Hay Springs Public School BOARD of EDUCATION MEETING November 9th, 2020 MEETING MINUTES

Notice of this meeting was published in the Hip Hop and the Sheridan County Journal Star newspaper and on the school website. 

Meeting was called to order by President Johnson at 6:30 pm.

Roll Call was taken with B. Johnson, M. Reed, S. Henry, D. Russell (via Zoom), and M. Kearns present. 

School personnel in attendance included: Superintendent Mr. Lechtenberg, Principal Mr. Hagge, and Bookkeeper Mrs. Wolken.

Motion to approve agenda for November 9th, 2020 meeting was made by M. Reed and seconded by M. Kearns.  Roll Call Vote Passed 5/0

I. Open Forum 

• Admin Reports

o Superintendent – Mr. Lechtenberg-See attached document

▪ NASB: Attached Updates 

• https://vimeo.com/472781624

▪ State NASB/NCSA Conference November 18-20 Omaha agenda online

▪ Auditor Lori Olson @ Dana Cole Preliminary draft update 

• Financial Audit and AFR

• Realtor progress

• Policy Review

• COVID update

• Student drop off signage

• Board’s Superintendent Evaluation 

• 2019-20 Annual Report/Admin Team Accomplishments List

• Academic results

• Staffing

o Certified

o Classified

• Building and grounds

• Principal Report – Mr. Hagge

▪ Facility/Maintenance Improvements

▪ Teacher /Curriculum Communication

▪ Miscellaneous 

• Director of Student Affairs/Counselors Report - Mrs. Marx

▪ ADVISER update

▪ Enrollment data submission

▪ Option Student numbers  

• Activities Director Report- Ms. Kudrna 

▪ NSAA, winter sport guidance

▪ Winter sports seasons

▪ JH Girls Basketball, Wrestling

▪ Music, One Act and Other activities update

• Technology –Mr. Reimann

▪ State Reporting


▪ Printer replacements

▪ Live Streaming 

▪ Misc.

• Bookkeeper comments- Mrs. Wolken

▪ Audit visitation completion and compliance

There were no public comments.

G. Heiting arrived at 7:06 pm.

II. Discussion items included the following:

• Lister-Sage Report- M. Kearns, G. Heiting

• Beef-Farm to School Lunch Report-S. Henry

• Sturgis Meat Service update

• Online request with $250 deposit

• Attempting to verify previous dates

• Snow removal bid? Custodial staff?

• Building Improvements/Concerns

• Technology- Chromebook Upgrade

• 50@$400=$20,000 Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Fund

• Policy Review

• 0402.15-Staff Conduct with Students

• 0404.13 School Closure Under Extraordinary Circumstances

• 0404.02 Employee Injury on the Job

• 0503.04 Addressing Barriers to Attendance

• Finance Committee

• Savings Account CD at Security First Bank

• @ $252,787.31 matures on 11/30/2020

• October Bank Account summary and balances

• November Payables $55,971.67

• November Payroll $220,199.48

• Solution Financial (Ameresco) Pay down/Payoff

Action Items included:

III. Action Items

• Motion to approve the October 12th Regular meeting minutes, with correction, was made by D. Russell and seconded by G. Heiting.  Roll Call Vote Passed 5/0 with S. Henry abstaining.

• Motion to approve the October ending account summary and November payables in the amount of $55,971.31, and Payroll in the amount of $220,199.48, was made by S. Henry and seconded by M. Kearns.  Roll Call Vote passed 6/0. 

• Motion to approve policy recommendations for policy numbers 402.15, 404.13, 404.02 (First and Final Reading), and 503.04 was made by M. Kearns and seconded by M. Reed.  Roll Call Vote passed 6/0.

• No action was taken on advertising for snow removal bids.

• No action was taken on the CD at Security First Bank.

• No action was taken on the Ameresco payoff.

• Motion to go into executive session to discuss personnel issues/concerns, Superintendent Evaluation, superintendent evaluation review and contract discussion was made by M. Reed and seconded by S. Henry.  Roll Call Vote passed 6/0

• President Johnson declared the Board in executive session at 8:26 pm.

• President Johnson declared the Board out of executive session at 10:00 pm

• Motion to come out of executive session was made by S. Henry and seconded by M. Reed.  Roll Call Vote passed 6/0

• President Johnson adjourned the meeting at 10:02 pm.

IV. Adjournment at 10:02 pm

V. Next Meeting- Monday, December 14th, 2020 @ 6:30 pm.  Location to be determined

• Items for December meeting

• Board/Superintendent Goal Setting

• 2019-20 Annual Report

• Fourteen-month cash flow GF, ICS/CD’s, Activity, Lunch

• Staff and Committee Work

• Policy Review

Published:  December 23, 2020