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Rushville City Council Minutes, July 29, 2019

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Chris Heiser at 6:00 p.m. as per the Municipal Code of the City of Rushville, Sheridan County, NE. Notice of the meeting was given by publication in the Sheridan County Journal Star on July 24, 2019 as required by law and delivered to the Council in person. Present: Snyder, Lovell, Jansen, Willnerd. Absent: None. 

The following motions were duly made, seconded and passed.

1. To approve, accept and ratify the following items listed under the consent agenda: June 2019 minutes & Treasurer’s Report.

2. Approved Ordinance #19-791 an Ordinance approving the sub division of Lot Five (5), Block Twenty-Eight (28) to the Town of Rushville, Sheridan County, Nebraksa. .

Whereas: the revised statues of Nebraska provide for City Council approval of the subdivision of lots platted within the corporate limits; now therefore be it ordained by the Mayor and the City Council of Rushville, Nebraska:

Section 1: The attached Plat of the subdivision of Lot Five (5), Block Twenty-eight (28), Nelson’s Addition, Rushville, Sheridan County, Nebraska is hereby approved.

Section 2: Any other ordinance passed and approved prior to the passage, approval and publication or posting of this ordinance and in conflict with its provisions is hereby repealed.

Section 3: This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage, approval and publication according to law which is the 29th day of July, 2019. 

3. Approved Car Show in the City Park for Fun Days.

4. Approved all of the bills against the City of Rushville and that warrants be drawn for same.

Employee Salaries $50,846.98; ADT Security 59.93; Amazon 244.67; Arnold Pool 106.30; Barco 204.30; Bauerkempers 32.99; Black Hills Energy 302.51; Blue Cross/Blue Shield 5,478.63; Cin Design 21.00; Colonial Research 1,984.17; Companion Life 249.42; Copy Shoppe 54.87; Frontier 200.65; Gordon True Value 52.95; Great Plains 882.45; Grit 18.95; Susan Hill 175.00; Hinn Auto 161.26; Hinn Hardware 905.17; Ideal Market 196.77; John Deer Financial 37.59; Mid Iowa Solid Waste 164.83 ; Midwest Farm Service 689.03; Municipal Chemical 480.00; Nebr Municipal Power Pool 728.10; NPPD 7,426.35; NW Community Action 252.48; NW Rural 388.01; NE Dept Labor 120.00; NE Public Health 255.00; One Call 9.04; PADD 689.83; Parkview Lodge 4,077.81; Pepsi 301.30; RLW Solutions 60.00; R&L Products 270.00; Paul Reed Const 40,118.70; Rushville Service 60.00; Sandhills News 258.50; Sargent Drilling 12,956.28; Security First Insurance 1,876.40; Sheridan County 9,785.47; Sheridan County Journal 45.00; Sides & Milburn 324.05; Smith, King, Simmons 760.00; Peg Sones 40.00; Southern Glazers 324.00; Team Lab 571.00; 21st Century 355.87; Van Diest 720.00 ; Viaero 164.81 ; Westco 2,952.03; Xerox 158.92.

Ayes: Snyder, Lovell, Jansen, Willnerd. Nays: None.

Motion carried.

Under public comments on non-agenda items, Diana Robins-Mansel advised she went to the school and asked to reactivate the student liaison position and asked if one of the Councilmen would volunteer as a mentor.

The sub-division of the lot owned by John Fresquez was discussed. Barb Stava informed the Council that she was against the sub-division. It was noted the Planning Commission has approved the sub-division.

The Talbot sub-division was discussed. The City Attorney is still needing more signatures. This was tabled until further notice.

Damage to the fence at the tennis court was discussed. Kirk Beguin is getting bids for the cost to replace the poles and fence. Mayor Heiser informed the Council about getting more power in the City Park. He has received a bid from Brennan electric, and is going to get another bid. The Rushville Chamber may help with some of the cost of this project.

The horse shoe pits in the City Park were discussed. Kirk Beguin will look into moving them to the northwest corner of the Park.

Ordinance #619 regarding lawns/rubbish was discussed. If there are concerns about certain property in the City of Rushville the public needs to inform the City Clerk and they will give a copy of the Ordinance to the Sheridan County Sheriff to be delivered to the property owner.

The stop signs at 6th and Sprague were discussed. Barb Stava informed the Council that they are working and asked if they would put in a four way stop. The Sheridan County Sheriff will be consulted about the request.

The City Boards will meet as follows: Ambulance Board August 13, 2019; Cemetery Board August 19, 2019; Park Board August 19, 2019.

Published: August 14, 2019