March 12, 2019

TO: Bobby L. McIntyre, Sr.

Kimberly J. McIntyre

4800 Lamonte Lane #4007

Houston, TX 77092

TO: All Occupants of 211 North Second St (or other interested persons)

211 N Second Street

Hay Springs, NE 69347

A house owned and/or occupied by you and located at 211 North Second Street, Hay Springs, Nebraska also known as the West Half (W½) of Lots Eleven (11) and Twelve (12), Block Eighteen (18), Original Town, Hay Springs, Sheridan County, Nebraska, has been found to be a Dangerous Building and that such building is unsafe or dangerous and a nuisance pursuant to Hay Springs City Ordinances and that such determination has been made pursuant to Hay Springs City Ordinances as well as the Hay Springs Board of Health and building inspector and by order of the City Council of the City of Hay Springs, Nebraska on February 12, 2019. Pursuant to City Ordinance §3-703 through 3-705 the house located at 211 N. Second Street, Hay Springs, Nebraska is hereby declared to be unsafe and dangerous and a public nuisance for the following reasons:

a. Lack of secured doors and/or secured windows readily admits birds, bats and animals or may be an attraction for children or other persons to enter;

b. Rotting, soft and unsafe flooring, steps, stairs and walls;

c. No utilities in house;

d. Floor to the residence is rotting, soft and unsafe;

e. Residence is structurally unsound and has the potential for collapsing;

f. Infestation of cockroaches, insects, bats and other creatures dangerous to the structure and dangerous to the health and safety of occupants, neighbors or other individuals;

g. House is dangerous to the public heath due to its condition and risks injury or spread of disease among occupants, neighbors and other individuals;

h. House lacks proper repair and is especially liable to fire, and constitutes or creates a fire hazard and/or is liable to cause injury or damage by collapse of all or any part of the building;

i. Property has been so damaged by wind, neglect, bat infestation and other causes so as to have become dangerous to life, safety or the general health and welfare of the occupants of the residence of the City of Hay Springs.

j. House has become dilapidated, decayed, unsafe, unsanitary and which utterly fails to provide amenities essential to decent living and is therefore unfit for human habitation and is likely to cause sickness or disease upon any individuals living therein and among the City of Hay Springs

You are hereby ordered pursuant to Hay City Ordinance §3-705, that you have thirty (30) from the date of this letter to abate the nuisance and unsafe and dangerous conditions created by the house at 211 N. Second Street, Hay Springs, Nebraska by the removal or remedy of all violations listed on this notice, and in particular it appears that the house is in such poor repair and unsafe condition that it must be demolished entirely in order to correct, eliminate or abate the above-described nuisances. The failure to correct, eliminate or abate the nuisances described herein may result in criminal charges, further litigation, or the City of Hay Springs may enter the property to perform all work necessary to correct or eliminate the violations, with all costs of that work being billed to the owner(s) of this property. In this case, should the City of Hay Springs be forced to abate the nuisance, the City may seek to demolish the house as a dangerous and unsafe building.

An owner or occupant of 211 N. Second Street, Hay Springs, NE may request, in writing, a hearing to contest this Notice of Dangerous Building and Order of Abatement. Such request for hearing shall be made within fourteen (14) days of the date of this notice and such hearing request shall be delivered to the Hay Springs City Offices at 234 N. Main Street, Hay Springs, Nebraska.

Dated this 12 day of March, 2019.

/s/ Richard McKay

Hay Springs City Mayor

ATTEST: /s/ Kayley Taylor

City Clerk

Published: April 3, 2019