Notice IN THE COUNTY COURT OF SHERIDAN COUNTY, NEBRASKA Estate of Charles J. Krotz, Deceased Estate Case No. PR 17-1

Notice is hereby given that a Petition for Formal Probate of Will and Determination of Heirs to Confirm Title has been filed and is set for hearing in the County Court of Sheridan County, located at Rushville, Nebraska on February 7, 2017 at 11:00 o’clock a.m. or as soon thereafter as may be heard.  

/s/ Catherine Allen

Clerk Magistrate of the County Court

P.O. Box 430

Rushville, NE  69360

Jamian J. Simmons, NSBA #23475


P.O. Box 302

Gordon, NE  69343-0302

Telephone:  308-282-0690

Facsimile:  308-282-1029

Published: January 18, January 25 and February 1, 2017