Gordon City Council Minutes March 9, 2017

Gordon City Council Minutes

March 9, 2017

Notice of the meeting was given in advance by publication in the Sheridan County Journal Star, The designated method for giving notice as shown by the affidavit of publication on file in the City Clerk’s office.  Agendas of the meeting were simultaneously given to the Mayor and all members of the Council.  All proceedings hereafter shown were taken while the convened meeting was open to the attendance of the public.

A meeting of the City Council of the City of Gordon was called to order at 6:00 p.m., March 9, 2017 in the Council Chambers of the City Auditorium.  The Mayor noted the location of the Open Meetings Laws in the back of the room.

Present: Paul, Russell, Grant, and Bounous.

Absent: Evans.

Also present was Student Liaison Wade Bergman.

Motion by Bounous, seconded by Paul to amend the agenda to put item I, Printer bids before item H, Audit Presentation. Ayes: Russell, Grant, Bounous, and Paul.

Motion by Bounous, seconded by Grant, to approve the minutes of the February 9, 2017 meeting.  Ayes:  Grant, Bounous, Paul, and Russell.

Motion by Paul, seconded by Bounous, to approve the minutes of the February 22, 2017 special meeting. Ayes: Bounous, Paul, Russell, and Grant.

The February 2017 Treasurer’s Report was not available from Gardner, Loutzenhiser, and Ryan.

Motion by Grant, seconded by Paul to approve the bills. Ayes: Paul, Russell, Grant, and Bounous.

Abbreviations for this legal:  EX, Expense; FE, Fee; GR, Groceries; MI, Mileage; RE, Reimburse; RPT, Report; SA, Salaries; SE, Services; SU, Supplies. 


EFTPS, Ally, EX, $562.39; EFTPS, Ally, EX, $523.52; EFTPS, Fleet Services, SU, $953.84; EFTPS, FNBO, FE, $61.82; EFTPS, NE Dept of Revenue, RE, $2,684.44; EFTPS, Bank of the West, EX, $15.00; EFTPS, General Checking, EX, $1,450.00; EFTPS, General Checking, EX, $4,000.00; 45308, Payroll Fund, SA, $27,081.53; 45366, Awards Plus, SU, $84.00; 45367, NE Law Enf Training Ctr, FE, $50.00; 45368, Amazon.com, SU, $31.67; 45369, BC/BS, EX, $11,017.65; 45370, CNH Capital, SU, $205.37; 45371, Fire Text Response, LLC, SU, $95.00; 45372, Cengage, SU, $131.71; 45373, Ingram, SU, $82.70; 45374, Library Petty Cash Fund, RE, $42.51; 45375, Madison National Life, EX, $62.10; 45376, NWRPPD, SE, $4,599.01; 45377, Sheridan County Court, FE, $46.00; 45378, Special Assessment Bond Fund, RE, $1,364.52; 45379, Xerox, EX, $178.50; 45380, VOID; 45381, VOID; 45382, Airport Authority, RE, $715.69; 45383, Airport Bond Savings, RE, $913.21; 45384, Shane Pascale, RE, $50.00; 45385, Payroll Fund, SA, $29,882.47; 45386, Charlotte Johnson, RE, $100.00; 45387, Perpetual Care Fund, RE, $200.00; 45388, Black Hills Energy, SE, $2,573.16; 45389, Sheridan County Clerk, FE, $16.00; 45390, Viaero, SE, $147.76; 45391, USPS, SE, $174.20; 45392, Verizon, SE, $40.01; 45393, NE State Volunteer Fire Assoc, FE, $110.00.

Total March Paid Bills: $90,245.78.


