Board of Education Minutes April 9, 2018

OPENING MEETING: The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. by Kruger. The meeting followed the guidelines of the Nebraska Open Meetings Act as stated in the document posted on the west wall.

Roll Call: Johnson YES, Wegner YES, Willnerd YES, Ziller YES, Shelton YES, Kruger YES.

PUBLICIZED MEETING: It is moved by Willnerd, seconded by Shelton to declare the meeting properly publicized and open to the public as per policies #8340 and #8342

Roll Call: Willnerd YES, Shelton YES, Johnson YES, Ziller YES, Wegner YES, Kruger YES.

Motion Carried.

ACCEPTANCE OF THE AGENDA: It is moved by Johnson, seconded by Ziller, that the agenda for this meeting, all items of which were placed on it at least 24 hours prior to the meeting time, as provided by statute, be accepted as presented.

Roll Call: Johnson YES, Kruger YES, Willnerd YES, Ziller YES, Wegner YES, Shelton YES.

Motion Carried.


CELEBRATION OF EXCELLENCE : Kim Turnbull-Campbell, Brooke Simmons, Jen Dieriex and Niki Waugh recognized as April Monthly Mustang Staff

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORTS: Presented by Mr. Plummer, Mr. Stetson, Mr. Livingston, Mr. Wacker and Miss Liggett

CONSENT AGENDA: It was moved by Willnerd, and seconded by Johnson to approve the consent agenda as presented with the following amendments: Minutes of Regular Meeting of Dist. 81-0010 of March 12, 2018, Finances:

General Fund Bills $684,130.87,Cooperative Fund Bills $4,097.78, Lunch Fund Bills $27,321.76,

Building Fund Bills $31,833.50, Investment Fund Transfers to the General Fund $167,000.00, to the Building Fund $21,500.00, Ag Science Teacher Contract for 2018-19 - remove from consent agenda no action at this time. Approve tentative list of 2018 Graduates.

Roll Call: Ziller YES, Wegner YES, Shelton YES, Johnson YES, Kruger YES, Willnerd YES.

Motion Carried


A. Option Enrollment: Hastings, M. (K) to Hyannis; Starritt, S. (1) to Cody-Kilgore; Hoos, H. (10) to Hay Springs. H. Hoos (12) to Hay Springs, B. Henry (9) to Hay Springs. The board notes receipt of option/transfer students as listed.

B. Security First Bank donation toward floor refinishing project

C. Bus replacement options

D. Resignation letter submitted by Paula Brown, accepted with appreciation for years of service.


SURPLUS PROPERTY: It was moved by Ziller seconded by Willnerd to take all necessary action to: Disperse of previously declared surplus property at April 20, 2018 consignment auction held by Otte Auction Service

Roll Call: Wegner YES, Kruger YES, Johnson YES, Shelton YES, Willnerd YES, Ziller YES.

Motion Carried

DATES TO REMEMBER: Date of Next Regular Board Meeting – Monday May 14, 2018 5:00 pm

ADJOURNMENT: It is moved by Willnerd seconded by Johnson, to adjourn the District No. 10 meeting at 6:06 PM.

Roll Call: Shelton YES, Wegner YES, Willnerd YES, Ziller YES, Johnson YES, Kruger YES.

Motion Carried.

Published: April 18, 2018