District 10 Invoices Gordon-Rushville Public Schools January 2017

Description, Vendor Name, Amount.

Checking 1, Fund: 10, DISTRICT 10.

Contracted Services, ACTIVITY ACCOUNT, 137.50; Teach Supplies, EFF.ED GRANT/Supplies, AMAZON CREDIT PLAN, 328.96; Operation Supplies, AMERICAN TIME, 394.94; Mileage To Parents, ANDERSON, ANGELA, 2,867.16; Mileage To Parents, ANDERSON, JASON AND KELLI, 391.21; Mileage To Parents, ARCHIBALD, ALTON AND BOBBI, 2,810.32; Contracted Services, ARMSTRONG EXTINGUISHER SERVICE, 133.00; SDB Rent, BANK OF THE WEST, 65.00; Mileage To Parents, BAYNE, RON AND TRINA, 630.99; Mileage To Parents, BEGUIN, ROBBY AND SHELLY, 876.92; Mileage To Parents, BERNDT, SCOTT, 4,921.72; Fuel, BLACKILLS ENERGY, 12,529.10; Mileage To Parents, BOSTOCK, KIM, 2,040.71; Mileage To Parents, BOURNE, TY AND MELANIE, 369.36; Mileage To Parents, BUTTON, MONTANA AND LAURA, 2,965.04; Mileage To Parents, CALKINS, ERIK AND HANNAH, 1,231.20; Textbook, CARDMEMBER SERVICE, 541.66; Lease/Copy Machine, CENTURY BUSINESS PRODUCTS, INC., 3,803.97; Pupil Services, CHADRON COMMUNITY HOSPITAL, 1,213.56; Teach Other, CHADRON STATE COLLEGE/BUS.OFF, 360.00; Election Cost, CHERRY COUNTY TREASURER, 325.00; Mileage To Parents, CHILD, JAY AND CARRIE, 1,916.05; Water And Sewer, CITY OF GORDON, 733.80; Water And Sewer, CITY OF RUSHVILLE, 358.00; Mileage To Parents, COLWELL, JESSICA, 630.99; Travel/Room, COMFORT INN, 182.00; Principal Supplies, COPY SHOPPE, THE, 154.97; Operation Supplies, CULLIGAN WATER CONDITIONING, 32.00; Telephone, DAS STATE ACCOUNTING - CENTRAL, 238.96; FINANCE, Mileage To Parents, DIERIEX, JENNIFER, 1,149.63; Mileage To Parents, ELMQUIST, SHANE, 560.97; Property Insurance, EMC INSURANCE COMPANIES, 10,183.30; Purchased Services, ENTERPRISE FINANCIAL, 431.83; Pupil Services, ESU 13 SOAR, 4,894.79; Pupil Services, EXCELLENCE IN SPEECH & LANGUAGE, 17,050.00; THERAPY,, Mileage To Parents, FAIR, STEVE AND PAM, 2,742.50; Mileage To Parents, FISHER, SHANE AND SHERYL, 935.71; DOT Physical, GORDON CLINIC PC, 542.00; Telephone, GREAT PLAINS COMMUNICATIONS INC., 1,337.08; Teach Supplies, GROCERY MART, 175.21; Bus License, HENSLEY, JEAN, 7.50; Mileage To Parents, HILLIKER, CHRISTINA AND KACI, 1,846.80; ADONIS, Operation Supplies, HILLYARD FLOOR CARE SUPPLY, 2,273.43; Parts, HINNS GORDON AUTO PARTS, 512.64; Parts, HINNS RUSHVILLE AUTO, 4.83; Operation Supplies, HOMESTEAD BUILDING SUPPLY INC, 57.80; Mileage To Parents, HRUBY, KEILONI, 1,261.98; Mileage To Parents, HUNT, QUIRT AND AMBER, 425.53; Mileage To Parents, HUNTER, ROXY, 2,650.16; Parts, HUSKER AUTO PARTS, 54.58; Operation Supplies, IDEAL LINEN SUPPLY, 2,064.90; Admin. Supplies, JAYMAR BUSINESS FORMS INC, 90.00; Mileage To Parents, KEARNS, ZACH AND