Pursuant to NDEE Title 118 - Ground Water Quality Standards and Use Classification, public notification and opportunity for comment is hereby given of the following:

1. On or about September 8, 1998, a petroleum release was identified originating from a storage tank system located at 116 W 2nd Street, Gordon. An approximate legal location is NE1/4, SE1/4, Section 25, Township 33N, Range 42W, Sheridan County.

2. Follow-up investigation identified the effects of the release and led to the remedial actions proposed by NDEE.  The investigation resulted in a determination that this ground water contamination event is defined as remedial action class one.

3. The source of the release has been removed.  A Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) Tier 2 assessment was conducted for one or more of the following exposure pathways of concern:  surface soils, ground water ingestion, soil leaching to ground water, and intrusion of vapors to a structure from contaminated ground water and contaminated soils.  The contaminant concentrations found were below the numerical levels used by the RBCA process to establish a need for further investigation or remediation.  Based on the current site conditions and property use, the NDEE has determined that no further remedial action is necessary due to the lack of threat to human health or safety.

Information regarding this release is contained in the file:  NDEE ID 65648, LST 110498-TH-0800.

Any person may receive further information or submit comments on the proposed action, and request or petition NDEE for a hearing, in writing, stating the nature of the issues to be raised in the hearing, on or before January 23, 2021.  A final decision by the Director will be made in a manner provided by Title 115, NAC Ch. 5.  Direct written correspondence to:  Director, NDEE, P.O. Box 98922, Lincoln, NE  68509-8922.  You may also call Nancy Mann at (402) 471-2186 with comments or if alternate formats of materials are needed.  TDD users call 711 and ask the relay operator to call (402) 471-2186.

Published: December 23, 2020

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