD HIGH SCHOOL, 10,999.98; Operation Supplies, CULLIGAN WATER CONDITIONING, 183.75; Telephone, DAS STATE ACCOUNTING - CENTRAL, 477.92; FINANCE, Property Insurance, EMC INSURANCE COMPANIES, 10,968.95; Other Purchased Services, ENTERPRISE FINANCIAL, 431.83; Pupil Services, ESU 13 SOAR, 4,894.79; Pupil Services, EXCELLENCE IN SPEECH & LANGUAGE, 17,737.50; THERAPY, Bus Driver, GANTZ, JASON, 335.00; Operation Repairs, GLASS WIZARD, THE, 366.00; DOT Physical, GORDON CLINIC PC, 542.00; Pupil Services, GORDON MEMORIAL HEALTH SERVICES, 450.00; Computer Equipment, GOVCONNECTION, INC, 7,903.48; Telephone, GREAT PLAINS COMMUNICATIONS INC., 1,117.56; Bus Repairs, GREAT WESTERN TIRE COMPANY, 2,413.27; Teach Supplies, SPED Supplies, GROCERY MART, 59.56; Operation Supplies, HILLYARD FLOOR CARE SUPPLY, 4,664.46; Operation Supplies, HINNS GORDON AUTO PARTS, 200.47; Operation Supplies, HINNS HARDWARE & FURNITURE, 257.46; Operation Supplies, HINNS RUSHVILLE AUTO, 73.89; Travel/Room, HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS, 91.00; Operation Supplies, HOMESTEAD BUILDING SUPPLY INC, 73.89; Oil, HUSKER AUTO PARTS, 38.42; Operation Supplies, IDEAL LINEN SUPPLY, 1,743.99; SPED Supplies, IDEAL MARKET, 2.39; Teach Supplies, INDEPENDENT STATIONERS, INC., 257.51; Operation Supplies, JIRDON, 317.00; Operation Supplies, JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL, 214.84; Contracted Services, KEARNS, ZACHARY, 2,050.00; Bus Driver, KREITMAN, FAYE, 462.00; Legal Services, KSB SCHOOL LAW, 60.00; Contracted Services, LOVELL, STEPHANIE, 2,988.00; FFVP Grant Overage, MS FFV Snackes, KNDRGTN MILK, LUNCH PROGRAM, 4,892.36; Operation Repairs, MACUMBER PLUMBING, 645.25; Teach Supplies, MAR BOW MUSIC, 69.68; Teach Supplies, MATHESON TRI-GAS,INC, 681.58; Operation Supplies, MID-AMERICAN RESEARCH CHEMICAL, 640.00; Conference Fee, NASB, 624.00; Teach Supplies, NATIONAL GEOPGRPHIC KIDS, 20.00; Dues/Fees, NCSA, 350.00; Contracted Services, NE DOL/BOILER INSPECTION PROGRAM, 49.00; Electricity Ext., NE PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT, 4,929.76; Contracted Services, NE SAFETY & FIRE EQUIP INC, 184.00; Level I Course, NE SAFETY CENTER PUPIL, 300.00; TRANSPORTATION, Fees, NEBRASKA.GOV, 50.00; Pupil Services, OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY SERVICES LLC, 3,117.81; Teach Supplies, PACIFIC STEEL & RECYCLING, 274.34; Operation Supplies/Repairs, PANHANDLE SALES & SERVICE,LLC, 434.00; November Payroll, PAYROLL ACCOUNT, 588,189.41; Teach Supplies, PEPPER OF MINNEAPOLIS, J W, 132.99; Legal Services, PERRY,GUTHERY,HAASE & GESSFORD, 150.00; Contracted Services, PIIHL, ARDITH, 195.00; Operation Supplies, PIONEER RESEARCH CORPORATION, 441.72; Postage Ink, PITNEY BOWES INC., 122.38; Teach Supplies, PLANBOOKEDU, LLC, 57.00; SPED Supplies, PLUMMER, SCOTT, 7.44; Electricity Golden Spade/Lakeside, PREMA, 195.02; Contracted Services, PRESTO X COMPANY, 293.16; SPED Supplies, PRO-ED, 53.00; College Access PSAT Testing, PSAT/NMSQT, 195.00; Teach Supplies, RENAISSANCE LEARNING,INC., 2,492.00; Tires, RUSHVILLE SERVICE CENTER, 398.00; Advertising and Printing, SANDHILLS NEWS, INC, 276.62; Teach Supplies, SCHMIDT, AMY, 111.42; EC-BOOKS, SCHOLASTIC INC, 254.16; Teach Supplies, SCHOOL MATE, 77.50; Teach Supplies, SCHOOL SPECIALTY SUPPLY, 87.03; Contracted Services, SECURITY EQUIPMENT INC., 474.96; Operation Supplies, SHIFFLER EQUIPMENT SALES INC, 679.85; Vehicle Repairs, SIDES & MILBURN INC, 48.25; Gas, SIMMONS, JILL, 15.00; Fuel, SOURCEGAS, 1,303.79; Telephone, SPRINT, 208.30; Health Supplies, STOCKMENS DRUG CO, 125.52; Health Supplies, TAUSAN, ASHLEI, 28.22; SPED Supplies, TEACH CHILDREN.COM, 592.94; Parts, TRUCK CENTER COMPANIES, 35.04; Operation Supplies, TRUE VALUE, 755.77; Water and Sewer, VILLAGE OF MERRIMAN, 47.00; Gas, WESTCO, 3,988.48; Dues, WESTERN NEBRASKA ADMINISTRATORS, 100.00; Pupil Services, WESTERN NEBRASKA BEHAVIORAL HEALTH, 3,287.50; Principal Other, WPCI, 706.45. 

Fund Total: 709,919.55.

Checking Account Total: 709,919.55.

Published: November 23, 2016