The Sheridan County Board of Commissioners met in regular session at 9:15 A.M. in the Commissioners Office, Courthouse.  All members present.  Paul stated that the meeting would be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Nebraska Open Meeting Act.  Krotz made a motion to accept the agenda.  Messersmith seconded the motion.  All voted aye.  Messersmith made a motion to approve the minutes of 1-14-2020 with corrections.  Krotz seconded the motion.   All voted aye. 

The board audited and approved salary claims and signed claim checks.  

Road Superintendent Kuester informed the board of his intention to retire as of June 2020.  Kuester also stated that he has several road employees that will be retiring within that time frame.  

Kuester visited with the board about the One and Six Year Road Plan which is to be presented to the public on February 18, 2020 at 11 A.M.   

Kuester informed the board that the County had purchased 28,000 tons of red-rock from Croell in 2019.    

Weed Superintendent Kristi Paul presented the board with five annual reports that will be sent to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture.  Krotz made a motion to approve the reports and authorize the chairman to sign all forms.   Messersmith seconded the motion.  With a roll call vote all voted aye.

Kristi Paul also informed the board that she plans to retire in 2020.   The board visited about the valuable leadership and experience in both the Weed and Road departments.  

Building Superintendent Jeff Davis presented a change order to the proposal from Fuller Construction for the replacement of the steps, ramp and sidewalk at the south entrance of the courthouse.  The change order adds the installation of a hydronic  ice-melt system under the concrete at a cost of $15,925.  Krotz made a motion to approve the change order adding the hydronic ice-melt system to the proposal for $15,925.61.   Messersmith seconded the motion.  With a roll call vote all voted aye. 

Jeremy Harris from MANNA called and visited about the IT progress.

Adjourn:  11:30 A.M.


Sindy L Coburn, Clerk 

Loren L. Paul, Chairman 

Published: February 5, 2020