District 10 Invoices Gordon-Rushville Public Schools, February 2017

Description, Vendor Name, Amount.

Checking 1, Fund: 10, DISTRICT 10.

Contracted Services, ACTIVITY ACCOUNT, 151.25; Computer Equipment, AMAZON CREDIT PLAN, 66.40; Fuel, BLACKILLS ENERGY, 14,705.85; Mileage to Parents, BUTTON, MONTANA AND LAURA, 2,394.84; EC Registrations, Conference Fee, CARDMEMBER SERVICE, 1,655.72; Lease Copy Machine, Teach Supplies, CENTURY BUSINESS PRODUCTS, INC., 3,186.60; SPED Mileage/Pupil Services, CHADRON COMMUNITY HOSPITAL, 400.50; Water And Sewer, CITY OF GORDON, 785.80; Water And Sewer, CITY OF RUSHVILLE, 378.90; Operation Supplies, CULLIGAN WATER CONDITIONING, 35.00; Telephone, DAS STATE ACCOUNTING - CENTRAL FINANCE, 238.96; Property Insurance, EMC INSURANCE COMPANIES, 10,749.92; Purchased Services, ENTERPRISE FINANCIAL, 431.83; Pupil Services, ESU 13 SOAR, 4,894.79; Pupil Services, EXCELLENCE IN SPEECH & LANGUAGE THERAPY, 13,695.00; Mileage To Parents, FUNK, JASON AND REBECCA, 383.21; DOT Physicals, GORDON CLINIC PC, 813.00; CPR Certification Cards, GORDON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL - CPR CLASS, 20.00; Computer Supplies, GOVCONNECTION, INC, 3,638.51; Telephone, GREAT PLAINS COMMUNICATIONS INC., 1,335.20; Teach Supplies, GROCERY MART, 180.13; Operation Supplies; HILLYARD FLOOR CARE SUPPLY, 1,348.40; Operation Supplies, HINNS HARDWARE & FURNITURE, 156.34; Operation Supplies, HINNS RUSHVILLE AUTO, 15.53; Operation Supplies, IDEAL LINEN SUPPLY, 2,258.00; Contracted Services, JANSSEN, BRAD, 550.00; Operation Supplies, JERRY’S SHEET METAL HEATHING & COOLING, INC., 73.00; Bus Driver, KREITMAN, FAYE, 639.00; Contracted Services, KUSTOM ROCK CRUSHING, 2,925.00; Travel/Room, LINCOLN MARRIOTT CORNHUSKER, 105.00; KNDRGTN/Milk, MS FFVP-Snacks, LUNCH PROGRAM, 2,413.58; Teach Supplies, MATHESON TRI-GAS,INC, 16.75; Dues And Fees, NASB, 5,181.00; Dues And Fees, NE COUNCIL OF SCHOOL ATTY, 80.00; Electricity, NE PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT, 7,414.95; Dues And Fees, NE. ASSOCIATION FOR CURRICULUM INSTRUCTION & ASSESSMENT, 15.00; Workshop Fees, NEBRASKA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, 75.00; Mileage To Parents, NOWAK, TERESA, 2,760.97; SPED Pupil Services, OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY SERVICES LLC, 3,117.81; Teach Supplies, PACIFIC STEEL & RECYCLING, 541.21; Operation Supplies/Keys, PANHANDLE SALES & SERVICE,LLC, 240.00; February Payroll, PAYROLL ACCOUNT, 597,911.17; Legal Services, PERRY, GUTHERY, HAASE & GESSFORD, 300.00; Operation Supplies, PIONEER RESEARCH CORPORATION, 441.72; Electricity Golden Spade, Electricity Lakeside, PREMA, 654.25; Contracted Services, PRESTO X COMPANY, 293.16; Shipping, PRO-ED, 5.30; Name Plates, QUILL CORPORATION, 39.97; Postage, RESERVE ACCOUNT, 1,000.00; Vehicle Repairs, RUSHVILLE SERVICE CENTER, 46.00; Advertising And Printing, SANDHILLS NEWS, INC, 239.83; Bus Driver, SCHEENEN, WENDY, 1,005.00; Contracted Services, SECURITY EQUIPMENT INC., 594.00; Legal Services, SMITH KING AND SIMMONS, P.C., 495.00; Telephone, SPRINT, 113.30; Parts, TRUCK CENTER COMPANIES, 85.54; Operation Supplies, TRUE VALUE, 784.40; Telephone, VIAERO WIRELESS, 181.29; Water And Sewer, VILLAGE OF MERRIMAN, 47.00; Gas, WACKER, WARD, 20.01; Bulk Gas/Diesel, WESTCO, 3,111.27; Pupil Services, WESTERN NEBRASKA BEHAVIORAL HEALTH, 2,487.50; Bus Repairs, WRECK-A-MENDED BODY WORKS, 254.00. 

Fund Total: 700,177.66.

Checking Account Total: 700,177.66.

Published: February 22, 2017