45395, Chris Anderson, RE, $50.00; 45396, Armstrong Extinguisher Service, SE, $691.00; 45397, Action Communications, SE, $2,796.70; 45398, American Water Works Assoc, FE, $300.00; 45399, B & T, SE, $300.00; 45400, Dan Bishop , RE, $50.00; 45401, Dan Bishop , MI, $309.77; 45402, Jeff Brewer, RE, $50.00; 45403, Bierschbach, SU, $1,603.00; 45404, Daylan Black Calf, RE, $50.00; 45405, Shelby Berger, RE, $50.00; 45406, City of Chadron, EX, $45.00; 45407, Customized Billing, SE, $255.00; 45408, Emergency Medical Products, SU, $326.88; 45409, First National Bank of Omaha, SU, $998.68; 45410, JD Financial, SU, $201.61; 45411, Farmer’s Coop, SU, $267.00; 45412, Gordon Chamber of Commerce, FE, $325.00; 45413, Gordon Memorial, SU, $20.61; 45414, Great Plains Communications, SE, $1,662.95; 45415, Galls, SU, $139.99; 45416, Grocery Mart, SU, $29.00; 45417, General Fund Money Market, EX, $3,000.00; 45418, Hinn’s Auto Supply, SU, $1,243.05; 45419, Homestead Building Supply, SU, $31.96; 45420, Pam Hotz, RE, $50.00; 45421, Clay Heath, RE, $50.00; 45422, Insurance Fund, EX, $14,841.67; 45423, Ideal Linen, SE, $97.83; 45424, Johnson Hardware Co, SU, $45.02; 45425, Kustom Signals, Inc, SU, $1,829.00; 45426, Gardner, Loutaenhiser, & Ryan, SE, $750.00; 45427, Loup Valley Lighting, SU, $960.00; 45428, Modern Marketing, SU, $171.99; 45429, McLeods, SU, $538.85; 45430, Michael Todd & Co, SU, $1,214.66; 45431, NPPD, SE, $6,166.67; 45432, NW Pipe Fittings, SU, $837.80; 45433, NW Community Action, SE, $133.67; 45434, Neve’s, SU, $86.05; 45435, Newman Traffic Signs, SU, $109.88; 45436, Networkfleet, Inc, SE, $113.70; 45437, One Call Concepts, SE, $4.92; 45438, Powerplan, SU, $1,494.70; 45439, Petty Cash Fund, RE, $314.49; 45440, Physio Control, SU, $1,244.76; 45441, Shane Pascale, RE, $50.00; 45442, Quill, SU, $56.99; 45443, NE Public Health Env Lab, SE, $352.00; 45444, Sheridan County Journal Star, SE, $412.55; 45445, Smith King & Simmons, SE, $923.44; 45446, S & L Gas, SU, $1,408.37; 45447, True Value, SU, $117.69; 45448, Triangle Electric, SE, $3,106.30; 45449, USPS, FE, $225.00; 45450, Westco, SU, $1,763.87; 45451, Water Reserve USDA, RE, $1,716.00; 45452, Water System Impr Project, EX, $15,800.00; 45453, West River Computers, SE, $59.99; 45454, Adam Wackler, RE, $50.00; 45455, Kevin Wolkins, RE, $50.00; 45456, West River Int’l, Inc, SU, $141.80; 45457, Xerox, EX, $427.87.

Total March Unpaid Bills: $72,514.73.

Total March Paid Bills: $90,245.78.

Total March Bills: $162,760.51.

The Public Hearing for the USDA Rural Development Public Facilities Grant for Police Equipment was opened at 6:10 pm. Hearing Officer Jacob Sheridan asked for comment from those present regarding the USDA grant. With no one present to offer testimony in favor of or against the grant, the hearing was closed at 6:11 pm, and conduct of the meeting was returned to Mayor Russell. If the city is awarded the grant, the money will be used to purchase lap tops for the police vehicles. Total cost for six laptops and three mounts is estimated to be $12,000, with the city’s financial responsibility being $6,000.

