City of Rushville Ordinance #17-779

An Ordinance of the City of Rushville, Nebraska, prohibiting public indecency and all acts related thereto; penalties and an effective date.

Be it ordained by the Mayor and City Council of the City of Rushville, Nebraska.

Sec. 6-312 of the Municipal Code of Rushville, Nebraska, is hereafter enacted to read as follows:

Public Indecency.

No person shall appear on any street, alley or public place in the City in a state of nudity, nor shall any person in the City make any indecent exposure of his or her person or be guilty of any lewd or indecent act or behavior, nor shall any person expose the private parts of his or her body in any place where other persons may be offended by the act, nor shall any person urinate or defecate in a street, alley, or public place in the City other than at facilities provided for that purpose.

Statutory Reference: Neb.Rev.Stat.Sec.17-120, 17-556, 17-129

Any other Ordinance section passed and approved prior to passage, approval and publication or posting of this Ordinance and in conflict with its provisions are repealed.

This Ordinance shall take effect and be in full force from and after its passage, approval, and publication or posting as required by law.

Passed and approved and ordered published this 15th day of May, 2017.

City of Rushville,

/s/ Chris Heiser


Attest: /s/ Connie Roffers

City Clerk

Published: May 24, 2017