BRITTNEY, 504.79; SPED Contracted Services, KONE INC, 4,640.50; Mileage To Parents, KREBS, KALEIGH, 861.84; Bus Driver, KREITMAN, FAYE, 72.00; Mileage To Parents, LANDRETH, ALLEN AND JOANN, 872.61; Gas, LIGGETT, LORI, 80.09; KNDRGTN MILK, MS FFV Snacks, LUNCH PROGRAM, 2,329.72; Operation Repairs, M P C HEATING & COOLING,, 495.37; Teach Supplies, MATHESON TRI-GAS,INC, 450.03; Registration Fee, NCSA, 160.00; Electricity, NE PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT, 6,421.86; Board Supplies/Stamps, NE TOTAL OFFICE, 96.50; Mileage To Parents, NELSON, KYLE AND CANDACE, 2,216.16; Pupil Services, OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY SERVICES LLC, 3,117.81; Mileage To Parents, OLSEN, LEAH, 1,686.74; Teach Supplies, PACIFIC STEEL & RECYCLING, 18.75; Operation Supplies, PANHANDLE SALES & SERVICE,LLC, 59.00; January Payroll, PAYROLL ACCOUNT, 573,067.61; Teach Supplies, PEPPER OF MINNEAPOLIS, J W, 498.87; Fall Accompanying, PETTY CASH, 556.75; Operation Supplies, PIONEER RESEARCH CORPORATION, 441.72; Postage, PITNEY BOWES INC., 226.90; Postage, PITNEY BOWES, 181.29; Electricity, PREMA, 618.93; Contracted Services, PRESTO X COMPANY, 293.16; Mileage To Parents, RAETHER, JENNIFER, 1,121.93; Mileage To Parents, RAWLES, ROCKY AND LINDSEY, 638.69; Postage, RESERVE ACCOUNT, 1,000.00; Mileage To Parents, RITTGARN, SARA, 1,213.50; Mileage To Parents, ROSANE, TAMERA, 2,040.71; Advertising And Printing, SANDHILLS NEWS, INC, 181.14; Mileage To Parents, SANDOZ, TORI, 630.99; Bus Driver, SCHEENEN, WENDY, 835.00; Contracted Services, SECURITY EQUIPMENT INC., 936.00; Mileage To Parents, SHADBOLT, RACHEL, 861.84; 2016 Property Tax, SHERIDAN COUNTY TREASURER, 1,111.69; Mileage To Parents, SIMMONS, JILL, 3,372.26; Mileage To Parents, SIMONSON, WADE AND JACQUELINE, 766.42; Telephone, SPRINT, 140.81; Mileage To Parents, SWANSON, CHET AND LYDIA, 934.94; Mileage To Parents, TAUSAN, SETH AND ASHLEI, 126.20; Bus Parts, TRUCK CENTER COMPANIES, 138.90; Teach Supplies, TRUE VALUE, 537.39; Mileage To Parents, TULLIS, JENNY, 536.50; EEL-Tutor, VANDER SCHAAF, VALERIE, 400.00; Telephone, VIAERO WIRELESS, 231.63; Water And Sewer, VILLAGE OF MERRIMAN, 47.00; Mileage To Parents, VINCENT AND EMILY HINN, CLINT, 638.69; Mileage To Parents, WEGNER, BEN AND KRISTA, 2,640.92; Mileage To Parents, WELLNITZ, MIKE AND VICKI, 255.47; Gas, WESTCO, 2,028.62; TITLE 9 Pupil Services, WESTERN NEBRASKA BEHAVIORAL HEALTH, 2,518.75; Mileage To Parents, WINTER, KRISTI AND JEAN, 574.82; Mileage To Parents, WOLLENS, ERIN, 3,324.24; Mileage To Parents, WOOD, KRISTEN, 860.30; Mileage To Parents, ZILLER, MICHAEL AND KRISTINA, 605.75.

Fund Total: 725,657.36.

Checking Account Total: 725,657.36.

Published: January 18, 2017