The City currently has leases with Xerox for the printers in the city office and the police department. These leases expire in the next month. Jim Puchner, The Business Connection and Tony Roby, NE Total Office, both presented bids for printers for the city office and the police department. Mr. Puchner represents Xerox and Mr. Roby represents Kyocera. Both bids were similar regarding cost and features of the machine. After some discussion, motion by Grant, seconded by Paul to accept the bid from Jim Puchner for Xerox copy machines for the city office and for the police department. Ayes: Russell, Grant, Bounous, and Paul.

Mark Lyons, Casey Peterson & Associates presented the 2015/2016 Audit via Skype. Mr. Lyons informed council that there were no control deficiencies or compliance findings, and that the City of Gordon received a clean opinion regarding their financial statements. Review of the audit showed that the city’s financial situation is improving based on several ratios and the decrease in the debt service load. Motion by Paul, seconded by Grant to accept the 2015/2016 Audit. Ayes: Grant, Bounous, Paul and Russell.

City Manager Jacob Sheridan updated council on the Housing Study program. Members are still being organized and a work group meeting needs to be scheduled. The NIFA grant application for the study is due in July. Mayor Russell expressed an interest in being included in the group. There will be further updates as the program progresses.

City Manager Sheridan has been working with County Attorney Simmons to put together the Free Land Program. The goal of this program is to stimulate housing growth within the city. The program was not ready to be reviewed in time for the council meeting. 

Part of the City of Gordon’s Employee Handbook offers Continuing Education reimbursement to regular full time employees. The reimbursement is based on grade received in the courses, with the highest reimbursement being 50%. City Manager Sheridan is requesting this benefit as he pursues a Masters Degree from Chadron State College. After some discussion, motion by Bounous, seconded by Grant to approve City Manager Sheridan’s request for reimbursement for the first summer session of 2017 and to review this section of the handbook before the next reimbursement request. Ayes: Bounous, Paul, Evans, and Russell.

City Manager Sheridan put together information gathered at the two planning sessions held by the city council, and presented the council with the City of Gordon’s Strategic Plan. Council will continue to review this plan so that the goals outlined can be achieved.

The 2017 (P)ACE contribution to the city was $3,885. To date, ACE has contributed $28,175.72 to the city for a variety of projects. The 2017 contribution will again be used to offset the cost of the new sand filter that is needed at the Gordon swimming pool. Without the purchase of this equipment, the pool would not be able to open for the 2017 season.

Motion by Bounous, seconded by Paul to approve the City Maintenance Agreement with the NE Department of Roads. Ayes: Paul, Russell, Grant, and Bounous.

The Whiteclay liquor license hearings have been moved to April 6. City Manager Sheridan spoke with the director of the NE Liquor Commission regarding these hearings, and was informed that the only ones allowed to speak at the hearings are the license holders, the witnesses they call, and opponents of the licenses who are residents of Sheridan County. Therefore, City Manager Sheridan will not be attending the hearings. 

Mayor Russell and City Manager Sheridan both attended the League of NE Municipalities Midwinter Conference in Lincoln. City Manager Sheridan said the Midwinter Conference offers a lot of information on what is happening at the state level regarding municipalities.

With no further business, motion by Bounous, seconded by Paul to adjourn at 7:47 pm.  Ayes: Russell, Grant, Bounous, and Paul.

/s/ Kim Buchan

City Clerk

/s/ Nancy I Russell


I, the undersigned, City Clerk for the City of Gordon, Nebraska hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of the proceedings had and done by the Mayor and Council on March 9, 2017; that all of the subjects included in the foregoing proceedings were contained in the agenda for the meeting kept continuously current and available for inspection at the office of the City Clerk; that such subjects were contained in said minutes of the Mayor and Council of the City of Gordo from which the foregoing proceedings were written from and available for public inspection within ten working days and prior to the next convened meeting of said body; that all news media requesting notification of the time and place of said meeting and the subjects to be discussed at said meeting.

/s Kim Buchan

City Clerk

Published: March 15, 2017