The Sheridan County Board of Commissioners met by Zoom at 9:15 A.M.  All members present along with Sindy Coburn, Renee Thies and Richard Cross.  Paul stated that the meeting would be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Nebraska Open Meeting Act.  This meeting was advertised in the Sheridan County Journal Star on 12-9-2020 and on the official county website. Krotz  made a motion to accept the agenda.  Messersmith seconded the motion.  All voted aye.  Messersmith made a motion to approve the minutes of 12-8-2020.   Krotz seconded the motion.  All voted aye.  

The board audited and approved the Board Pre-Approval Report presented to them by the Clerk. 

Messersmith made a motion to approve a Proclamation of Thanks  and Congratulations for Anthony John Puchner who will retire at the end of the year with 14 years of service as a County Deputy Sheriff.   Krotz seconded the motion.  With a roll call vote all voted aye. 

Commissioner Krotz informed the board that the Public Transportation bus was out of commission during the pandemic.   It has resumed again,  but Northwest Community Action has concerns about the future of the service.   Krotz asked for the boards approval to research other options and report back.  The board was fine with this request.    

Road Superintendent Richard Cross informed the board that they have completed the NRD Dam project.  They are waiting to get reimbursed.   

Cross reported that he visited with Chuck Lemp and he has 10,000 ton of gravel to crush yet from the Cowboy Trail project.  Lemp informed Cross that he has 6000 ton of ballast yet to get rid of and was giving first choice to the county.  The board agreed to not purchase the material.  

The roadside mowing hearing is set for 9:30 A.M. on the 22nd of December, 2020.  

The meeting will be a Zoom meeting and any protestors can sign in during this time using the meeting ID and Password Code posted on the County website. 

Chief Deputy Everette Langford presented a request to update the 911 inter-local agreement with Cherry, Boyd, Rock and Antelope counties.    Messersmith made a motion to approve the inter-local agreement for 911 with the above mentioned counties.  Krotz seconded the motion.  With a roll call vote all voted aye.

Langford introduced Cameron Scott Lehr the new Sheridan County Deputy.  

Weed Superintendent Seth Tausan visited with the board about appointing members to the  Prairie Dog Control Board.  The board felt they should do this at the Re-organizational meeting in January.  Tausan will touch base with the members to see if they wish to remain on the board.

Jack Arterburn, Extension Educator was scheduled to visit with the board but did not join.

Jeremy Harris from MANNA joined the meeting.  Chief Deputy Everette Langford and Sheriff Brewer both expressed their opinion about the length of time the cameras have not been up and running.  Several others spoke on issues that have not been resolved in other offices.  Harris stated that he would address these issues.  

Adjourn:  12:10 P.M.  

Attest:  Sindy L. Coburn, Clerk

Loren L. Paul, Chairman

Published: December 30, 2020