Commissioners Minutes April 15, 2019

The Sheridan County Commissioners met in regular session at 9 A.M. in the Commissioners Office, Courthouse. All members present. Paul stated that the meeting would be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Nebraska Open Meeting Act. Krotz made a motion to accept the agenda. Messersmith seconded the motion. All voted aye. Messersmith made a motion to approve the minutes of 4-8-2019. Krotz seconded the motion. All voted aye. 

The board audited approved claims in the following amounts: General-$79,619.37; Road-$40,678.85; Bridge Buyback-$3,228.80; Visitors Promotion-$350; Wireless 911- $675.56; Courthouse Bldg-$13,892.60; Insurance-$4,186.31; Weed-$253.90; E-911- $552.73; Handi-Bus-$5,290; Total $148,728.12. One claim to the Sheridan County Sheriff was disallowed due to more information needed. 

County Attorney Aaron Conn was present to visit with the board about plans for the revision of the Personnel Manual for County Employees. The board also asked Conn to review the job description for the Building and Ground Maintenance Supervisor. 

Sheriff Brewer and Carol Stouffer were present to request cameras for the courtroom entrance area. Brewer stated that he would like to see several cameras installed in and around the jail building. The board asked Brewer to get some quotes and report back. 

Road Superintendent Kuester informed the board that he reached an agreement with the insurance company for the flood-damaged 1981 D-7 Dozer. NIRMA will be sending a settlement in the amount of $45,000 less the $500 deductible. Kuester stated that he has companies looking for a suitable replacement.

The board postponed the jail inspection to the next meeting due to extra activity in the Sheriff’s Office. 

The board reviewed a proposal from Fuller Construction for the removal and replacement of the ramp and steps from the South parking lot into the courthouse. Messermith made a motion to accept the proposal from Fuller Construction in the amount of $49,970. Krotz seconded the motion. With a roll call vote all voted aye. 

Adjourn: 11:45 A.M.

Attest: Sindy L. Coburn


Loren L. Paul


Published: May 1, 2019