Notice of Organization Witt Ag, LLC

The undersigned have formed a limited liability company under the Nebraska Limited Liability Company Act. Its name is:

Witt Ag, LLC

Gary Witt and Beverly Witt are the initial registered agents, and the initial registered office of the company shall be 152 E. Belmont Road, Crawford, Nebraska 69339.

The name and street address of each organizer is:

Gary Witt

152 E. Belmont Road

Crawford, NE 69339

Beverly Witt

152 E. Belmont Road

Crawford, NE 69339

The limited liability company commenced business on September 29, 2017, and will have perpetual duration.

Dated this 4th day of October, 2017.

/s/ Gary Witt


/s/ Beverly Witt


Prepared by:

Gunderson, Palmer, Nelson & Ashmore, LLP

P.O. Box 8045

Rapid City, SD 57709-8045

(605) 342-1078

Published: October 25, November 1 and November 8, 2017