Rushville City Council Minutes, July 30, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Heiser at 6:00 p.m. as per the Municipal Code of the City of Rushville, Sheridan County, NE. Notice of the meeting was given by publication in the Sheridan County Journal Star on July 25, 2018 as required by law and delivered to the Council in person. Present: Jansen, Snyder, Willnerd. Lovell. 

The following motions were duly made, seconded and passed.

1. To approve, accept and ratify the following items listed under the consent agenda: June minutes & Treasurer’s Report.

2. Moved to request Public Hearing on 8-13-2018 to discuss Liquor License for Rushville Convenience L.L.C. at 6:00 p.m.

3. Approved Car Show in City Park during Fun Days on 9-1-2018.

4. Approved all of the following bills for the City of Rushville and that warrants be drawn for same: 

Employee Salaries $22,622.01; ADT Security 56.95; Amazon 309.76; Arnold Pool 66.50; Better Homes 9.99; Black Hills Energy 146.78; Blue Cross/Blue Shield 2,956.87; Cappers Weekly 34.00; Cash Wa 170.49; Cin Design 21.00; Companion Life 170.52; Copy Shoppe 20.00; Demco 138.58; Faris Plumbing 555.90; Farmers Coop 78.99; Gordon Police Dept 250.00; Gordon True Value 72.43; Great Plains 914.67; Hawkins 440.91; Hinn Auto 71.34; Homestead Building 48.76; Ideal Market 581.53; Kone 125.88; League NE Municipalities 945.00; Mid Iowa Solid Waste 72.72; Municipal Chemical 680.00; Nebraska Life 44.00; NW Community Action 242.31; NW Rural 661.07; NPPD 9,067.05; NE Public Health 49.00 ; One Call 10.23; PADD 689.83; Parkview Lodge 4,453.96; Pepsi 82.50; Productivity Plus 28.15; RLW Solutions 60.00; Ream Sprinkler 915.46 ; Rushville Service 42.80; Sandhills News 74.90; ; Security First Ins 2,616.00 ; Sheridan County 7,048.25; Sides & Milburn 146.05; Smith, King, Simmons 445.00; Peg Sones 40.00; 21st Century 17.14; Verizon 131.70; Westco 2,235.24; Xerox 5.70.

Ayes: Snyder, Jansen, Willnerd, Lovell. Nays: None.

Motion carried.

Under public comments, Lauren Brant from Sheridan County Journal Star informed the City Council that Friday August 3, 2018 would be her last day of work as she is moving to Scottsbluff, NE. The Council wished her well in her future endeavors and said she was a great asset at the City Council meetings

The liquor license for Family Dollar was discussed. No representative was present, so the Council directed the City Clerk to advise Family Dollar to complete their liquor license with the State and then come to the City Council. 

Jenny Nixon from UNL Extension Office was not present at the meeting. No action was taken.

Resolution #2018-03 1.5% Sales Tax was tabled at this time. The City Clerk will contact a board member from Parkview Lodge Assisted Living to come to the next meeting to discuss this matter.

Resolution #2018-04 Bad Debts Utility Write Off was tabled at this time.

The City Boards will meet as follows:

Ambulance Board August 14, 2018

Cemetery Board August 20, 2018

Park Board August 20, 2018

Chris Heiser


Connie Roffers

City Clerk

A complete copy of the minutes is available at the City Office, 208 Conrad, PO Box 99, Rushville, NE 69360 during regular business hours.

Published: August 8, 2018