Commissioners Minutes December 11, 2017

The Sheridan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session at 9 A.M. in the Commissioners Office, Courthouse.  All members present.  Andersen stated that the meeting would be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Nebraska Open Meeting Act a copy of which is available on the guest desk.  Paul made a motion to accept the agenda.  Krotz seconded the motion.  All voted aye.  Paul made a motion to approve the minutes of 11-27-2017 with corrections.  Krotz seconded the motion.  Krotz seconded the motion.  With a roll call vote all voted aye.  

The board audited and approved claims.

The board discussed setting the Officials Salaries for the upcoming term of 2019-2022.  No decision made.  

Leala from the Extension Office presented the board with bids for a vehicle.  Bids included both new and used vehicles.  The board reviewed the bids and asked which one the Extension Board felt was best.  The Extension Board had not reviewed the bids yet.  The board felt that the final decision needs to come from the Extension Board.   

Kristi Paul and Randy Benben met with the board to discuss prairie dogs and getting paid for a force control action.  Benben informed the board that the individual had been billed three times and still had not received payment.  The board felt that since it was a force control the County would pay the bill for Benbens services and visit with the County Attorney about how to collect from the tax payer.

Road Superintendent, Tom Kuester visited with the board about purchasing the School Land that the Lakeside shop sits on.  The board will visit with County Attorney about the way to go about the purchase.    

Kuester informed the board that his department was done replacing sun damaged E911 signs.   Kuester stated that it is a very expensive task.  

The board visited about the Zoning Administrator Position.  Paul made a motion to set the compensation rate at $15/hour plus expenses.  Krotz seconded the motion.  With a roll call vote all voted aye.    Andersen made a motion to appoint Michael Wellnitz as Sheridan County Zoning Administrator, as a contracted position, effective January 1, 2018.   Paul seconded the motion.  With a roll call vote all voted aye.   

Paul made a motion to renew the contract with Maximus for professional consulting services for fiscal year 2017 through 2019.    Krotz seconded the motion.  With a roll call vote all voted aye.  Maximus recovers indirect costs from the state for time that the county spends on state wide programs.  

Adjourn:  11:30 A.M. 

Attest:  Sindy L. Coburn


Jack Andersen


Published: December 27, 2017