Gordon City Council Minutes June 14, 2018

Notice of the meeting was given in advance by publication in the Sheridan County Journal Star, the designated method for giving notice as shown by the affidavit of publication on file in the City Clerk’s office.  Agendas of the meeting were simultaneously given to the Mayor and all members of the Council.  All proceedings hereafter shown were taken while the convened meeting was open to the attendance of the public.

A meeting of the City Council of the City of Gordon was called to order at 6:00 p.m., June 14, 2018, in the Council Chambers of the City Auditorium.  The Mayor noted the location of the Open Meetings Laws poster in the back of the room.

Present: Paul, Russell, Grant, and Bounous.

Absent:  Evans.

Student Liaison Hayden Hoos was not present.

Motion by Bounous, seconded by Paul to approve the minutes of the May 10, 2018 meeting.  Ayes: Russell, Grant, Bounous, and Paul.

Motion by Grant, seconded by Bounous to approve the May 2018 Treasurer’s Report. Ayes:  Grant, Bounous, Paul, and Russell.

Motion by Paul, seconded by Grant to approve the bills.  Ayes: Bounous, Paul, Russell, and Grant.

Abbreviations for the legal:  EX, Expense; FE, Fee; GR, Groceries; MI, Mileage; RE, Reimbursement; RPT, Report; SA, Salaries; SE, Services; SU, Supplies.


EFTPS, Ally, EX, $562.39; EFTPS, Ally, EX, $523.52; EFTPS, Fleet Services, SU, $786.30; EFTPS, FNBO, FE, $106.51; EFTPS, NE Dept of Revenue, RE, $2,989.17; RS1160, Danko, SU, $1,666.00; RS1161, Grocery Mart, SU, $39.33; RS10009, Marchelle Paul, RE, $36.50; GM1006, 1st National Bank, EX, $9,895.72; 46870, B&T, SE, $400.00; 46871, Payroll Fund, SA, $32,688.75; 46872, Airport Authority, RE, $3,469.15; 46873, Airport Checking, EX, $161.51; 46874, Airport Bond Savings, RE, $3,914.33; 46875, Dan Bishop, RE, $500.00; 46876, BC/BS, EX, $12,448.12; 46877, Consolidated Management, SE, $156.93; 46878, Chad Edwards, RE, $2,500.00; 46879, Cengage/Gale, SU, $130.86; 46880, Ingram, SU, $64.31; 46881, Library Petty Cash Fund, RE, $48.54; 46882, Special Assessment Bond Fund, RE, $4,818.23; 46883, Xerox, EX, $195.54; 46884, Payroll Fund, SA, $30,362.99; 46885, Consolidated Management, SE, $149.30; 46886, Colton’s Liquor, SU, $820.11; 46887, Hidden River Systems, SU, $7,980.00; 46890, City of Gordon, RE, $96.34; 46891, Consolidated Management, SE, $97.36; 46892, Brian Porch, RE, $43.66; 46893, Black Hills Energy, SE, $810.59; 46894, Sandhills, RE, $400.00; 46895, Viaero, SE, $57.64; 46896, USPS, SE, $175.27; 46897, Verizon, SE, $267.38.

Total June Paid Bills: $119,362.35.


