City of Rushville City Council Meeting Rushville, Ne 69360 June 26, 2020

The meeting was called to order by Council President Steve Willnerd at 6:00 p.m. as per the Municipal Code of the City of Rushville, Sheridan County, NE.  Notice of the meeting was given by publication in the Sheridan County Journal Star on June 24, 2020 as required by law and delivered to the Council in person. Present:  Jansen, Lovell, Willnerd, Snyder .  Absent:  Mayor Heiser 

The following motions were duly made, seconded and passed.

1.   To approve, accept and ratify the following items listed under the consent agenda. Approved May 2020 Council minutes & Treasurer’s Report. 

2.   Approved Ordinance #20-795 An Ordinance of the City of Rushville, Sheridan County, Nebraska, Regulating impoundment,quarantine and observation of dogs having bitten or attacked a person; procedures for City Animal Control Officer; penalities and an effective date.

3.   Approved Ordinance #20-796 An Ordinance approving renewal of the nonexclusive franchise granted to Great Plains Cable Television system in the City of Rushville, Nebraska, setting forth conditions accompanying renewal of the franchise, and repealing all ordinances or portions thereof in conflict herewith, and providing when this ordinance shall be in full force and effect. 

4.  Approved all of the bills against the City of Rushville and that warrants be drawn for same.

Employee Salaries- $42,611.48; ADT Security- 59.93; Amazon - 266.73; Barco- 568.02; Bauerkempers-   9.50; Beguin Vet- 128.00; Black Hills Energy- 311.13; Blue Cross/Blue Shield- 4,257.85; Clay Brehmer - 394.84; Buds Pest- 35.00; Stu Campbell- 45.48; Cardmember Service-  486.15; Carrot Top- 281.98; Cash Wa - 1,150.9; CNA Surety- 817.50; Colonial Research- 529.15; Companion Life- 258.78; Copy Shoppe- 86.00; Dakota Pump- 88.19; Corey Dean Painting- 17,500.00; Demco- 121.59; Farmers Coop- 373.14; Frontier- 265.44; Gordon True Value- 309.42; Great Plains- 833.86; Hawkins- 2,484.43; Hinn Auto- 582.57; Hinn Hardware- 315.66; Hinn Gordon Auto - 21.52; Hornug’s Golf- 876.05; Ideal Market- 17.39; Kembel Gravel - 249.60; NPPD- 6,141.97; NE Public Health- 475.00; NW Rural- 459.53; One Call- 43.68; Parkview Lodge- 4,568.42; Pepsi- 804.60; RLW Solutions-  60.00; Tony Roffers- 5,500.00; Sandhills News- 620.25; Security First- 21,240.50; Sheridan County- 7,048.25; Sheridan County Treasurer- 1,270.29; Smith, King, Simmons-  255.00; Stateline- 800.00; Peg Sones - 40.00; Van Diest- 572.00; Viaero- 163.64; Werner Const- 16,706.25; Westco- 1,598.66; Xerox- 276.37

Ayes: Snyder, Willnerd, Jansen, Lovell Nays:  None

Under public comments on non-agenda items, Cam Jones & Edwin Pomales were present to request an easement for the south half of the lot line on Conrad & Turman Streets, they asked to be placed on the July 27, 2020 agenda and to vacate a portion of Conrad & Turman Streets.  

Park Board members Megan Janssen, Karla Ruleau, April Halverson and Craig Petersen, were present to request the City Crew clean the restrooms in the City Park.  They also noted that the light in the women’s side of the restroom needs to be fixed and one of the poles on the slide needs to be fixed.  Councilman Willnerd would like to get bids to build a new restroom building to be considered in next year’s budget.  The Council directed the City Clerk to have Kirk Beguin  address these issues as soon as possible without spending a lot of money.

The purchase of a new street sweeper was tabled at this time as the Council felt they needed to see the sweeper and know more about it before purchasing it.  Will be placed on the July agenda.

The Curfew letter from the City Attorney was discussed.  He advised that he needs to adjust the wording so that the Juvenile Ordinance complies with the Park Ordinance. This matter was tabled until next month.

No action was taken on the High School Prom dance as it was not held in the park.

The Council was advised a letter has been sent to the owner of the house at 207 Loofborrow Street along with a copy of the Property Maintenance Violation and Ordinance #619 pertaining to lawns.

The City Boards will meet as follows:

Ambulance Board- July 14, 2020

Cemetery Board- July 20, 2020

Park Board- July 20, 2020

Published: July 15, 2020