The Sheridan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session at 9:10 A.M. in the Commissioners Office, Courthouse.  All members present.  Paul stated that the meeting would be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Nebraska Open Meeting Act.  Messersmith made a motion to accept the agenda.  Krotz seconded the motion.  All voted aye.  Krotz made a motion to approve the minutes of 8-12-2019.  Messersmith seconded the motion.  All voted aye. 

The board signed claims checks and audited and approved salary claims.

GIVE Director Jeanette Graber visited with the board about the change in her employment from a salary employee to a hourly employee.  Graber informed the board that 75% of her work is done outside of the office.  The board asked her to log her time and mileage and report back and they will review her hourly rate.  

Assessor Tina Skinner met with board to discuss the possibility of getting a county credit card for travel expenses.  The board asked her to visit with the local bank and get more information.

District Court Clerk Carol Stouffer met with the board to discuss the snow day policy and the accumulation of vacation leave as described in the draft version of the Employee Handbook.   It was decided that a snow day policy was not needed and that we would continue how we have been doing it.   The vacation leave will be corrected before the new handbook is completed.  

Road Superintendent Tom Kuester reported that he had more roads wash out over the weekend.   

Kuester also stated that he purchased four automatic electronic defibrillators (AEDs) one for the Rushville, Gordon and Hay Springs shops and one for the Courthouse.   The board approved a claim for reimbursement to Kuester.

Krotz made a motion to approve for submission to the state the Certification of Compliance of the One and Six Year Road Plan.  Messersmith seconded the motion.  With a roll call vote all voted aye.

Representatives of Gordon Memorial Hospital;  Doris Brown, CEO;  Megan Heath, CNO;  Steven Delrossi, CFO; Patty Faulk, board member; and Becky Jensen, Rural Health Clinics Manager, met with the board for a discussion of the process for allocating tax levy authority.  The board stated that they have to follow state statues.  Brown informed the board that they plan to hold a Town Hall Meeting on September 12, 2019 to request approval of an increase of the levy.   The hospital also plans to place the matter on the May 2020 ballot. 

Jeff Davis Building Superintendent discussed a proposed agreement with Power Tech for the maintenance of the backup generator.  Messersmith made a motion to sign the agreement with Power Tech for maintenance.  Krotz seconded the motion.  With a roll call vote all voted aye.  

A request from Terry Jessen of Morrill County regarding property tax law was received.  No motion was made to consider the matter.

County Sheriff Jeff Brewer met with the board to brief them on upcoming events.  

Adjourn:  11:45 A.M.

Attest:  Sindy L. Coburn, Clerk                          Loren L. Paul, Chairman 

Published: September 4 , 2019