46966, Chris Anderson, RE, $50.00; 46967, Arnold Pool Company, SU, $160.35; 46968, Action Communications, SE, $261.35; 46969, Dan Bishop , RE, $50.00; 46970, Jeff Brewer, RE, $50.00; 46971, Shelby Berger, RE, $50.00; 46972, Tony Bishop, RE, $50.00; 46973, City of Chadron, EX, $45.00; 46974, Customized Billing, SE, $345.00; 46975, CLIA Lab Program, FE, $150.00; 46976, Croell, SU, $284.46; 46977, Contractors Materials, SU, $232.80; 46978, Diamond Vogel, SU, $2,338.82; 46979, Enviro Service, Inc, SE, $22.00; 46980, Essence, SU, $80.00; 46981, First National Bank Omaha, SU, $509.13; 46982, First National Bank Omaha, SU, $820.28; 46983, JD Financial, SU, $75.04; 46984, Fyr-Tek, SU, $225.47; 46985, Feld-Fire, SE, $865.00; 46986, Ford Motor Credit, EX, $374.09; 46987, GMHS, SE, $219.00; 46988, Great Plains Communications, SE, $1,694.87; 46989, Gall’s, SU, $66.00; 46990, Grocery Mart, SU, $17.04; 46991, Guth Laboratories, SE, $166.13; 46992, General Fund Money Market, EX, $5,500.00; 47033, Hinn’s Auto Supply , SU, $261.83; 46994, Colin Hyatt, RE, $50.00; 46995, Colin Hyatt, RE, $233.21; 46996, Core & Main, SE, $250.00; 46997, Clay Heath, RE, $50.00; 46998, Susan Hill, SE, $855.00; 46999, Insurance Fund, EX, $13,552.00; 47000, Ideal Linen, SE, $83.89; 47001, Johnson Hardware, SU, $19.92; 47002, CoDee Johns, RE, $50.00; 47003, Kelly Construction, SE, $1,431.00; 47004, Gardner, Loutzenhiser, & Ryan, SE, $750.00; 47005, Madison National Life, EX, $50.54; 47006, NPPD, SE, $6,227.73; 47007, NE Total Office, SU, $262.27; 47008, NW Pipe Fittings, SU, $308.46; 47009, NW Community Action, EX, $99.34; 47010, Newman Traffic Signs, SU, $2,552.67; 47011, Networkfleet, SE, $113.70; 47012, One Call Concepts, SE, $48.84; 47013, Petty Cash Fund, SU, $240.52; 47014, Shane Pascale, RE, $50.00; 47015, Pioneer Mnfg Company, SU, $119.00; 47016, Plumbing Design, SU, $3,055.31; 47017, Quill, SU, $240.59; 47018, RC Welding, SE, $2,317.86; 47019, State Treasurer of NE, FE, $82.96; 47020, NE Public Health Env Lab, SE, $582.40; 47021, Star Herald, SU, $91.02; 47022, Stockmen’s, SU, $11.69; 47023, Sheridan County Journal Star, SE, $343.59; 47024, Smith King & Simmons, SE, $635.00; 47025, True Value, SU, $415.03; 47026, USPS, SE, $137.00; 47027, Westco, SU, $1,645.61; 47028, Water Reserve USDA, RE, $1,716.00; 47029, Water System Impr Project, EX, $17,200.00; 47030, Kevin Wolkins, RE, $50.00; 47031, Keith Wolkins, RE, $50.00; 47032, Xerox, EX, $449.24.

Total June Unpaid Bills: $71,385.05.

Total June Paid Bills: $119,362.35.

Total June Bills: $190,747.40.

Bill Nickolisen was present to discuss with council the possibility of starting a neighborhood watch program in the locality of Fairview Park. He provided council with the cost of signs and other crime deterrents that he would like to put up in his neighborhood and requested that the City Council pay for the cost of the items. Also present to discuss the possibility of a neighborhood watch program was Sherisse Strout. She proposed the idea of having fund raisers to cover any necessary costs for the implementation of the program. City Manager Edwards and the council expressed concerns regarding the liability of the city having financial involvement with a neighborhood watch. Police Chief Clay Heath is willing to offer guidance to a neighborhood watch program as the program is established. City Manager Edwards is going to consult with the city attorney before a decision is made at the July council meeting.

Motion by Paul, seconded by Grant to approve the Gordon Volunteer Rescue Squad application made by Sabrina Gonzalez, and to thank her for her service to the community. Ayes: Paul, Russell, Grant, and Bounous.

Motion by Bounous, seconded by Grant to pass Ordinance 1174. Ayes: Russell, Grant, Bounous, and Paul.





Section 1: Upon a public hearing, duly noticed and held on April 26, 2018, before the Planning Commission of the City of Gordon, Nebraska, the Planning Commission has recommended the City of Gordon, Nebraska approve the rezoning of the land described below from the C-2 Highway Business District to the C-4 Heavy Commercial .



