District 10 Invoices Gordon-Rushville Public Schools, April 2017

Description, Vendor Name, Amount.

Checking 1, Fund: 10, DISTRICT 10.

Contracted Services, Activity Acct., 110.00; Textbook, Amazon Credit Plan, 52.08; Fuel, Blackhills Energy, 7,901.44; Operation Supplies, Bomgaars, 19.48; Principal Supplies, Business Connection, The, 21.98; Teach Other, Cardmember Services, 638.23; Textbook, Cengage Learning, 44.00; Lease Copy Machine, Century Business Products, Inc., 3,308.94; SPED Pupil Services, Chadron Community Hospital, 948.42; Water and Sewer, City of Gordon, 686.80; Water and Sewer, City of Rushville, 369.40; Operation Repairman, Colwell Electric, 112.10; Teach Supplies, Copy Shoppe, The, 698.94; Meals-8th Grade/Educ Quest, CSC Conferencing, 382.20; Operation Supplies, Culligan Water Conditioning, 46.00; Telephone, DAS State Accounting - Central Finance, 238.96; Bus Repairs, Eddies Truck Sales, Inc., 159.71; Property Insurance, EMC Insurance Companies, 10,623.72; Technical Services, Enterprise Financial Services LLC, 431.83; Regist/Educ. Grant, SPED Pupil Services, ESU 13 Soar, 6,059.99; Pupil Services, Excellence in Speech & Language Therapy, 15,042.50; Travel Expense, Express Toll, 3.70; Bus Repairs, Frontier Service & Supply, 1,399.66; Bus Driver, Gantz, Jason, 163.00; Operation Repairs, Glass Wizard, The, 64.00; DOT Physical, Gordon/Rushville Clinic, 271.00; SPED Classroom Supplies, Gordon Super Foods, 41.54; Chromebook/G.Plains Grant, Govconnection, Inc., 1,090.17; SPED Supplies, Teach Supplies, Grocery Mart, 538.76; Graduation, Herff Jones, 140.65; Operation Supplies, Hillyard Floor Care Supply, 965.73; Parts, Hinns Gordon Auto Parts, 41.97; Operation Supplies, Hinns Hardware & Furniture, 241.16; Operation Supplies, Hinns Rushville Auto, 77.62; Hoby Reigst./Hi-Ability, Hoby Registration, 545.00; Travel/Room, Holiday Inn Kearney, 195.90; Operation Repairs, Homestead Building Supply Inc., 158.34; Oil, Husker Auto Parts, 34.05; Operation Supplies, Ideal Linen Supply, 2,557.58; Operation Supplies, J & C Lawn Service, 112.77; Operation Supplies, John Deere Financial, 36.48; Principal Other, Jostens, 388.35; Bus Driver, Kreitman, Faye, 575.00; Legal Services, KSB School Law, 147.00; Kndrgrtn Milk-Supplies, FFVG-Snacks, Lunch Program, 3,509.37; Workshop Fee, Workshop Travel/Meals, NASB, 863.45; Electricity, Ne. Public Power District, 6,882.18; Contracted Services, Ne. Safety & Fire Equip Inc., 935.00; Level I and II 2017, Ne. Safety Center Pupil Transportation, 1,050.00; Dues and Fees, Nebraska ASCD, 35.00; Ne. Leadership Conf./Hi-, Nebraska Leadership Seminar, Inc. 300.00; Maps Testing, Northwest Evaluation Assoc., 7,750.00; Conference Fee, NRCSA, 190.00; SPED pupil Services, Occupational Therapy Services LLC., 3,117.81; Teach Supplies, Pacific Steel & Recycling, 446.82; Operation Supplies, Panhandle Sales & Service, LLC., 32.00; April Payroll, Payroll Account, 584,158.23; Teach Supplies, Pepper of Minneapolis, J W, 209.99; Legal Services, Perry, Guthery, Haase & Gessford, 75.00; Postage Leave Agreement, Pitney Bowes Inc., 90.00; Postage Machine Lease, Pitney Bowes, 181.29; College Access/Native Am. , Pizza Hut, 50.00; Electricity-Golden Spade, Electricity-Lakeside, Prema, 372.40; Contracted Services, Presto X Company, 586.32; Tassels/EC, Rhyme University, Inc., 69.60; Advertising and Printing, Sandhills News, Inc., 311.24; Bus Driver, Scheenen, Wendy, 1,200.00; Operation Services, Service Really Matters, 411.40; Bus Repairs, South Side Repair, 449.99; Supplies, Supplyworks, 49.91; Vehicle Repairs, Tom’s Auto Repair, 185.92; Supplies, True Value, 900.56; Telephone, Viaero Wireless, 182.01; Water and Sewer, Village of Merriman, 47.00; Bulk Gas, Westco, 2,992.98; Pupil Services, Western Nebraska Behavioral Health, 3,243.75.

Fund Total: 678,565.37.

Checking Account Total: 678,565.37.

Published: April 19, 2017