Commissioners Minutes April 24, 2017

The Sheridan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session at 9 A.M. in the Commissioners Office, Courthouse. All members present. Andersen stated that the meeting would be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Nebraska Open Meeting Act a copy of which is available on the guest desk. Krotz made a motion to accept the agenda. Paul seconded the motion. All voted aye. Paul made a motion to approve the minutes of 4-17-2017. Krotz seconded the motion. With a roll vote all voted aye.

Salary checks were signed.

County Zoning Administrator Gerald Larson met with the board to discuss several pending applications for zoning variances. County Attorney Jamian Simmons joined the discussion and recommended that the Zoning Administrator initiate the process for consideration of a conditional use permit for the construction of a Family Dollar store in Whiteclay. The property in Whiteclay is zoned General Agricultural so a variance is required for the construction of a commercial building. 

The permit for T-mobile should be approved if all the requirements are met since they are just changing the antenna. And for the housing request in Whiteclay more information is needed. 

Road Superintendent Tom Kuester along with Bonnie and Roger Unnasch, Mr Kelly from Panhandle Area Development and Sheriff Robbins all met with the board to discuss a road in Whiteclay. Unnasch is requesting the closure of a section of Main Street in Whiteclay/Dewing immediately South of the state line or re-routing the road. Main Street lies west of Hwy 87. The board asked the Sheriff for his opinion. Sheriff Robbins pointed out that if the street were closed and some emergency required temporary closure of Hwy 87 there would be no route for traffic seeking to cross the border. Kuester informed the board that his concern about re-routing the road to the original platted location is large trucks would have difficulty negotiating the 90 degree turn. 

The board asked Kelly about the grant amount to demolish the buildings and clean up the area in Whiteclay. Kelly reported that the grant was for $100,000. The bid was for approximately $73,000 for the cleanup and PADD will get $5,000 to administer the grant. Kelly informed the board that in the bid contract it never mentioned road construction so the bid company was advised to not proceed with that. Kuester stated that he did have to ask them to remove a berm that they had placed on the existing road. 

The board will review all the information with the County Attorney and Road Superintendent. Any action to close a road will require a public hearing of the Board. 

Road Superintendent Kuester informed the board that he plans to submit bids for a new motor-grader at the May 8 meeting. The bids will come from the national bidding service.

At 10:40 A.M. Krotz made a motion to go into executive session with the County Attorney to discuss litigation. Paul seconded the motion. With a roll call vote all voted aye. Chairman Andersen stated that they would now be in executive session to discuss litigation. At 10:42 A.M. Paul made a motion to come out of executive session. Krotz seconded the motion. With a roll call vote all voted aye. Chairman Andersen stated that the board is now out of executive session and no decisions were made.

Extension Educator Jack Arterburn presented his report of activities of the Extension Service and 4-H program. 

The board conducted their quarterly inspection of the county jail. Installation of the new, energy efficient HVAC system and lighting is nearly complete. 

Adjourn: 12:30 P.M.

Attest: Sindy L. Coburn


Jack Andersen


Published: May 17, 2017