Section 2. The Zoning Map of the City of Gordon, Nebraska is hereby amended to rezone 

The above described area from the C-2 Highway Business District to the C-4 Heavy Commercial District. A copy of the Zoning Map, as amended, is attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference. 

Section 3. This ordinance and the amended of the Zoning Map, heretofore described, shall take effect and be in full force from and after its passaged approval and publication as required by law. 

PASSED AND APPROVED this 14th  day of June, 2018.


/s/ Nancy Russell


ATTEST: /s/ Kim Buchan

City Clerk

Motion by Bounous, seconded by Paul to waive 2nd and 3rd readings of Ordinance 1174. Ayes: Grant, Bounous, Paul, and Russell.

City Manager Edwards has been able to negotiate a purchase price of $6,500 for the land needed at the wellfield to begin the solar project. After some discussion, motion by Bounous, seconded by Grant to purchase the land around the wells at the wellfield for the solar project from Marvin Kreitman. Ayes: Bounous, Russell, and Grant. Nays: Paul.

Police Chief Clay Heath is requesting that council purchase one of the Chevy Tahoe 4x4’s that is currently for sale at Federal Surplus Property in Lincoln. There are two for sale, both of which are surplus vehicles from the US Border Patrol, and come fully equipped except for radios. The police department needs to replace an aging Crown Victoria that is beyond its usefulness. Chief Heath has earmarked money from the sale of the surplus vehicles, and plans to sell the Crown Victoria so that money may be used to offset the cost. After some discussion, motion by Paul, seconded by Grant to purchase a Chevy Tahoe 4x4 for a cost of $10,000 from Federal Surplus in Lincoln. Ayes: Russell, Grant, Bounous, and Paul.

Due to necessary absences in July, there will not be a quorum available for the regular meeting date. Motion by Bounous, seconded by Paul to move the July meeting to Monday, July 9, 2018 at 6:00 pm. Ayes: Grant, Bounous, Paul, and Russell.

City Manager Chad Edwards presented his June Manager’s Report.

1. The Gordon swimming pool is open, and the attendance is good. A big thank you to Marika Halverson, Shelly Benben, Shane Pascale, Kevin Wolkins, Dan Bishop and the entire public works crew for getting things up and running. The weather was a factor, but the team work allowed the pool to open close to the scheduled time.

2. The city’s dam inspections are July 21. City Manager Edwards will be out of town, but Shane Pascale will be overseeing the inspections.

3. Baker and Associates will be putting the bid out for the Lagoon Project by the end of the month, with the project set to begin at the end of September. The project will take approximately two weeks to complete. The well decommissioning will be completed by the end of October.

4. The storm drain at the intersection of E Third and N Spruce was collapsing, so city crews, with the aid of Mike Winter, completed the needed repairs this past Wednesday. In order to repair the storm drain, a section of the street had to be removed. New cement has been poured, but the street will remain closed until next Thursday, so that the cement will be set.

5. The city will be advertising for bids for the general liability/property and workmen’s compensation insurance soon. 

Council was given one FYI item – the current state of the League Association of Risk Management (LARM) - presented by Deputy Clerk Glen Spaugh.

With no further business, motion by Bounous, seconded by Paul to adjourn at 7:22 pm. Ayes: Bounous, Paul, Russell, and Grant.

/s/Kim Buchan

City Clerk

Nancy I Russell


I, the undersigned, City Clerk for the City of Gordon, Nebraska hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of the proceedings had and c\done by the Mayor and Council on June 14, 2018; that all of the subjects included in the foregoing proceedings were contained in the agenda for the meeting, kept continuously current and available for inspection at the office of the City Clerk;  that such subjects were contained in said minutes of the Mayor and Council of the City of Gordon from which the foregoing proceedings have been extracted were in written form and available for public inspection within ten working days and prior to the next convened meeting of said body; that all news media requesting notification of the time and place of said meeting and the subjects to be discussed at said meeting.

/s/ Kim Buchan

City Clerk

Published: June 20, 2018