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Village of Clinton June 9, 2020 Minutes

Meeting called to order 7:00 P.M. Members present Roy Retzlaff, Rex Retzlaff, Ron Shedeed, Mary Shedeed, Dave Kayton. Absent Levi Blair. 

Minutes of the last meeting read and approved. 

Treasurers report presented and approved. 

Bills presented and approved: NPPD $78.54, 139.05, 56.55, 139.05, 39.59, 135.03 (Street lights and utilities) Simon Materials $4,626.03 (Gravel for street maintenance) Niobrara Valley Consultants. $75.00 (Consultation fee)

Old Business: Armor coating of streets.

New Business: We will try to schedule meetings for the 2nd Tuesday of every other month. 

Levi Blair will not be able to attend meetings for awhile, so a motion was made and approved to appoint Mary Shedeed as a temporary voting member. 

Cowboy Trail is going to set up a shelter on the East side of Main Street.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 P.M.

Published: July 1, 2020